Arabic in Cairo

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah


I had been been avoiding writing stuff about studying Arabic in Cairo on my blog for some time now – mainly because alhamdulillah there’s so much information out there already. But it’s been suggested & I figured that yeah, it would be better than me responding to every email and enquiry! So insha’Allah I’ll try to place up tips, general info and some help for all you budding students who wish to travel to Cairo, for some Arabic studies (and of course, koshari) :-)

All posts related to this topic will be gathered here (and posted up in no particular order), so watch this space!

The Need to Return to Arabic

Accomodation and Finance

Which Institute to go to? [A thorough discussion/comments on here]

Public or Private study?

If you don’t speak their language… (the battle between Fus-ha and ‘Amiyyah)

Meeting Students

Random Pictures around Cairo

Of Taxis and Husbands :-) (a funny observation on Taxi-life in Egypt by one of my ex-flatmates)

Microbus Adventures (another humorous article on public transport)

My Review of Fajr Center  (quite a detailed review also by an ex-flatmate)

Study in Egypt  (a new and growing website dedicated to providing information on studying in Egypt to those coming from the West – run mainly by students at Al-Azhar University)

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  1. asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

    perhaps my question seems dumb and the answer may be obvious to everyone but i need to know this.

    is it possible for girls to go study overseas (for islamic education) without a mahram? i mean if i was to go to another country and in that country i have no mahram or even a non mahram relative residing there. perhaps my dad takes me to the country and then he comes back home while i stay there alone. is this possible? does it vary from country to country?

  2. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    No question is too dumb sis!

    As far as I know, the restriction is placed mainly on travel.

    Regarding residence however, some of the scholars have said that a woman’s mahram may leave her in a foreign country (for purposes of education etc) if he deems it safe and secure. Some countries e.g. Saudi have their law which governs and requires presence of mahram during the stay, however most countries don’t.

    Personally, I travel with my father/brothers and they go back whilst I stay with relatives or friends. Although I have to say that it’s a lot better to stay with people that you know especially if you’re new to the country and don’t speak the language. I wouldn’t advice you to stay alone at all, try to live with somebody (either relatives/friend or other students from the school/institute that you’ll go to). May Allaah make it easy for you & us!

  3. salamalaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

    jazakAllaah for your quick responce and advice. I had heard that it wasn’t possible for girls to stay alone in a country so I wanted to get that cleared up a bit whether it’s true or not. JazakAllaah again for your help.

  4. as-salamu ‘alaykum

    Daisy, I think you would like to get a scholar to answer that question for you. I don’t have knowledge on the subject, but it should definitely be looked into.

  5. Asalaamualykum ukhtee, jazakiAllahu khayr for the extremely beneficial blog

    A Muslim students guide to Egypt

    Its more for brothers as its written by a group of brothers who have “been there done that” so to speak and studied arabic and quran in Egypt so posting for the benefit of others inshaAllah ta3la.BarakAllahu feekum.

  6. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Amin, wa iyyakum

    Barakallahu feek for the link, very interesting and well-planned out masha’Allah. I hope it benefits many future students!

  7. as-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Ukhtee, I would like to study @ fajr centre for about 3 months at the end of this year insha Allaah. Can you please give me advice as to whether 3 months is enough to become semi-fluent in ‘arabi and how much that would cost, etc. Please contact me on my email, which is: [edit]

    I would probably forget to follow up comments on the blog and i find email communication easier.

    baarak Allaahu feeki

  8. as-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
    I was wondering if Fajr Center is a good place to learn Colloquial.My friend and I are going to attend Summer intensive Fus’ha program from June 25th–Aug 23rd.We also want to
    enroll in Colloquial Arabic in the afternoon. Is it going to have time conflict between these two programs? Also, if my friend and I want to
    just have one tutor for the Colloquial, does it cost as one person?

  9. i know a great place to learn colloqial for FREE – the streeets! i wouldnt advise learning colloqial and especially paying to learn it. but if u really want to just talk to the locals.

  10. I’ve never done colloquial Arabic with any center but Abu Hafitha is right, you can pick it up from friends and general dealings with people (if you mix with them a lot)…

    It’s not really advisable learning the Fusha and ‘Aamiyyah together as it can mess up with your progress and concentration. Learn the Fusha first, then move onto the ‘Aamiyyah.

    You’ll be given a discount if you do semi-private (2ppl), but not a full cut of one person as far as I know.

  11. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    Its Natashah here. Hope all is well sis Inshaa’Allah. I had a bit of a query, my cousin, he is coming to cairo Inshaa’Allah this Tuesdays and will be studying with Fajr Institute. The problem is that he needs a place to stay. Do you know any places with a good deal.


  12. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Hey Natashah, hope you’re doing good too.
    Unfortunately I don’t know of any flats going at the moment for brothers. But I’ll email you a contact for some emergency place to crash in since your cousin is coming this Tuesday. Hope it works out for him insha’Allah.

  13. Asalamu wa alaykum

    could you tell me what would be a rough budget for 6-12 months studying arabic in cairo for a couple?? My background iv completed madina book 3….

    JAzakallahu khair.

  14. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Syed, it’s really difficult to say as everyone’s expenditure is so different. The best way to go about it is:

    - See what the standard fees are at your desired institute
    - Work out the fees based on the length of your stay and the no. of levels you think you’ll need to do (include additional costs, books, registration etc).
    - Work out rent and bills
    - Estimate your general expenditure and then add some more for emergency (sometimes you just don’t know where the money goes!)

  15. Assalamu ‘alaykum

    I have a question, which I hope you can help me with. I have taught myself arabic, to the level where I can understand Qur’an, Hadith, books of scholars, and can follow khutbas. However, due to the nature of my study, my conversation skills are lacking, a lot. So, if I was to go to Cairo to study arabic, what would you recommend as the best course to proceed with?

    jazakillah khayr

  16. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Well done for getting that far already. If you just wish to focus on improving your speaking skills, you can go to any of the centers and ask about their ‘Muhadatha’ programs (conversational courses). It’ll just be a case of going to class and speaking for hours, writing and discussing topics etc, until your speaking is up to the level you want.

    Check out the post and comments on ‘Which Institute?’ for some pointers.

  17. Assalamu’alaykum wrwb
    Anyone know of any sisters looking for a Flatmate/s in Nasr Area? InshAllah Somewhere with AC please! Please leave your email address with sis Fajr. Jazakumullah khair

  18. as-salamualykum,w.w,

    I would appreciate if you could advise me about education facilities & cost in nasr city for my boys 8 &11 years old.
    Jazakillah khayran.

  19. asalamu’alaykum, where can i study qur’aan ( memorisation of it and be able to obtain ijaazah ) thats near al-ibaanah?
    jazaakillahu khayr ukht!!

  20. Salam alaikum sister Fajr!

    I just discovered this blog through a friend and I am tripping over myself in excitement about Markaz Fajr and Cairo and CIALS. I was in Cairo August 2006 to August 2007 (one of the most intense years of my life), and started off at Markaz Fajr, but by the time I got to Mustawa Tasi’, they weren’t running the class because there were only two students for it, so I moved to CIALS – which was actually really good, although I didn’t fit into any of their group classes because of the content (and they do Asaasiy) so I had to take it privately.

    You must be a long-graduated student, but it would be nice to think we passed each other in hallways :)

  21. Salamun alaikum ya ikhwaan,
    Pls i need someone to guide me on getting very effective online arabic software that could facilitate my arabic learning. jaza kumullah khairan.

  22. asalaamu alaykum, im hoping to come to misr end of june inshalah and looking around for flatmates, hoping to study at al-ibaana, anyone know of any available flatmates for then , pls let me know ASAP!

    • i am also interested in having a flatmate inshallah soon. whats ur nationality?? maybe we can rent together inshallah!

      sincerely Ira

      you can add me to facebook Inshallah, the account is Ira Moh with a smiley. Jazk Allah kheer :)

      • Salam sister!
        Maybe we can help each other out! I’m Canadian and am hoping to go to cairo by the end of may to start studying arabic in June. feel free to contact me. I sent you a fb add. Jazak-Allahu-Kkhair ukhti! Take care!

  23. salam sis i am trying to help a sister relocate to egypt cairo with her 2 children a boy aged 5 and gilr 4 and she is looking for support/advise from people that have travelled and have or are staying in egypt. please pass my email to anyone that may be able to help with things like accomodation information or will be willing to be contacted by her.jazakallah

  24. as salaamu alaikum
    Does anyone know about the arabic nurseries in Cairo like Rawdatul Fusha? Please share your experience from yourself or what you’ve heard.
    Also does anyone know of an apartment that I can rent month to month until I find something permaent. I prefer something in swisree baa or alif but anything in walking distance to markaz fajr will do. I plan on coming in june inshaAllah.

  25. Salaam alaikoem,

    for curious,
    i am interessed, i am now in misr, studie at merkez fajr, and i am staying for about 15 months, and the end of juni the contract is over, then i gonna look for a cheaper appartement, so if you are interessed.


  26. as salaamu alaikum
    Does anyone know about the arabic nurseries in Cairo like Rawdatul Fusha? Please share your experience from yourself or what you’ve heard.
    Also does anyone know of an apartment that I can rent month to month until I find something permaent. I prefer something in swisree baa or alif but anything in walking distance to markaz fajr will do. I plan on coming in june inshaAllah.

  27. Assalamu alaykum,

    I’m planning to go to Egypt after Ramadhan, Allah willing. What’s the best option to attain the visa, through the markaz or directly from the embassy?, pls advise.


  28. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    I think the Markaz will require you to pay for their courses upfront if you want them to get the student visa for you (something like registering and paying for at least 3 levels). But double check the current regulations for that.

    It’s always financially better to do it directly from the embassy but be prepared, it’s not easy dealing with them.

    • JazakumAllah. I’m planning to go to Markaz Furqan as I’ve heard good things about ustadh Majdy saeed. What’s your opinion, do you know anything him or the markaz?

  29. As-salamu Alaikum Sister Fajr,
    How are you? I am Lubana. I have urgent need of your help sister. I’m from Canada but I’m staying in Sharjah right now. I’m hoping to travel to Egypt soon inshAllah, unfortunately I don’t have any contacts in egypt. I was wondering if you know any sisters who may be studying Arabic in Cairo who may be able to rent a room or space to me during the duration of my stay. I’m hoping to go by the end of May InshAllah. And I am planning to inshAllah stay the whole summmer, perhaps till september. I really hope you can help me out sister. Please feel free to forward my email address to as many sisters as you want. Jazak-Allahu-Khair ukhti. Take care. I hope Allah swt rewards you many many times for your generosity. Ameen.

    contact info lubana 87 at

    • Salam alykom sister!
      Hi Are u still in Cairo?
      Im going there in September inshaallah to study arabic and i will go alone.

      /Jenny (

  30. Assalaamu alaikum

    I am currently studying at Fajr but will be leaving Cairo 4th June 2010 and want to know if anyone is interested in renting the apartment I’ve been staying in. It’s above markaz Fajr, in the main building. The apartment is unfurnished (but you can easily and cheaply buy what you need and Fajr help with that). The place is very large and spacious: 4 bedrooms ( one with ensuite bathroom), 3 bathrooms, large sitting room. suitable for a family or brothers/sisters sharing. Rent is 2800LE/month.
    Umm sakinah

    • Assalaamu……,
      @ sis Umm sakinah
      as you are already there, what would you say the average rent is for a 1/2 bed furnished flat for a couple?. Something nice & simple, not extravagant, for after Ramadhan so obviously after the summer has finished. 1200-1500LE ???
      akhooki fii al Islaam,

  31. assalamu alaikum
    I am attending fajr centre on september and would liek to know if any bro asre looking for flat mates. i will be staying afor 18 months, i am also a zuhdi person so i can live off few things. insha allah
    can you contact me jazakumullahu khair

  32. can someone please advise if i should use markaz al fajrs to find a flat, i h3ard they charge extra, or please help needed asap
    what are the stepsto finding a flat in cairo
    we are three brothers

  33. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am looking for a flat for three weeks in September 2010 in the Madinat Nasr area. A one or two bedroom flat would be ok. It doesnt have to be luxurious.

    I am also looking for a teacher or graduate from al-Azhar who can teach me privately.

    Jazakallah Khair

  34. As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

    I’m so sorry brothers and sisters, I know you’ve all been requesting help with finding flats, but I’m unable to help at the moment. :( If I find anything in the near future, I’ll make sure to comment.

    If anyone is currently in Cairo and can assist these students, please do so – wallahu yajzikum khayra.

  35. Assalamu Alaium,

    I have been quoted 250 Euros a month for a flat in Madinat Nasr in Hay Sabi or Asher.

    This must be a scam. 250 Euros is ludicrous for a month.

    I would love to expose the famous Arabic language school who quoted me this but i think people can guess who it is.

    Could someone tell me what the monthly rent is approximately for a flat which does not have A/C.

    Jazakallah Khair

  36. Asif – we paid 350 euros spacious 3 bed, clean apartment not including bills, in Madinat Nasr next to the car market. I thought it was a good price being quite naive but my husband thought otherwise. I’d say it depends on the quality of the apartment.

    Try to haggle if you can.

    By the way qortoba are offering a year long scholarship (all inclusive) stating in september for half price! Contact them if you are interested.

  37. Jazakallah Khair Umm Maymoonah for your advice,

    The flat doesnt have to be luxurious. As long as it is clean.

    I was also wondering if someone could recommend an Arabic teacher for private tuition.

    The institutes are unfortyunately run as purely capitalistic business ventures as on enquiring about getting a private teacher such as recent graduate from al-Azhar the centre/institutes/corporations charge their own fee per hour of tuition for finding you a teacher who does not even work for the institute.

    I understand that the institutes have to make a profit but they should not tax and profit every single aspect of students life. There is a finders fee on a flat, teachers, taxi, etc.

    The pick up from the airport that i have seen advertised by the institutes etc are simply a rip off. It is cheaper to find your own taxi.

    I can post the numbers of muttaqi taxi drivers (yes, they do exist) once i am in Cairo so that brothers and sisters can ask them.

    I am really shocked by the sheer profit minded basis of Arabic Institutes.

    I think some type of reform and action is needed.



    • be content with what allah has given ya akhii,
      compared to uk, the institutes are fairly cheap. so you should be grateful to allah. Plus if you dont want to be taxed, all you have to do is decline the person they recomend, but soon after just approach him and negotiate a price.

      Brother when are you going cairo anyway, i am going in october the 2nd insha allah. if you can post anylinks that will be beneficial,

  38. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    Jazakillahu khairun sister Fajr for having a forum to discuss studying arabic in Cairo, subhanAllah it proved very useful to me before embarking on our journey to study arabic in cairo. Alhamdullilah I have been in cairo for a good few months now and studying at fajr centre. I feel obliged to leave some information here because I would love to share with those who plan on coming here. WIth regards to Fajr centre mashaAllah it has its reputation due to their long history and success in teaching arabic well. I have heard that it is not as it used to be, and the teachers are not as good as they used to be. Since being here I have met other sisters who have studied at other institutes such as Ibanah, and Nile centre, and others, and they all seem to be very good, I think Fajr centre is famous more amongst those coming from the UK or USA, or other western countries. Centres like Nile are where most of the Turks go and places like Diwan seem to have a lot of Russians mashaAllah. Every institute seems to be strong in something Ibanah in grammer, and Fajr more in speaking, so before you decided which centre is for you, reflect on what u want to get out of it. As for me I like Fajrs pace, and l like the amount of conversation that takes places in their courses, for me personally this has helped quite a degree in understanding basic Arabic lectures Alhamdullilah. I definately have a long way to go as I am just on level 6.
    someone asked about Rawdatul Fusha, my 4 kids are in there, and why I choose them over other places I had seen is because of their experience in teaching fusha, and the people who run the place are approachable and willing to listen Alhamdullilah. They are used to dealing with foreign kids, which there are a lot of, but it makes my kids feel a bit more comfortable knowing that there are other kids like themselves who have left their homes and countries to come and seek knowledge. Its not the cleanest of places, and not the dirtiest, but i believe u cant keep ur kids in a glass box, they need to adapt wherever they are! MashaAllah what my kids have learnt in a few months is quite astonishing! There basic communication levels are good. When a child attains decent writing skills they start them on bayna yadayk books, which my just turned 8yr old has begun.

    I have found prices have increased a fair bit in egypt, food, accomadation etc. Accomodation costs definately depend on where u choose to rent, many russians manage to get prices around 600 junay in an area called Aakhir metro. Hay thamin more expensive, close to fajr centre. costs at fajr I find are really high now, around 520 junay per level, I was the only one in my class paying this amount, most non westerners are paying 200LE per level. There is a system here if u register with azhar they issue u with a card, and u present it to fajr, who then charge u 200LE. U definately learn so much once u start interacting with other students, it takes time! Alhamdullilah the benefits are great, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to have come here to study, something so many want to do, but obsticles prevent them from dong so.

    wa salaam

    • As-salaamu alaikum Sister Umm,

      Where exactly is Rawdatul Fusha and could my 3 year old enroll as well? What is monthly cost and how many hours? We want our kids to be enrolled in arabic while my husband and I study. Jazakallahu khair for your help.

    • jazakillahu khair, one question how do you register and how did you find a place to stay.i am going in october.need help

    • Asalamualekum
      Can you explain further what do you mean by register with Alazhar to get discount at Fajr institute. Where you pay 200LE instead of 520LE ?

      So one has to register at Alazhar University for their arabic program?

      How this works please help

      • Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

        Fajr institute is linked with al-Azhar university, so all students who are studying at al-Azhar can get a discount on their Arabic studies in Fajr. I think you have to be a registered student who’s currently studying at the university in order to qualify for the discount, but please do check with the Fajr administration when you’re there.

  39. Salam

    I am also planning travel to cairo on 31st aug to 2nd oct insha’allah to study at al diwan so all the info posted here is very helpful. As for the prices of accomodation the best place to check is the cairo version of criaglist as they offer different types of accomodation i.e room shares, apartment, short term etc
    the link for this is but keep in mind these prices will fall after august after the tourist season ends. If anyone knows of a better website or anyone who can assist with accomodation then feel free to leave a comment and also any sisters planning to travel to cairo around this time let me know insha’allah it would be nice to meet up

    • Salam Alykom everybody

      Im going to Cairo alone September 10 or 11, 2010 inshaallah, but
      i am going to study on the “International Laguage Institute”, both Modern standard arabic and Egyptian colloquial arabic. Maybe Im writing in the wrong forum here, but i would love some help. Never been there and Im nervous to be alone the first days before the school begins 13 September 2010.
      Maybe help to find a nice Mosque nearby my residence or just how to take a cab by by self. Are there any women taxis?

      Im thankful for any help =)
      My email is if anyone wants contact easy =D

      take care

  40. Jazakallah for the information.

    Where is Aakhir Metro?

    If there are any flats for rent, please let me know.

    Jazakallah Khair. May Make make your path to learning Arabic easy, Ameen.

  41. What steps can a person take to enroll their child into rawdah fusha b4 they come to Egypt. Do they register b4 they get there? Is there a waiting list? jazakalaahu khair

  42. Assalamu Alaikum,

    What is al hayy al thamen in Madinat al-Nasr like to live in?

    Does it have cheap shops and a brother wanted to know about gyms in this area.

    What main roads run through this area?

    Jazakallah Khair

  43. Assalaamu alaykum,
    I thinking of applying to al-ibaanah institute to study the arabic language on there phase 1 program which is for around a year and a half how ever I would like to know the cheepest way of staying in egypt
    I’m not bothered about how ghetto it may seem lol as allah ta’alaa is all I need. But due to money restrictions I need to stay in the cheepest method possible inshaallah.
    I have found out it will work out to around £5016 british pounds to stay there for 2 years and I just can’t afford that.
    Please contact me by email jazakullahu khiran

    Also shaykh saalih al luhaidan the judge and alim who sits on the higher counsel os scholars in saudiyyah was asked a question, can a women make hijr from the land of the kuffah to a muslim land in order to seek knowledge in order to seek knowledge
    Without a mahram
    The shaykh replied yes, as long as it was for knowledge and was to be a benefit to her deen. The shaykh used for a proof of this when a number of women made hijr from mekka to medina in the time of muhammad salullahu alayhi wa salaam
    Without the mahram. But it must not be done alone and allahu ‘alaam

    Jazakullahu khiran

  44. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Akhir Metro is basically where the metro tram line ends on Mustafa Nahas street (as you go towards Taba etc).

    Hayy al-Thamin is a very decent place to live, slightly more expensive than Hayy al-’Ashir as it has many malls/shops, facilities etc and is generally regarded as being more middle-class.

    Does it have cheap shops and a brother wanted to know about gyms in this area.

    There’s a very nice gym called ‘Heroes gym’ near Masjid Dar al-Arqam. I don’t know about the brothers’ side, but the sisters side gives you access to the gym, sauna & steam and also various classes, all from about 100LE a month inclusive, once or twice a week (all-day timings)… well-worth it (unless they’ve raised the prices recently).

  45. salaams, sorry havent managed to come online for those who asked any questions, I think mashaAllah fajr managed to answer them. Akher metro is about 10-15 min walk from fajr centre. AS mentioned hayy al thamin is considered more middle class, and hence to price differences.

    Regarding rawdah fusha, you can just turn up and enrol, but at the beginning of the new month. Depending on when u come there can be a waiting list, but if there is one you just keep approaching them until they eventyally give you a place, which isn’t usually too long of a wait, summer usually has a lot of vacancies as families go back to their homeland for the holidays.

    Heroes gym is the popular gym in hayy thamin and has pretty much all the equipment you need in the gym.

    wa salaam

  46. Aslaam walkoim, inshallah augest 28- october 1 i will be starting at fajr center for arabic fushaa. I dont know anyone in egpyt!!! im born in canada and lived all my life there and im leaving my family for the first time and even take the airplane for the first time. im very nervous and exicited i dont know anything, i dont want to be tricked or used.

    elias Nawabi (20), Canada, Quebec, Montreal.

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam Brother Elias,
      If you need some help brother send me your email and I will be glad to assist in any way possible. After you arrive at Fajr Center if you need some help then please contact me. You can ask one of the men at the front (Yasar, Sayed Ayman, or Abu Baker) for Abu Abdur Rahman’s cell number, they should give it to you. I can meet you at the Center as I live nearby.
      Jazak Allah Khairun,
      Abu Abdur Rahman

      • walkoium aslaam, brother abdur rahman. its officaly i bought my first airplane ticket in my life :). im comeing october 1. should i do the pick up thing i heard its not worth cuz it charges alot but other hand i dont know how to find my way.
        inshallah i cant wait to see you my brother abdur rahman. my email is and thank you soo much for the help. may allah remove the hardship on the day of judement for you amin.

        Elias Nawabi

        Has not the time yet come for those who believe
        that their hearts should be humble for the
        remembrance of Allah
        and what has come down of the truth?
        Quran [57:16]

  47. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Dear Elias,

    I will be in Cairo from the 12th September to the 7th October. Inshallah we can meet and i can show you cairo when you are free.

    We can talk over the phone if you want. I know how you feel.
    I can give you some advice.

    Email me and let me know what you chat or phone.

    Jazakallah Khair


  48. Assalamu’ alaikum everyone,

    I’ve been in cairo for about for a little while and I’ve read what people have been writting and would like to add a few points, which hopefully will be useful insha’ allah.

    First off I would like to say that all these markazes are businesses so therefore they are geared toward profit (like it or not). It seems that one markaz in particular as come out oftent, but in their deffence, all the markazes have their own technique which they developed in order to reach in the student’s pocket further than what the student expected.

    for exemple is you look at the web site of a markaz and you do not see a schedule of when classes beging, they will propose to you the lucrative (for them) option to go private at most often 250$ per level.

    What I would stress on the brothers and sisters is that cairo is not the only place to study arabic. I know a brother who left cairo for Alexandria and he is studying at a new markaz that newly opened there. I will try to get all the info about it and will insha’allah post it. He told me that the cost of living as well as the school is way cheaper than in cairo. (alexandria may become the new destination for students)

    also do not think for a second that theses markazes are strict competitors, they do work toghether if it is to their advantage. It is not uncommon for the director of one institute to visit the director of another institute. What are they talking about? let’s just say that it is not suprising that the prices of some of the markazes are very similar, especially for private classes.

    As a final note everything can be bargain in egypt even if a price is quoted. learn the wonderful art of bargaining and learn how to hustle in the streets. those who have mastered that art will save alot of money.

    by the blessings of Allah I never paid anyone for flat services or anyother services that I see posted in some of these markazes web site. We came to egypt to learn so the money spent should be on learning not on accomodation or any other highly price non-sense services.

    Salaam to all and may Allah bless us all in our journey


    • bro i was wandering if you can arrange a one bedron flat for me close to markaz al fajr from october the 1st. my fligt is boked.

  49. Salam Alykom everybody

    Im going to Cairo alone September 10 or 11, 2010 inshaallah, but
    i am going to study on the “International Laguage Institute”, both Modern standard arabic and Egyptian colloquial arabic. Maybe Im writing in the wrong forum here, but i would love some help. Never been there and Im nervous to be alone the first days before the school begins 13 September 2010.
    Maybe help to find a nice Mosque nearby my residence or just how to take a cab by by self. Are there any women taxis?

    Im thankful for any help =)
    My email is if anyone wants contact easy =D

    take care

  50. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah Jenny,

    I pray your journey is a successful one! It’s a bit difficult to do much unless you’re actually in the country, but with regards to finding out about masajid, you should be able to ask and get some help from the institute you end up studying at. Insha’Allah, with time (and once you enrol/start studying), you should start meeting others and making friends. I would advise travelling with someone/a friend and living with them just so you’re not alone those first few days.

    Also to all the readers, I want to apologise for not getting back to comments/questions in good time… other than lack of time, I also seem to keep missing them!

  51. as salaamu alaikum

    I plan on returning to Cairo very soon bithnillah and I am looking for a flat ( preferably unfurnished ) in the swisry area or as close to it as I can get. Does anyone know of any flats that will be available in September? barakallahu feekum.

  52. Asalamualaykum All
    Very informative and beneficial advice from the brothers and sisters, jazakhallah khayran. I am coming to cairo with my wife and 3 children, around end of Sept for a year inshallah, im l wanting to know how much on average is it for private tuitiion?


    • Wa Alaikum Assalam,
      Private tuition I would estimate to be on the average around 20egp per hour. It is a bit difficult to say as the cost varies depending on the quality/qualifications of the teacher, as well as the subject being taught. It is possible to find highly qualified teachers of Quran for less, bithni Allah, but even that is a bit rare. My experience has been that you certainly get what you pay for in regards to private instruction. I have a family as well, and in the beginning days of study we were able to secure a good quality teacher at a discount because we all took (3 of us) lessons. BTW most of the institutes offer a family discount which can be quite helpful on lowering the price if class study would be an option for you and your family.

  53. asalamualykum
    i was planning to study Arabic in Cairo for a year but i was wondering about the visa and where to get it from and if i need a student visa to go their

  54. asalamualaykum
    i went to the travel agents in UK and i was told that i will need a seperate student visa. so do you think it will be ok for me to book my ticket andwhen i arrive at the egyptian airport buy a 3 month visa frok there.
    also i wanted to know if there is anything i need to do beforehand to ensure a place in al fajr centre or do i just arrive at the centre and enrol etc.
    jazakallah khair

    • aslaam walkoium, yes i will be happy to see you brother wanderere. and how much is 1200 junay??

      may allah give you wisdom, enlightemnet, goodjudgment and forsight.

      elias nawabi :_)
      A poet said: “Don’t seek anything other than contentment, because therein is the bliss and the comfort of your body. Then consider the case of a person who possesses the whole world, can he take with him in the grave more than cotton and a shroud?”

  55. asalamualaykum
    i went to the travel agents in UK and i was told that i will need a seperate student visa. so do you think it will be ok for me to book my ticket andwhen i arrive at the egyptian airport buy a 3 month visa from there.
    also i wanted to know if there is anything i need to do beforehand to ensure a place in al fajr centre or do i just arrive at the centre and enrol etc.
    jazakallah khair

  56. When you arrive at the airport, you can just buy a tourism visa for about $15 – it’ll be for 1 month, and when it expires, you can get a new visa for the rest of your stay.

    It’s up to you whether you want to apply for a student visa, but sometimes there are difficulties obtaining that (e.g. it requires a formal letter from the institute you’re studying at and sometimes that’s not possible unless you pay upfront for the whole course they’re offering etc). So don’t make your life too difficult… A lot of people just stay with a tourism visa (they come as 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year durations), renewing it whenever it expires.

    When you enrol at your chosen institute and are settled in, ask them regarding the student visas and they should guide you insha’Allah.

    To renew visas, you’ll need to go to the Mogamma’ of the area you live in. For those in Nasr City, this is located within the Police Station on Nasr Street (at the end of Makram ‘Ubayd street I think) – opposite Midaan al-Sa’ah. Take photocopies of your passport and 2 photos.

    • aslaam walkoium, today i called my Egyptian embassy in montreal canada. they told me if you have canadain pasort you can get the visa. egptain tourism for 3 month and cost 25$.

      and thank you fajr for the advice. inshallah like you said once i get setlle and then apply for student visa once my 3month fininsh. May allah love you and give you the highest of jannat!! amin

      elias nawabi :)
      Al-Fudayl ibn `Ayyad said: “Man’s fear of Allah is equal to his knowledge of Him and his renunciation of worldly pleasures is equal to his desire in the Hereafter.”

  57. Asalamualaykum
    how do you sort out an accomdation cos i dont want to be left stranded when i get there and how much is an apartment with 1 bedroom.
    Jazakallah Khair Jenny, Elias and Fajr for your responses concerning the visa may Allah grant you success in this world and the hereafter

  58. asalamulaykum
    Ive been tryin to get in contact with some people in Egypt but the call does not connect does anyone know how many digits mobile numbers are in Egypt also if you need to call with a specific phone code number
    Jazakallah Khair

  59. Asalamualaykum.
    Jazakallah khair for your help brothers and sisters
    Insha Allah i will be coming to Egypt next week to study at Al Fajr centre may Allah make it easy for us all.

    • aslaam walkoium, Im also comeing we call all meet toghter as brothers. inshallah/godwilling

      elias nawabi
      A learned man who doesn’t restrain his passions is like a blind man holding a torch, he guides others but not himself.
      -Shaykh Sa’di

  60. insha allah brothers we will all meet togetther , i am in contact with someone in cairo at the moment, a good brother, and he is lookign for a flat for me. he has told me he has found a few
    if your itersted we can stay together
    isnha allah

    • alsalamu alikom

      actually am looking to share with someone the flat rent, if you are still inserted ,please call me in 0189003796 inside Egypt and my name is Mohamed


  61. Wa alaykum asalam
    Inshallah we’ll try meet
    akhi, what are the price ranges of the flats you lookin at and are they furnished
    also does anyone know if there are cashpoints avaible around the al fajr centre area

    • the prices he quoted were 1500 junay thats around £170.00, however i’ve requested he look for something around 1200 junay under. I beleive that he found 2 bed apartments. I am not sure of the area. I have asked him to find me an apartment in hayy ashar, but he is still to reply.

      wa as-salam

      • Yes brother Wanderere im very intersted in the apartment. heres my email and in our email we can send our contanct and phone number.
        jazkallahi brother Wandererer.

        Elias nawabi
        It is reported that Abû Hurayrah – Allâh be pleased with him – used to say:
        “Whoever does not think that his speech is part of his deeds and that his character is part of his religion will be destroyed without even realizing.”

  62. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    There aren’t any ATM’s near the centre, but there are banks along the main road which you can draw money from. Otherwise, you can just pop into nearby malls such as Siraj Mall and use their ATM’s.

    • I am 19 years old from london, al hamdulillah.
      brother if you need some room mates maybe you can camp( stay in our flat) with me and the brothers insha allah.

      • frankly i’m looking to flate mate too . i’m ready to share with you you rent
        my name is mohamed and my cell phone is 0189003796

  63. How many brothers are going with you and do you know how to register to al azhar because apparently its a lot cheaper to study at al fajr if your registered with al azhar

    • asslaamu alaikum

      I am going with 2 brothers , however one will be arraiving at the end of the year. I will also be meeitng another bro there,
      Y ou should e-mail this brother, he contacted me saying he will be arrivng on the 27th. maybe you can stay with him.
      Sorry i have to go back on what i said, the other brothers said there will be too much people sharing a flat.

  64. Wa alaykumsalam wa rahmatullah
    I already got an apartment through someone I know jazakallah khair.
    Does any1 know how 2 register with al azhar?

    • assalamu alaikum
      brother can you email me, i need help in arranging a flat, please can you help, i will be arriving on the first, if you can arrange it please.
      2 bedroom
      close to fajr
      long term

      • if you need flat mate . iam ready to stay with you in Nasr city
        my phone is 0189003796 and my name is mohamed

    • Asalamualaykum,

      I have recently arrived in cairo and temporarily have a flat for a couple of weeks, i need a flat 2/3 bedrooms in madinat unasr – main thing it has to be clean, hayy 9 should be ok, my limit is 2500egp as im with my family. im also wanting to know good arabic fusha schools for children aged 4 and 7 and their prices. walking distance of flat is preffered i plan to stay for year inshallah. I would appreciate your help jzk

      I await your reply inshallah.


  65. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am coming to Cairo, Egypt on the 30th Sept and will be here for 2 months only. In this 2 months I am very interested to do an intensive arabic spoken course. Do you offer such courses and if so how much would it be for the 2 months period? If you do not, do you know any other institutions out there which does. Your help is much appreciated and I am looking forward to visit your country.

    Lingesh Thayala

  66. Hi Lingesh,

    Unfortunately, I think you may be confusing the blog with an institute. If you meant to visit Fajr Center, then please see:

    This is just a personal blog and not linked to any learning center I’m afraid.

    Hope that helps.

  67. Please i need your help , can you find for me a flat mate in Nasr City or any city in new cairo(Sherouk, Rehab, and Badr city). I’m coming to Cairo within 1 week and i need to stay there with someone to share with me the rent.

    my Phone is 0189003796

    Thank you
    appropriate your assistance here.

  68. Hi,

    I’m going to Fajr Centre to do the Winter intensive and will be in Cairo from the 15th December onwards.

    If anybody else is going up there or will already be there, please shoot me an email (nizar dot mahri at gmail dot com) as it would be nice to know people before the course starts.


  69. slaam alaykum, bro’s & sis’s i am looking to study for 1 year i am thinking of private 1to1 tuition. The centres i have in mind are Fajr or Al Diwan. My wife and 10 month old daughter will also be accompanying me :-).The advice i am looking for is what areas do you recommend for us to stay in? Also what centre ? Fajr in maadi or al diwan? Thanks may allah bless you all ameen A.D.

    • Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

      Fajr in Ma’adi was pretty isolated the last time I remember, might be better for your family to hit somewhere more comfortable… Diwan is located in a very nice area.

      • Slaam, thanks for the advice, i actually chose Al Diwan in Nasr City at the end Allhumdulilha.

        Jazak allah Khair

  70. as salaamu alaikum
    I am currently in egypt looking for a place within 25 mins walking distance from markaz fajr. Any assistance is appreciated. barakallahu feekum
    btw i want it to be unfurnished and no more than 1000 egp

  71. Does anyone know of any nurseries aside from rawdatul fusha in or close to hay thamin? Are there any nurseries that are on the level of rawdatul fusha period, meaning where the main goal is for the child to learn arabic?

  72. Salaam, Does anyone know a better way to get in contact with the people from the Fajr Center. It takes them a really long time to respond to emails?

  73. just some advice of warning to the potential fajry stuidents who will arrive in egypt.
    make sure you have a friend before you come to egypt othrwise you will be ripped off and apart by your muslim brothers, execially the ones that help you find a flat, its not help، its buisness.
    هل جزاء الاحسان الا الاحسان
    60. Is there any reward for good other than good?

    • Salaam brother, I have been trying to get in contact with the folk at Fajr Center for a long time now with little success. I have a bunch of questions. I will, InshAllah be c0ming on the 1st of Feb. Is there an email I can reach you at?

  74. salaam, I have been in egypt for almost 2 months. THIS IS NOT ISLAMIC COUNTRY BUT AN ARAB COUNTRY. the egyptain are money minded ppl and they want to be westerns. they will use you, cheat you, lie to you and epsically with the flat!!! PLZ DONT COME ALONE I DONT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. islam is not here anymore even alazhar is sooo messed up thats another whole subject.

    muslims in canada is better than egyptain muslims. broke my heart since comeing to this country if it wasnt for arabic i will never put my foot into this country. you will understand if you come to egypt . im not the only one theres been soo many forgein hate it here and they cant wiawaitt to leave, and all those ppl i meet go to fajr center.

    ‘Egypt is like an shoe, outside looks beautiful(from outside) but under the shoe is dirty(from inside).’
    by unknown legend.

    • To be honest – this is a business for them, their time and their livelihood, so they need to live – costs have skyrocketed in Egypt.

      They are NOT obliged to help you for free, so if they choose to mashallah, otherwise pay your way.

      The typical rates for charged for finding you a flat here are 10% of the rent, and
      note they take this from you AND they take it again from the landlord.
      For a longer period (one year plus) it is one months rent.

      You can (occasionally) get it cheaper than this from e.g. a Bawab acting as a
      simsar – and don’t think that just because you ask a Bawab if he has any
      apartments going in his building you will not pay him something.

      Sometimes you can get the commission down to 5% or half a month rent, and there is no harm in trying – but don’t be surprised if they refuse.

      You can also try and see if you can find anything.

      Is this excessive – well compared to the West it is rather excessive but that is the market here.

      As for rents – well if you know the rents in the area you are looking you are better equipped when you look around.

      Mantiqa Tasiya (opposite Swissery and Hayy Ashar) for a 3 bed unfurnished apartment you are looking at starting at 2500, starting at 3000+ for a furnished place.

      I asked the bawab today for another brother (and will pay him a commission if they take the place) and these are the rates he was saying to me.

      Swissery can be cheaper but you are looking at starting from 1500 for a 3 bed unfurnished place there (maybe with ACs included but no furniture.)
      2 bed smaller sizes start at maybe 1000LE+.
      Saqq al Koreish behind Swissery B is cheaper, but a lot rougher.

      Hayy Ashr can be cheaper but again 2500 for a 3 bed furnished place, 2000 for a 3 bed unfurnished.

      Near Abbass al-Aqaad prices can increase dramatically.

      You can find cheaper places, normally with really poor furnishings, no air conditioning, no automatic washing machines or with no lifts in the building – it all depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

      Yusuf the brother who was mentioned before has been recommended to me before and though I did not eventually use him to find an apartment (someone else found me one) I found him honest and trustworthy and open and genuine with his advise.

      There is one person who advertises on craigslist – Usama Oraby, who rents apartments by the day in Nasr City – he is not cheap (he is charging westerners about 250LE a day for an apartment), but he is reliable and can pick you up from the airport for 100LE and deposit you at your apartment.
      (Or you can use for 65LE plus tip if you know where you are going.)

      I’ve used him a couple of times and his apartments whilst not spectacular are clean and have clean sheets and blankets (something you do not always find) and may be good for a week or so whilst you find something more permanent.

      Egypt is not Madinah at the time of Hijrah, and the people here are not the Ansar who will divorce one of their wives to marry to you and give you half their wealth – anyone who expects that will get a very rude awakening.

      Take it for what it is and benefit from it and learn a lesson in Sabr that you will be unable to learn back home.

  75. Fulaan,

    Thanks for your post, seems liike you know a fair bit about Egypt, I am also looking for an apartment and will be arriving at Fajr in a few weeks. Can you please send me an email

    nizar dot mahri at gmail dot com


  76. for flat prices that fulaan quoted are inflamed to the max.
    to live in a hotel is under 100 junay a night,
    for a flat in hayy aashir is under 1200 for a 2 bedroom, and you can find a flats from 550 junay, in hay thamin you can find flats from 800 furnished, 2 bedroom,
    i dont know where fulaan is been looking for a flat,
    you can always negotioate with the bawaab and pay them couple hundred junay.
    dont let the muslims trick you.
    and how can you praise a persons character when you have not lived with them or travelled with them, or you asre there neighbour. peoples real character comes out and they show what they love the most, muslim blood is cheap in egypt, money is valued more, im not speaking about egyptians im speaking about foreingers who try do buisness here.

    • Salaam, I will be coming to Fajr Center, Nasr City, around Feb 1st. I will be looking for a fully furnished apartment suitable for a husband/wife couple. Also, it would be helpful to know a few good brothers before I come, InshAllah. I have a few questions that i wanted some advise on. If you have an email that I could contact you at I would appreciate it or you can email me at

  77. Salam aleikum

    we are 3 brothers who would like to rent an apartment near fajr center, is it realistic to pay 1500-2000 LE. (furnished and with ac)

    also who can help us find an aparment.

    Barik Allah fikum – May Allah grant you jannah al firdaws al a3la

  78. Ya 3aam: Actually the quotes that brother Fulaan gave are what I’ve seen as well, particularly for the larger 3-bedroom flats which he is referring to.

    Prices depend heavily on the areas you look in as well as the facilities/utilities available in the flats (e.g. lifts, furnishing, water etc.).

    However, if you look hard enough (and long enough), you can always find something which will be worth your cash.

    My Egyptian friend once said to me, ‘Don’t go to Cairo expecting to find Saudi.’ Although the city gathers a lot of good (and some amazing people), you will also get your outright criminals who moved from their respective villages to make some money in the City – any way they can.

    Just be smart and street wise.

  79. im sorry to say sis fajr but i will have to refute you,
    hayy aasihr is no way worth 2000-2500 fro three bedroom furnished , please.
    you can get 3 bedroom in hayy aashir for under 1500 furnished and even haggle the prices., hayy aashir is like a un refugee camp full of sudaneese and refugees, some parts of it are decent, but its the poor are of nasr city, and there are many burglars in that area.i am living in a fully furnished 2 bed apartmet for 1250 in hayy tham 3 mins from markaz fajr. i also seen many flats for under this price one for 1000 and the other 800. if you tell anyone in nasr city you are paying 2000 to 2500 for a flat in hayy aashir then you defintebly are a stupid foreigner. for 2500 you can get a three bedroom fully furnished bvery big flat in nice areas, not in the un refugee camp.
    never rush into a decision and always ask the students how much they are paying.
    i know tajkis that pay 550 and 650 in hayy ashir and it is saqr quraysh 2 bedroom.
    also the higher the floor of th flat the cheaper it should be.

  80. I agree, deep into Hayy al-’Ashir, prices are very cheap – and they get cheaper as you move onto the older buildings, rougher areas etc. But I believe Fulaan was referring to Hayy al-Tasi’ and the newer areas currently being built.

    Prices are on the rise though, throughout the city… I know people who moved from Swissery to deeper ‘Ashir just to be able to pay a lower rent. And now I’m hearing of people moving from ‘Ashir to Tabba and the further areas, subhan’Allah.

    • Sigh,
      Yes you can find places which are cheaper. I live in a nice area and I am happy with what I am paying as I believe it is value for money – and the prices I have stated are those which I have been told by multiple different people.

      Yes I do not know the prices in Saqq al Koreish in detail or around Akhir Metro – which are cheaper – but I have no desire to live so I have no need to know the prices there.

      If people in Egypt can live off 1000LE a month all in, there are naturally going to be cheaper places available here – but that is not were most westerners live.

      I am talking about buildings with elevators, multiple air conditioners – and you are talking about higher floors are cheaper i.e. Shaabi areas with no lifts – we are talking about different areas in totality and different price levels.

      Yes I know people who are living in Swissery paying 800-1000LE a month, I also know of flats in Swissery rented out for 2700LE a month – so what is your point?

      Find something short term – don’t take a long lease, if you are not happy with it

      I can’t really help people find a flat here to be honest as nothing in Egypt is certain unless you have arrived, signed the contract paid the deposit and have the keys in your hand.

      My statement that I have spoken to Yusuf (whom someone else mentioned) and found him trustworthy has irked somebody.
      The recommendation was actually from a brother close to me who has done business with him and recommended him to me; but as most people arriving have no clue where to turn to besides the Markaz to find a flat – he may be able to help people.
      He mainly deals in Rehab from the last time I spoke to him anyway.

  81. SlaamAlaykum,Bro’s & Sis’s most of us from “Desi Backgrounds” should know that we will always get ripped off when living in another “Desi” type country :-) So i am not sure about the culture shock :-) Just do not rush into any thing.

    Can anyone please help me i will be arriving in Cairo inshs allah with my family just before midnight on Dec 14TH, i need a hotel close to Al Diwan & a taxi any idea on costs?

    Jzk Allah Khairun

    I think it is important we reflect on how our Nabi Muhammad SAW Lived.

    Mode of Living Of Prophet Mohammed

    His house was but a hut with walls of unbaked clay and a thatched roof of palm leaves covered by camel skin. He had separate apartments for his wives, a small room for each made of similar materials. His own apartment contained a rope cot (1*), a pillow stuffed with palm leaves , the skin of some animal spread on the floor and a water-bag of leather and some weapons. These were all his earthly belongings, besides a camel, a horse, and some land which he had aquired in the later part of his life. (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud).

    Once some of his disciples, noticing the imprint of his mattress on his body, wished to give him a softer bed, but he politely declined the offer saying, “What have I to do with worldly things. My connection with the world is like that of a traveler resting for a while underneath the shade of a tree and then moving on.” Amr Ibn Al-Harith, a brother-in-law of the Prophet , says that when the Prophet died, he did not leave a cent, a slave man or woman, or any property except his white mule, his weapons and a piece of land which he had dedicated for the good of the community. (Sahih Bukhari).

    He advised the people to live simple lives and himself practised great austerities. Even when he had become the virtual king of Arabia, he lived an austere life bordering on privation. His wife Ayesha (radiyallaahu `anha) says that there was hardly a day in his life when he had two square meals. (Sahih Muslim,, Vol.2, pg 198).

    When he died there was nothing in his house except a few seeds of barley left from a mound of the grain obtained from a Jew by pawning his armour. (Bukhari, Sahih Bukhari, Chapter “Aljihad”).

    He had declared unlawful for himself and his family anything given by the people by way of zakat or sadaqa (types of charity). He was so particular about this that he would not appoint any member of his family as a zakat collector. (Sahah-Kitab Sadaqat).

  82. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I have read some comments which i felt were due to the naivety of the writer. Yes Egypt is not an iSlamic country but nor is any country. People get ripped off in Makkah and Madina. People get ripped off in the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan or Mauretania’ so why be so shocked when people get ripped off in Egypt.

    People need to wise up before they travel abroad. Egypt is Sainsburys. Outside Canada, the Americas, Europe and Australasia its normal for people to haggle before agreeing on a price. Canada may be heaven on earth but you have to forego learning Arabic.

    If you read the experiences of people who went in search of Knowledge in the past they were subject to all sorts of severe difficulties. Some such as Imam al-Ghazzali were even robbed by highway robbers. Allah tests people who have undertaken a journey to seek knowledge.

    We should use forums like this one to learn from other peoples experiences as well as seek advice. We have to learn to live these difficulties otherwise we should take Arabic 101 at a local college and be content.

    Regarding hotels in Madinat Nasr and surrounding areas, there arent many hotels and the few that you can find are quite expensive.

    I would advise people to contact They are quite trustworthy and if you stay three days or more they provide free airport pickup. The owners Atef and Haytham are good people and both speak English. This isnt a Islamic hotel but a economy tourist hotel. But security is good here and they rip you off. They try to sell tourist trips but if you dont want to travel to Luxor , etc you can tell them ‘ no thanks’.

    It is located in Talaat Harb street in central Cairo opposite a Macdonalds. There are loads of chemists and shops that sell western and luxury goods as well decent priced clothes.

    I would suggest that brothers or married couples stay there a few days while they search for flats.

    If travelling to Cairo for the first time, i would advise people to allocate a week to finding a flat as it take a few days to find a place and sign agreements and get the keys.

    To turn up without accommodation is not to be recommended.

    To be realistic the minimum people should expect to pay for flat is 2000 LE a month. If you assume this figure you can use it as a starting point. No doubt you can get a flat cheaper than 2000 LE but if you use 2000 LE as a starting point then you can be better prepared mentally and financially.

    Regarding the condition of the flat, its amenities, elevators, location, etc….this all depends on the tastes of the person.

    I would like to recommend to brothers and sisters living in Cairo to post pictures of theirs flats so that other potential students can have a glimpse of what flats are like.

    Obviously sisters and brothers with wives and children may have to err on the side of comfortable living but if you are brother by yourself or other friends then you should prepare yourself for a basic and frugal lifestyle. If you could see Egyptian students accommodation you would thank Allah for bestowing us with dollars and pounds.

    And most important of all, we make dua to Allah that he makes our path to seeking knowledge easy, Allahumma ameen.

    • Seeing as Asif has recommended a cheap hotel, I can tell you a cheap way to get to the centres from the hotel.

      Take the Metro (1LE make sure you take the ticket with you else you will get a 15LE fine) from Nasser to Ghamra Station.

      Once you get out walk over the bridge to the other side and descend and get a microbus to Hayy Sabiya (look for drivers making a Churchil V for victory symbol (7 in Arabic.)) Fare is 1.5 LE

      From Sabiya you can get to anywhere in Madinat Nasr, to go to Fajr by Microbus you need to go to Hayy Ashir via Taba and jump off by Our Kids on Mustafa Nahas. You can get this bus from Awal Abbas or Awal Makram or Hayy Thamen.

      Else just get a (white metered) taxi the entire way – which should only cost you about 25 LE – which is fine when you are settling in but not every day.

      Drop rate is 2.5LE which covers the first KM and first 4 mins of waiting time, after that every 200metres is 0.25LE and every minute waiting in 0.25LE.

      As for using centres to pick you up – well depends how much they are charging you and how comfortable you are winging it. You have a cheap hotel listed above – it will take about 45 mins to get Madinat Nasr depending on traffic.

      You can use for 90LE to transport you (plus mandatory tip) – so you can save a bit of money.

      Be aware that you can not just buy a Sim card off the street, you need to get it registered to your passport – so look at the mobile networks websites find out where their offices are and go there with passport in hand to register it.
      I’ve used Etisalat and they have an office opposite McDonalds in Hayy Thamen, and they even have an electric queuing system so it should take about 20 mins wait before you are seen.

      As for finding a flat, you are going to end up using ewaseet or agents or knocking door to door. All depends on how much shoe leather you want to spend and how much time you have,

  83. Mohammed,

    My email is

    If anybody else who knows about apartments could end me an email that would be great.

    Thanks everyone for your contributions.

    Does anyone know how much it would cost for an apartment walking distance to fajr centre? I’m looking for 2 bedrooms furnished with a/c. Or what is the range like?
    How much does the school mark this up by if you go through them?

    Many thanks.

  84. Salam aleikum

    i have tried calling yusuf (0103932208 ), but i can’t reach him. Maybe i’m doing it the wrong way. isnt it 00 – 20 – 0103932208 ?

    Barik Allah fikum

  85. Aslamilakom we are travelling to CAIRO inshallah for Arabi Studies with our child who is under the age of 1.

    Do you see many people using Buggies or Push chairs in Cairo? I am asking this as i have been informed no one uses them in Egypt

    Shokran Jazeelan
    UMM Bilal

    • We use a Maclaren Quest pushchair and we live in an area with a lot of sand.

      You need to be prepared to push it up and down off the pavements as they are not even and are broken, and carry it when you need to – very few shops have elevators or escalators – stairs are the norm in most places.
      Disabled of pushchair access to most places is not even thought about – and almost nobody uses a car seat here.

      On main roads you can walk along the middle of the road as the island is normally flat and even.

      Hence bring a light pushchair – and be prepared that you will be be carrying the pushchair a lot.
      I recommend the Maclaren as the are light and robust, so will take one year of abuse in Cairo, whilst other pushchairs may not.

      You can get a three wheel all-terrain pushchair but then you will find it difficult to fold up and store in the taxi, as a lot of taxis no longer have roof racks.

      If your child is small enough to carry in a Baby Bjorn, use the Baby Bjorn is will be MUCH easier – if your child can walk, make them walk – but still bring the pushchair as it is free to bring on the plane and will be useful when you can use it.

      How much under one – as you can use a Baby Bjorn upto about 9 months for an average size child, and it is MUCH MUCH easier – bring both if you can.

      Be aware that you will find it difficult to find childcare that you are happy with for a child that age, so may well find it better for you to stagger your lessons so you can study alternately.

  86. I can help u. Just get my e mail from the owner of this blog and we can exchange contact info from there. When exactly do u plan on coming?

  87. 3 guys from denmark,

    Maybe Yusuf doesn’t like picking up phone calls from unknown numbers?
    I’m not sure.

    What I do know is that I sms’d him yesterday and he replied to me almost immediately.
    And yes I used the same number as initially posted above on this page.

    Fajr if you could send me Abu Daftar’s email address that would be greatly appreciated also.


    • Salam aleikum

      Brother Abu daftar who were you talking too :) ?

      Brother Nizar can u please tell him to answer the emails we have send him, or to contact us asap. May Allah reward you.

      Masha’Allah i like how everybody is helping eachother.

  88. Brothers Nizar and Abu Daftar: Contact swapped… please check your emails.

    A big thank you to everyone who’s been helping others with regards to their trips/studies. Jazakumullahu khayran!

  89. Salaam

    I am planning to come and study for three months in egypt starting from jan-march.

    I will be arriving late december.

    Im trying to make the decision between Diwaan institute and Ibaanah institute not sure yet.

    I am looking to see if yanybody knows of any sisters currently studying at either institute and if they have space for two sisters in their flat to stay during their studies.

    If yes Sister Fajr can you please give them my email address.


    May Allah s.w.a reward you for all your efforts.

    • salam alaykom brs and sis’s

      im in egypt at the moment alhamdulila,
      im intending to do the winter intensive course starting on the 26th dec inshallah.
      looking for an apartment,
      if anyone needs a flat mate, let me know, reply here

      otherwise if i find an apartment ill let u know if i need flat mates.


    • Diwaan Institute sis, all the way. Al-Ibaanah will waste your time if your beginner, trust me Iv been there. If you are familiar with Arabic, Al-Ibaanah is good to stregthen Nahw and Grammer rules.

  90. Salams K,

    I will be be arriving in Cairo next week, also for the Winter Intensive, and also looking for somewhere to stay.
    Perhaps we can work something out.
    Send me an email (

    Does anyone know if Talaat Harb is far from Fajr centre?
    Is it possible to go to school via public transport if I was living on Talaat Harb?



  91. Hi,

    Does anybody know where exactly on Moustafa al-Nahas St is Fajr centre?
    Which street do you turn into or which building is it near?
    What would you tell a taxi driver?
    Would somebody give me simple directions to how to get to the actual school from Moustafa al-Nahas St?

    Any assistance is much appreciated.


    • go down Moustafa Nahas from Abbas al-aqaad you will pass on your right Tawheed wa’l nur department store and McDonalds on your left (junction with Makram Abeid) , carrying on you will pass Awlad Ragab supermarket on your right then you have to do a loop around to carry on down Mustafa Nahas then you are at Manhal school carry on.

      Carry on till you reach ‘Our Kids’ childrens store on your right hand side – it is blue red and yellow – Fajr is down that side street.

      Tell the Taxi Driver ‘Hayy Thamen – Ba’ad Manhal’ or they may well even know where Markaz Fajr is.

  92. @ sis looking for somewhere to stay. Sis this be perfect as I attend fajr and my husband is going back to the states from Jan-march and I have 2 extra BRs. Please swap us sister fajr.

  93. Assaalamu ‘Alaaykum rahmatulahi wa barakatuh,

    I’m coming to Alexandria with my wife and two small children in late march/early April. Does anyone know what area is nice, clean and affordable? I’ve been told that Maimi is where most foreigners live and I can find a decent two bedroom, 1 bath furnished apartment between 1000-1200 le. I’ve also been told if I live right outside of Maimi I could easily find something for 800 le. Are there any brothers in Alex that can help me or a sister who could swap emails with my wife? JazakAllah ‘Khair

    • Asalamu alaykum

      My family and I are moving to Alexandria in a few weeks. I just want to know if you have arrived there and how it is. What is rent like in the are of Miami and just outside. If you could get back to me ASASP. It would be much appreciated.


      • As salaamu alaykum,

        Did you get to move to Alex? I am looking to go out there in December Insha’Allaah

        wa salaam

  94. Asalamualaykum,

    2 Brothers are coming from the UK to study Arabic and require a cheap flat fully furnished, they are prepared to share, is anyone of aware of any flats near swissery or hayy Taasia/Thamin, they plan to stay for six months and coming in early january, Also if anybody is aware or any good schools for a 13 year old for arabic/quran

    jzk i await an reply

    • assalamu alaikum, i am currently staying in hayy thamin and might have room for the bros or one bro, so i will let you know in couple days because i have other characters taht might move in

    • Asalam aleykum , i am searching for a 2 girls room mate, girls only please urgent , i have a flat which price is 1000 l.e per month , and it contains 2 rooms. is at 5 minutes away from Fajr center ,here in nasr city , the appartment furniture is not so luxurious but is clean and quiet . 1 room has 1 bed and the prices 500 l.e ( egiptian pounds ) . but the another room has 2 beds and is for be shared each bed is 250 l.e per months .:) i will take one of this beds . So i need 2 girls to share the flat one of them will take the whole room alone for her self in 500 l.e per month and the another girl will share the room with me . she will take one bed at 250 l.e. ( the owner ask for one month of deposit ) which will be returned again the money as soon as this person leave the flat. for more information my number is 01001401865 or my best friend number 01008877122 . Plz call and ask for Mayuly or my best friend number named mahmoud . Thank you

  95. Asalamualaykum
    jzk ya 3amm, well now its only 1 brother with his young son who are willing to share a room that are coming – i await your reply wasalam

  96. salamalaykom bros,

    i have one room available, im here for the winter intensive course,

    so if any brother needs a place to stay, call me on

  97. K and others,

    I’m also here in Cairo for the Winter Intensive. Have sorted out accomodation, alhamdulillah. If anybody wants to catch up you can call me on 01522821822, would be good to meet people before the course starts.

  98. Slaam i am in cairo just recently started my arabic studies.

    Can anyone advise me of any where for Tajweed classes?

    Jzk Allah Khairun

    • Walaikumasalam AR
      The best institute to learn Quraan in Cairo is Fajr Quraan Centre, make sure you stick to taking lessons in the centre and do not opt to go to tutors homes etc. Its located On Mustafa Nahas Street, near Masjid Umme Kulthoom (a street away from the actual Fajr Arabic Centre), they will test you and put you in a class level eg.1,2, 3 or you can go for the private Tutor.

      • SLAAM “ME” may allah reward you, are the lessons at the centre private? Do the speak english there?


  99. Salamoe Alaykoum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    Djazzakoum Allahu gayran for all the information, is it such a great help alhamdulillaah. We are planning on going to Egypt in next spring insha Allah. I found the website about Markazdawd. I really like their childrencourses for my son. ( ).
    Has anyone got any experience with this center?

    And what will be the best way for looking for an apartment? Think we will stay in a hotel for a week.

    BarakAllahu fiekoum

  100. There is a brother who needs to rent a room until Feb 23rd when he’ll return to America inshaAllah. Please respond if anyone has a room or knows anyone with a room to rent.

    • yeah i have a room but he will have to share, you can phone me on my number if you are in egypt, its near masjid faidur rahmen

  101. Slaam guys.

    Where is Masjid Bilal in Cairo? Is it next to Naguib Mahfouz Park?

    I have read somewhere this place is famous for the western students.


    • Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

      It’s next to a small park, but I can’t remember what it was called, sorry. The actual masjid Bilal is in Madinat Nasr, right in the middle of a residential area – if you get a taxi anywhere from Mustafa Nuhas or Makram, they should take you without too much trouble.

      It’s actually just 2mins walk from the Diwan Center, so if you can get there, you’re pretty much sorted.

  102. Does anyone know where to get the poem version of ajroomiyah? I have this small book that has ajroomiyah in the front and a poem called darratul yateemah in the 2nd half, is the the poem version itself?

  103. Asalamu alaykum. Here i can help brothers and sisters find apartments and other potential information and help.

    You can visit my site and see additional information. Many students from the west have benefitted in Arabic studies because of the comfort and no-head ace of searching for a flat and getting visas etc. All the worries were left to us.

    Please check it.


    Hatim Abdou, Cairo

  104. Salams,

    InshaAllah I’m thinking of travelling to Egypt in March for approx. 2 months. I have been taking Arabic classes for a year, only for 4hrs a week so I know basic Arabic. I’m thinking of going to Al-Diwan or Al-fajir.

    For private tuition Al-Diwan will be charging 6000EGP(which is $1050 Australian $) for 6 weeks, 5hrs a day which will cover 4 levels(all up=150hrs).

    I’ve also emailed Al-faijr centre but I havent got a response. Does anyone know how much it will cost to do private classes at Al-fajir?

    The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said; Three supplications will not be rejected (by Allah (SWT)), the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveler. [al-Bayhaqi, at-Tirmidhi - Sahih]

    So all you travellers out there…..please make du’a that Allah s.w.t makes it possible for me to go to Egypt and study the language of the Quran! I’m praying that my dad or brother can go with me otherwise I can’t go….

    Khair inshaAllah

  105. i did priviate tuition last month , wear i studied six hours a day and completed two levels in one erios. it cost me 2010 junnay because it was semi private and it was 150 hours, private will be around 1550 for one level $275, that is in nasr branch. so for 6 hours a day you can work it out,
    fajr is cheaper than diwan

    • …jazakAllahu khair. Thats alot cheaper than Al-Diwan.

      When you finished those 2 levels, do you feel like you have accomplished a fair amount of work? Are you satisfied with the outcome?

      • Slaam alaykum

        Both Fajr & Al Diwan are pretty much similar in price.

        From what i know the FAJR centre will only provide one 2 one Tuition at their branch in MAADI & not in Nasr City. Maadi is more expensive to live in mainly due to the fact it has a large ex pat community.

        Prices for Fajr Centre at Maadi are:
        1-fussha program : private study= $350.
        2-Ammiyah program: private study = $ 400

        Both of the above schools are very well known but there are other schools who offer the same if not better service.

        My best piece of advice is to request a teacher who has over 5 years of experience in teaching non arabs. Also if you can get somebody else to join you in a class this will be alot cheaper & you will learn more.

        Check out the below schools


    • personaly i dont recommend anyone to do two levels in one month if they are memorising quran also, or other subjects, when i was doing it i had no sleep after fajr and didnt have no time to sit down for more than half an hour,
      you become tired, its hard work, but i beenfited greatly, because you have more chance to speak in the class and understand the lesson with a deeper understanding.
      also i dont recommend anyone to do it unless they are very smart, otherwise they will not benefit, because the amount of new words and home work you will have to learn and complete in a day are overwhemlimg and if you do not have good memery you will forget everything so that is why i say dont do it unless you are smart.

      fajr do provide private in nasr city and it is $275. they did not do private this month becuase of the winter intensive , they alwayts have private apart from the winter and summer intensive months.

      • MashaAllah ya3mm! Thats impressive. InahAllah I can handle it. I’m not going to be doing any other subjects. Just the Arabic inshaAllah. I might do a little bit of tajweed. I wonder if they do tajweed at fajr…

        It would absolutly kill me if I go all that way and not benefit. That would be painful.

        jazakAllahu khair for the websites AJK…..i’ll check them out later.

  106. Salamu alaikum

    I am hoping to leave for Fajr Centre in March/April. I just wanted to know if there are any other brothers leaving at the same time from the UK. I am feeling very nervous….I hope I can settle there to learn Arabic. Please email me.

    • al salamu alikom,

      actually I’m from Egypt and i’m living in Cairo now a days but I’m originally from Alexandria and i would like to share a flat with some one decent, easy going and i can teach you Arabic too in my free time. Egypt is very nice country and there is no need to worry at all, the people here are so helpful. we hope we keep in touch.
      my email is :

      salamu alikom

  107. @ sis fajr
    What would you recommend a person to study after completing the book 3 bayna yadayk private? I know fajr teaches ajroomiyah but they supplement it with other things as well. What would you suggest to study in addition to ajromiyyah to fill the gaps of what a person who has comleted arabiyyah bayna yadayk.
    Or do you think that studying ajromiyyah then moving on to qatr nada would be sufficient?

    • It depends what you want to go further in. If you wish to go for grammar, then I’d say start with Ajrumiyyah or Qatr al-Nada. Both books begin with roughly the same grounding but Ajrumiyyah is a bit easier in my opinion (Qatr al-Nada needs a good sharh e.g. Muhammad Muhyidin’s one which is very good).

      What would you suggest to study in addition to ajromiyyah to fill the gaps of what a person who has comleted arabiyyah bayna yadayk.

      Exercises, exercises and more exercises. Also, get a good grip on the grammar terminologies because they will be used a lot in the bigger books. It’ll help to also be fluent in reading and comprehension as well as having an appreciation for the use of ‘shawahid’ in Sciences (i.e. deriving proofs from poetry).

      Overall, there are many routes to take after completing the Bayna Yadayk books – they certainly are not the end of it all! I’d say read as much as you can; your favourite books, articles, whatever you come across… it does wonders for one’s progress.Wa billahi-tawfiq.

  108. barakallahu feeki

    From your response it seems like studying nahwu wadih would be best since they have the most exercises. I don’t wish to major in grammar but I want to study the shariah and memorize quran so I just want a solid ground in nahwu that will allow me to do so. I really was thinking of studying ajrumiyyah then qatr nada at ibaanah( because their teachers are excellent in nahwu ) after bayna yadayk but maybe finding someone to teach nahwu wadih private would be best.
    What is your advice for me?

    • Nahw al-Wadhih is great – it actually covers the same material & rules as Qatr al-Nada (i.e. all the advanced stuff that Ajrumiyyah doesn’t go into), so if you do study it, you won’t really need to do the Qatr later on.

      Whichever book you do, I recommend completing it as much as you can. That way, you can move onto other books and just select those chapters which you need or are new to you etc.

  109. So do u suggest finding a private teacher to do nahwu wadih with or doing qatr at ibaanah?
    None of the teachers in cairo really teach nahwu wadih but I guess they’ll do it if requested. Basically do you think it would be better to study qatr nada at ibaanah with the ppl who are professionals in nahwu and teach that book all the time or do you think that if the teacher is qualified then he will be able to teach nahwu wadih even if that’s not his ”specialty” as qatr nada is to an ibaanah teacher? I hope my question is clear.

    • I would perhaps study it at Ibanah as there is known professionality there. Also, like you said, the teachers are very familiar with Qatr al-Nada and can teach it thoroughly. However, if you know a really good teacher (and you study well in 1-to-1), then tuition is perfectly fine too. Ask yourself, what are you comfortable with – because you will be studying under such settings.

      But I would recommend Qatr al-Nada at Ibanah insha’Allah – if you are ready for classical learning and digging deep. Btw, if you do Qatr, then you’ll be well into the Alfiyyah of Ibn al-Malik (they are roughly the same in the beginning).

  110. There isa furnished apartment available for rent in hay thamin. A family is returning to America and wants to sub lease it until they return. The appliances are new including an automatic washer machine and full sized bed mashaAllah. Contact me if interested.

  111. Asslaamu alaikum!

    Great site….excellent information! Jazakallahu khayran. I would suggest that people also contribute to another site dedicated to information on studying Arabic/Islam abroad.

  112. Hi, I’s Islam Fekry.
    I am looking to exchange my Arabic with your English, in Cairo
    If you can help me. I appreciate your helping me.
    I Have to take the TOEFL exam, next sep., and i should start in studing from Now, beside my work.

    If there is any one Interest, send me mess Thanks’

  113. The family is thinking of selling the appliances if nobody wants to rent it. Items include new -
    -refigerator WITH defrost
    -full size bed
    -automatic washer machine
    - large sakhaan
    -study table and 2 chairs
    -2 3×4 rugs
    contact me if interested, pics available

    • assalamu alaikum, i dont mind the study table and rugs, you have my number call me and we will speak about the price, after asr is good

    • we alikom el salam,
      actually i’m intersting to buy this stuff, can you send me on my email the prices and how can i get touch with you to get them. thanks alot

      my phone number is 010 010 5192


    • we alikom el salam,
      actually I’m interesting to buy this stuff, can you send me on my email the prices and how can i get touch with you to get them. thanks a lot.

      my phone number is 010 010 5192


  114. Aslaam’laykum

    Can someone please explain how the process on how to renew your Egyptian Tourist Visa :-)

    I am British & i am with my wife & son. I would be grateful if anyone can tell me what documents i need? I have been told i can do it at a Police station & will take a day or two, youwill need the following:

    1. Two passport photocopies inc visa page
    2. Two Photographs
    3. Appartment Contract ( must be stamped by the land registry)
    4. Childs Birth Certificate if he/she does not have the Father’s name.
    5. Marriage certificate if your wife does not have your surname.

    The above is for Visa renewal at a Police station, what do you need to renew your visas at the Muggamma building.

    Thanks Jzk khr

  115. wa alaikumus salaam

    All you need is
    1. passport of each person whose visa you need to renew
    2. stamped lease
    3. about 3 passport photos for each passport
    You can do this at gawaazaat near cuty center for those living in Madinat Nasr and in Tahrir for others.
    BTW I have heard of them asking for birth certicates sometimes so it can’t hurt to bring it just in case. It all kind of depends of who is working that day and how they feel. If you don’t make it there by at least 7 a.m. then you might as well not go. barakallahu feek.

  116. jzk allah khr , is the Gawazaat on the left of the police station next to the workers university? What is quicker visa renewal at the Mugamma or the Gawazaat?Sorry for my question its just that my school are pretty useless in providing info for this matter. Brk allahu fik.

    • just go to mugammah and take your passport and 12 junay thats all you need.
      make sure you have an dadress tat you can wirte that is not in hayy thamin. n better if you wirte rehab or some osrt,. i wrote thamin on my one and it still went thorought, normally they send you to nasr police station, but alhamdulillah they didnt for me, the woman was good,

  117. Thanks, are you sure you can just write any address? It looks like the Mugamma building is the place , the Jawaazaat seems to require alot more information. JZK allah khairan

  118. Salamu ‘alaykum,

    Apartment for sale in Hay Asher, Nasr City (Cairo) near the Car Market with on the left the big road (busses and taxi’s) and in the front the shopping street. Hay Asher is well-known for it’s foreigners from America, Europe and Indonesia.

    Netto surface of 84 m2, 4-room apartment on the Ground floor

    The state is superluxe: The whole apartment is recently renovated and not lived in afterwards.

    Price: 315.000 LE / £ 33.000 / € 38.500 / $ 53.500

    (currencies are from today)

    Seriously interested? More detailed information and pictures can be send by e-mail inshaae Allah. Send your e-mail to

  119. Salam alaykum brothers and sisters

    Thanks everyone for all the info, very beneficial…

    I want to study at Al Fajr Centre April 2011. Does anyone know of any sisters who are looking for a flat mate?

    Also is anyone there now? I know it may not be the best time to go but it’s now or never as I have to go back to work sometime:(

    Also flight tickets….what’s best? getting a one way or open?

    Any advice would be appreciated….

  120. Wa alaykum slaam sis,

    I am currently in Cairo , well we have been here for a week. It seems fine here Alhumdulilha.

    Sister i am not sure if any Airlines issue open return tickets any more, the best option is a return ticket as a one way ticket costs the same if not a lot more than a return ticket.

    I will ask my wife to ask around for you regarding your accommodation requirements, also how long are you planning to stay in Cairo?


    • @Abdullah….
      Thank you for your reply Brother Abdullah I really do appreciate it.

      I have a year off work but it depends if I find a flat mate as I do not want to be by myself, especially for Ramadan. So, I was thinking of going for three or four months then coming back here for Ramadan then going back out there in October? I’m flexible really but I want to get the most out of my year off inshaAllah so I want to come out there soon.

      Also where are you and your wife studying? I was going to go to Al Fajr but they never email back and I want to do some Islamic studies so I think I have decided on Aleem Centre. If your wife could ask around I would be very grateful as accommodation is the only thing really stopping me from making the leap. She can email me on
      Thank you

  121. @ Abdullah

    What neighborhood did u find a place? When I was there last it was very difficult to find flats in thamin, do u know if this is still the case? barakallahu feek.

  122. Generally speaking – flat rental prices have dropped.
    A lot of foreigners left during the revolution and whilst those enrolled as al-Azhar has started to trickle back a lot have not returned and will not return with the current political instability and curfew.

    There is thus a lot of rental property available atm.

    That is if you want to find a flat on your own, but if you are looking for a flat mate that may be easier on this forum.

    There are a few estate agents (standard 10% / 1 month rent commission) which I can give details for, but the biggest issue is normally the first few days you are going to arrive for – as once you are here you can see a few places and decide quickly.

    A few ppl rent apartments out ‘hotel style’ that means that they charge you 200LE or so a night, then you have to pay electricity on top of that, now that is ok for about a week initially – but you are paying double the rent for the privilege of a short term let.

    I know a few ppl who do this – but as with all things they want a deposit in Egypt to hold the place for you, which is not that convenient to arrange, so a hotel may be an option for the first couple of nights.

    Also be aware that when you arrive – the Egyptian idea of a furnished apartment will not be the same as your own so bring at least a couple of flat (fitted sheets will not fit as the beds are different sizes here) bed sheets so you can prevent having to sleep on the dirty sheets they have left and have something between you and the unwashed blankets.

    You can then get to Spinneys to buy bed sheets, pillows & blankets (Tawheed w’al nur is another option) – as they sell reasonably priced plain cotton bedsheets.

    Not knowing your level, but assuming you are starting from a basic level you should focus on your Arabic, Tajweed and Hifdh initially. Trying to study Islamic sciences properly when your Arabic is too poor to do so will be too much and you will find it difficult to progress.

    Fajr, Aleem, Diwan and others are all options, just be aware that a lot of the experienced teachers will be working outside the Marakez because the pay there is too low, and they can make more outside – so you tend to get the less experience teachers there.

    Typical good Markaz wage is rumoured to be about 800LE a month for a teacher, you do the figure to work out how much of your fees they are seeing.

    If you are looking for private, then there should be more flexibility and you are less likely to need to pre-book, a lot of the centres are running now below capacity
    due to the exodus during the revolution, so you should be less concerned about just turning up and arranging on the day.

    Egypt is surprisingly flexible, and once you arrive, network and ask around you can find out who is looking for a flatmate, where the good private teachers are, etc – Ramadan is great here normally, so if you have a year out and a one shot chance of spending it here , you should be able to make friends in a few months and find ppl to share it with here.

    Egyptair tickets are normally one free change on the return leg, so are a good option if you need flexibility.
    They (one the London-Cairo route) sell 46KG tickets (Soliman Travel sell them) – they are just a little more expensive than the normal 20KG tickets – and they allow you to bring more stuff that you need. They also (recently it is on their website) allow you to bring one more suitcase for £40 (23kg) on the Lon-Cai route which will be very useful.

    Be aware that Hans Wehr dictionary hasn’t been sold in the bookshops here for the last 5 months according to the last time I asked in Dar al-Salam a few weeks back, so if you have one you should bring it with you if you need it.


  123. Slaam

    Fulaan is 100 % correct :-) But in most of the Arabic Centres you will find 1- 3 exceptional Teachers the rest will probably have 2 or 3 jobs & are just too tired most of the time. Private study is really the best option if you know exactly what you want from your studies.

    For “the sister looking for Accomodation”, the best option will be come to Egypt & visit each centre individually & talk to the teachers or students & ask for the costs etc & then make your decision this will take you a day or so .

    Also with accommodation remember ” you only get what you pay for” If you decide for the centre to assist you in finding an appartment the centre & the estate agent will take a cut
    :-) I will try to get you some contact details for a female teacher & female students.


  124. SLAMAliKUM guys , great site very informative :-) masha’allah.

    Does anyone know if i renew my Tourist Visa at the Mugamma will they give me a 3,6, or 12 month extension?? ( im a British Citizen)

    Jazak allah Khr

    • Depends on their mood – very random.

      You will know by how much in stamps they ask you to get, if it is 8 LE then it is 3 months they will give you, 90 odd then 6 months, unsure how much for 12 months.
      Maybe then you can ask for longer and see what they say.

      Always ask for 12 months, they will give you what they feel like, but it has been quick
      recently – a friend said he got a 6 month extension in 2 hours last week.

  125. As-salamu3laykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh
    I would like to know if I can do a Arabic course for 6 weeks Inshaa’Allaah and how much it will cost? And do you have to be at a specific age to come and study?
    Jazakallahu kair

  126. As-Salamu ‘alaykum

    I want to study Medicine (Tibbu Nabawee) at Al-Azhar or other school/university in Cairo but I don’t have got any kind of study or experience in Medicine.

    Who can provide me information for studying Medicine in Cairo (Al-Azhar)? I must start all over from the beginning…

    Please inform me also about the annual cost of the study.

    Baarak Allahu feekum.

  127. as salaamu alaikum
    Does anyone have any info about the Shekh Zayed area of Cairo. I know it’s close to 6th of October but how is it to learn arabic there? Does anyone know private teachers who live near there or would travel that far to teach in the house?
    Same question for Monofiyyah too if anyone knows anything.

    barakallahu feekum

  128. Slaam bro’s and sis’s, alla praise to allah i found this blog in a google search :-)

    i will be arriving to cairo in a week insha allah

    I will study at Al Diwan Centre, do any of you guys know how much the rent is for a 2 or 3 BED furnished property on the same street as the school it is called Najuib mahfouz street i have been told that this is same street as a masjid called masjid bilal?? Please let me know guys i just dont want to get ripped off by the school etc etc i have heard stories that students are paying extra 1-2 thousand Egyptian LE on rentals unfortunately

    May allah reward you

  129. Asalaam Alykum

    Does anyone know what area of Madinatul Nasr Masjid Bilal is in? Also how far walking is it to Markaz fajr office/classes in Madinatul Nasr? JazakAllahairan in advance.

  130. wa alaikum salaam
    It’s located past Makram and it is about a half an hour to forty five minute walk from Markaz Fajr.

  131. Slaam bRO

    Well most taxi drivers will know where the masjid Bilal is, all you need to say is Masjid bilal behind The Egypt Air office which is opposite the international garden at the end of Abas el Akad Street.

    Also to walk t Fajr from Masjid Bilal you can just have a nice long walk down mustafa el nohas street will take you 30 mins or so :-)

    Are you studying here bro? or looking for a school etc?

    • JazakAllahairan all,

      Alhamdulillah I intend on coming to Egypt for a year from summer (approx July 2011). I’m hoping to study at Markaz Fajr and I’m trying to get an idea of a decent area to live thats not too far from the markaz.

    • WS WR WB

      Not for 6th October, I know teachers in Madinat Nasr – and one who travels around
      Cairo a little bit for Azhar teaching – but 6th October is not even Cairo – so no I’m afraid.

      New Cairo I could ask ppl for.

      • I ask about 6th October but they said they needed more details, and it really depends what you want and what level you want to study at.
        i.e. Arabic (beginning or advanced) or Azhar curriculum – can you handle Aamiya or do you need Fusha, etc – as local teachers who are not trained on
        how to teach foriegners may be easier to arrange.

        If someone needs to travel to you from Cairo proper – it can be arranged but
        will be expensive as they have to cover the travelling cost and time.
        He was saying it would be about 100LE for 2 hours because of distance and
        travelling time.

    • Slaam , are you looking to study 1 to 1 or group study??? Also why Fajr centre? There are afew centres now in Cairo and all have pretty much the same price & quality of teaching.

      • I prefer group study….find it more motivating. Choosing Fajr as I have done their summer course previously so inshAllah will be a continuation rather than starting a new study program.

      • asalaamu alaikum,
        i was planing on coming to egypt this june with my family to learn arabic. i have registered with al diwan, but i understand that they only put u in group classes if its available in the same level as oneself- otherwise u have to pay for one to one
        does anyone know what the chances are that they will even put me in group classes?

  132. Slm, how long are you planning to study? whats your level of Arabic??

    If your a mere beginner & will be here for 4-6 weeks i recommend 1 to 1 as you really will not learn or cover much in a group. Secondly all the centers are struggling at the moment as a lot of their students did not return after the Revolution . So basically there might not even be enough students for a group class :-) Al Diwan is a great school with excellent teaching staff & the students are not judgmental as you will find in the other so called “best centres”. may allah make it easy for you.

    • salaams, im abit more than beginner but i will be stayin for a year- thus paying for private tuition will be very difficult. i too have heard good reviews of al diwan- but the only thing i disliked was that they dont have group classes available by default- you have to find it yourself or only if they have one available.
      i had heard of al fajr, which provide group classes – what are your views on them? are they any good? i recently heard that they give u a special rate if u are registered with al azhar. i dont suppose u know what this is about- or any further details?

  133. markaz far still has ever6y level available except for 13 at the moment, ust go markaz far, there are two new centres open but they are at risk of closing because they are being taken to court, fajr also gives doscount even if your not at al azhar. finanicial aid, its available after the first level you do, so azharys pay 200 LE, normally financial aid is 400LE. but if you say you cant pay that then they will lower it the lo9west is 250LE,

  134. Slaam alykum to everyone, whats a better book in term of vocab grammar etc Kitab al assasi 2 or lugatal arabiya bayn yadaik 2?


  135. Assalaamualaikum

    If anyone is interested in renting a 2 bedroom flat near masjid shirbini/bilal please email me on

    It’s an ideal location for anyone who wants to study at diwan or ibaanah. Fajr is also a 5/10 min micro bus ride away.

    The flat will be available for 3 months (begining of July – begining of Oct) while i go back to the uk for the summer. The rent is £2000 egyptian pounds per month.

    JazaakumAllahu Khayrun

    • Yes brother Abdu Daftar: Contact this email and the brother can arrange online classes with teachers who are experienced in teaching it from Egypt: , they can also arrange female teachers for sisters.

  136. Asslamu 3lykum

    Teaching over skype

    I would like to offer my services in teaching Arabic and Quran to Muslims.

    As an Arabic and Quran teacher:
    With regard to Deen, I can teach over skype or google chat :

    1-Quran with correct tajweed.
    3- Hadeeth.
    8-Stories of the Prophets.
    9-Stories of the Sahabah and the Students of the Sahabah.

    With regard to Language, I can teach over skype or google chat:

    A-the Quranic Programm (Nahw,Sarf,balaghah,I3rab of the Quran).

    B-Classical Arabic(Fussha)
    1-Book of University of Al Madinah.
    2- Book of University of Umm Alqora.
    3- Book of University of Ibn Saud .
    4-Book of Alarabyya byna Yadika.
    These books strengthen the relationship between the language and the religion.

    C-Modern Arabic books : 1-Sarf(Morphology).Attatbeek Assrfi,and more…
    2-Nahw(Grammar).Alajoromyya ,Attatbeek Ann7wi,Ann7w Alwade7,and more…
    3-Balaghu(Rhetoric)Albalaghah Alwade7a,jawaher albalagha,and more …

    D-Modern Standard Arabic:
    the book ‘Al Kitab Al Asasi’ (3 volumes) by ALECSO (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation). This is concerned with MSA=modern Standard Arabic as it is so important these days in a variety of contexts in daily life, media, schools,lessons of scholars,inventions, books, technology etc…

    E-Any book the student chooses in any branch of Arabic Language.

    F-Articles on Aljazeeras website

    G-Dictionary Programme.(how to search in Arabic dictionaries)

    H-Alfyya (Ibn Malek)

    I-Conversation course.

    J-Free Reading.

    k-Programmes for kids:

    1-A7kam Alquran.

    2- A variety of stories from the

    Quran and sunnah and Islamic history ,and more …

    Finally,I would like to outline the intentions which any student must have for studying:
    1- You have to make the intention that is for the sake of Allah(SWT) and protection from Jahanam and to gain the reward of Jannah Insha’Allah.

    2-The Arabic language is key to understanding the Quran and Sunnah and other Islamic sciences. It is worth noting that it is through the spread of classical Arabic to Muslims across the world we can achieve a common standard and avoid confusing people with all the different colloquial accents of the language.

    3-It is a way of preparing and educating our Muslim youth in the language, religion and and steadfastness in the Deen by opening their minds to understand the context and meaningfulness of Arabic language.

    4- Its a great opportunity for Dawah, to show and explain the true message of Islam.

    5-Its is usual for the Muslims who wants to higra to a Muslim country,and get a suitable job like teacher or translator …

    If you are interested please communicate with me by:

    My skypname:key.conquest

    My Phone :018 34 5 34 32

    • In which country you are located?

      I´m interested but not for lessons through internet, only by schooling face to face.

      What are the prices for studying the Arabic (fus7ah) lessons for kids face to face?

      • Asslamu3lykum

        I invite my brothers serious students to attend the weekly Halaqa on skype eloquence of the Quran(Balagha) in Arabic
        We deal with the eloquence of the Koran with the world’s great linguistic Fadel Saleh al-Samarrai
        I will explain what he says with the expansion of the application and give examples from the Quran and Sunnah, InshAllah
        The scholar speaks in a quick and unclear way, I’ll explain everything in a simple way InshAllah .
        This is not suitable for beginners ,this for advanced and serious ones in Arabic ,so I ll do test to make sure of that .
        The link on Youtube is :

        My skype name :key.conquest

      • Asslamu3lykum Akhi
        I am based in Alexandria, Egypt, which is considered the center of Islamic revival in Egypt. It also has great weather and less pollution than
        Cairo so it is better for families. Our centre has developed integrated Arabic and Qu’ran programs for both children and adults. We have a direct link with the Association Report Islam(Tableegh AlIslam) in Alexandria which runs free Islamic classes for our students like Tafseer ,Fiqhand Arabic for non Arabic speakers . In addition, there are lots of opportunities here in Alexandria for free extra-circricula activities such as lessons in after prayers in masjids with renowed sheikhs such as Sheikh Mohammed Ismail,Sheikh Yasser Burhamyand, Sheikh Ahmed Hutayba . For students that require it, we can help arrange accomodation. If you need more information e-mail me or contact me via skype: Key.conquest

    • و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله وبركاته
      Thank you Akhi for reply ,I charge the students as it’s shown blew and in my site too :

      The first lesson is free 2 hours .


      Europe :
      In Euro 6 Per hour,for who will pay monthly.
      3Months in advance 5 Euro
      5Months in advance 4 Euro
      6Months in advance 3 Euro
      Year in advance 2 Euro

      In USD 6 Per hour,for who will pay monthly.
      3Months in advance 5 USD
      5Months in advance 4 USD
      6Months in advance 3 USD
      Year in advance 2 USD

      Canada :
      In CAD 6 Per hour,for who will pay monthly.
      3Months in advance 5 CAD
      5Months in advance 4 CAD
      6Months in advance 3 CAD
      Year in advance 2 CAD

      In GBP 6 Per hour,for who will pay monthly.
      3Months in advance 5 GBP
      5Months in advance 4 GBP
      6Months in advance 3 GBP
      Year in advance 2 GBP

      Methods of Payment:
      My Current account (CITIBank)
      Western Union

    • This is over skype ,as for direct schooling it will be cheaper than this with more benefits for the student Of course ,any one wants to do direct schooling in Alexandria ,its ok InshAllah to arrange with him about the programs and accommodations and Droos in Masjeds of Islamic sciences In Arabic and in English for foreigners ,and more …
      can contact me on :

      My skypname:key.conquest

  137. assalaamualaikum

    Does anyone have the contact details for Rawdah al Fusha, or any other children’s programs for Arabic . Quran and Islamic studies?

    My family is coming to Cario in June, inshallah.


    • w3lykum asslam
      did you arrange anything with any Institute Akhi ? Do you know which Institutes is good and other not ?

      I can help you to have measures about what is good and what is not in this field if you want .

  138. I am looking for native English speakers in Cairo who are interested in doing paid research for a dawa project. Need dedicated individuals who have time for serious research.

  139. Asalamu alaikum,

    I’m currently living in medinat nasr about 5 minutes walk from the fajr centre but I’m looking to move the last week of July InshaaAllah. If any sisters have a room available to rent within walking distance of the fajr centre please let me know.

    Jazakumullahu Khairan

  140. asalama aleykum i was just wondering if any one knows any sisters who have a spare room available to rent in nasr city near al ibaanah,

  141. Salaam;
    A 2 bed semi-furished flat in Aakhir metro, 8th district will be available for 1300LE from Aug as I will be leaving the country in the end of July.
    It’s newly built and very clean for Egyptian standards.

    Anyone interested please e-mail me at:

      • Akhir Metro (upto beginning of Masrawi institute) is probably about 2km from Rawdah, so it is a bit of a walk – and it would be hard to get taxis from Rawdah to Akhir Metro as it would be about 5 mins walk the wrong direction towards Ahmad Zumur.

        I had to smile when I saw “very clean for Egyptian standards.” – as there is clean and there
        is Egyptian Clean

      • brother shareef, i have a flat for you, but it depends how long you are staying for, so please let me know how long you are staying for.
        jazakallahu khair
        call me on 0189485967

    • i have a flat for you 1500-1600 gunay in hayy thamin, near markaz fajr, if you are interested.
      conact me on the above number, it is fully furnished, air condiioners,

  142. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I am coming to Cairo for the 3 week intensive at Qortoba at the beginning of July insha Allah.

    I have been studying Arabic on and off for a while and hope to use these 3weeks as a boost.

    Can brothers/sisters advise:

    I will be studying Arabic for 3+1/5hrs a day with 1 hr Tajweed, should I go for extra private tuition or just stick to the standard?

    • Asslamu3lykum Akhi
      I am based in Alexandria, Egypt, which is considered the center of Islamic revival in Egypt. It also has great weather and less pollution than
      Cairo so it is better for families. Our centre has developed integrated Arabic and Qu’ran programs for both children and adults. We have a direct link with the Association Report Islam(Tableegh AlIslam) in Alexandria which runs free Islamic classes for our students like Tafseer ,Fiqhand Arabic for non Arabic speakers . In addition, there are lots of opportunities here in Alexandria for free extra-circricula activities such as lessons in after prayers in masjids with renowed sheikhs such as Sheikh Mohammed Ismail,Sheikh Yasser Burhamyand, Sheikh Ahmed Hutayba . For students that require it, we can help arrange accomodation. If you need more information e-mail me or contact me via skype: Key.conquest

  143. Do you want to learn the Arabic language at home? This is possible and for FREE.

    The first book is about food. You will find the following subjects in it,

    - kinds of fruit
    - kinds of vegetables
    - drinks and cutlery
    - breakfast, lunch and diner
    - verbs like: to eat, to drink, to consume, to pour and to peel
    - exame of all subjects

    This book is designed to learn from pictures with a minimum of English words in it (as translation).

    The book is to improve vocabulary and to recognize some grammatical rules.

    To get such a PDF-file, mail to the mailaddress on the following website, On this website, in the left, you wil find an info@ mailadress. Mail it and you will get the PDF-file for free.

    I link you all to this website because I am afraid that I will receive alot of spam if I place my website on this Blog.

    Many books will follow with subject as home, travel, the human body, colors and shapes, school, clothes and numbers inshaae Allah.

  144. Salam Alaykum,

    I am planning to move to Cairo in January next year to study Arabic, at Fajr or Cials (Cairo Institute Arabic L. Sciences), InshAllah. I am planning to stay about a year or so.

    I was wondering about the living costs in Nasr City. More particularly, somewhere close to Fajr or Cials. Approximately, how much are the rents for a 2 bedroom apartment? I will be moving in with my wife. Is it possible to find a nice apartment for about 1500 EGP (250 USD)? Thanks.

    • slaam 3laykum

      Yes you can easily find a furnished 2 bed apartment in Nasr City in District 7 or 8 in January if not cheaper . Have you thought about studying with a private teacher? Most of the teachers that teach in the centers are inexperienced and are low paid and over worked & the centers tend to over charge.

      If you leave ur e mail i will send you details of teachers and Agents.


      • Alaykumu salam brothter Bruv,

        Thank you for the information. I am not sure yet whether to study with a private teacher or with the group. It would be great if you could send me some more information of teachers and agents. My e-mail is

        Kind regards,


    • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته
      brother Mirza I’d like to offer my services of teaching Arabic in Alexandria ,I’ve an institute is called ASAL (Alfirdous School for Arabic Language)
      These are the curricula which we have :
      As an Arabic and Quran teacher:
      With regard to Deen :

      1- Quran with correct tajweed.
      2- Tafsir.
      3- Hadeeth.
      4- Fiqh.
      5- Aqeeda.
      6- Athkar.
      7- Seerah.
      8- Stories of the Prophets.
      9- Stories of the Sahabah and the Students of the Sahabah.

      With regard to Language:

      A-the Quranic Programm (Nahw, Sarf, balaghah,I3rab of the Quran).

      B-Classical Arabic(Fussha)
      1- Book of University of Al Madinah.
      2- Book of University of Umm Alqora.
      3- Book of University of Ibn Saud .
      4- Book of Alarabyya byna Yadika.
      These books strengthen the relationship between the language and the religion.

      C-Modern Arabic books:
      1-Sarf (Morphology).Attatbeek Assrfi,and more…
      2-Nahw (Grammar).Alajoromyya ,Attatbeek Ann7wi,Ann7w Alwade7,and more…
      3-Balaghu (Rhetoric) Albalaghah Alwade7a, jawaher albalagha,and more …

      D-Modern Standard Arabic:
      The book ‘Al Kitab Al Asasi’ (3 volumes) by ALECSO (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation). This is concerned with MSA=modern Standard Arabic as it is so important these days in a variety of contexts in daily life, media, schools, lessons of scholars, inventions, books, technology etc…

      E-Any book the student chooses in any branch of Arabic Language.

      F-Articles on Aljazeeras website

      G-Dictionary Programme.(how to search in Arabic dictionaries)

      H-Alfyya (Ibn Malek)

      I-Conversation course.

      J-Free Reading.

      k-Programmes for kids:

      1-A7kam Alquran.

      2- A variety of stories from the

      Quran and sunnah and Islamic history ,and more …

      the fees :
      3 Euro per hour for private
      2.5 Euro per hour for group
      we find you flat near from the institute ,in Miami zone

      I am based in Alexandria is considered the center of Islamic revival in Egypt. It also has great weather and less pollution and costs also than
      Cairo so it is better for families. Our centre has developed integrated Arabic and Qu’ran we can help arrange accomodation.
      If you need more information e-mail:
      or contact me via skype: Key.conquest

      or our page :

  145. Assalaamu ‘alaikum warahmatullah.

    I am in need of a 2 bedroom furnished flat with a.c in Akhir metro (preferably next to Masjid al-Mu’min al-Muhaymin, Mustafa al-Nahas street, Al-Hayy al-Thamin, 8th District, Nasr City).

    Its needed from the beginning of September (straight after Eidul Fitr). Shukran.

    Please email me on:

  146. bussam permalink
    July 4, 2011 9:49 pm

    Assalaamu alykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    i am kind of new to your site but i would like to ask a question that may seem a bit off topic. i am a brother studying in egypt and i would like to know how i can get in contact with walees of sisters that want to get married that is likewise in egypt or that can come to egypt. i am not bothered about race or [age(to an extent)]. The most important thing is the deen. the correct aqeedah and manhaj. strictly trying to follow the sunnah. i want to get married while i am here if it is possible. i have been trying but to no avail. if you know how i can, please email me. if this is unappropriate please accept my apologies.

  147. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I was hoping brothers and sisters could tell me how much private tuition for conversational garmmar and writing, costs per hour.

    I have contacted some centres and they have quoted shocking amounts. For about 450 hours i have been quoted from 10000 to 11500 junay. Is this real?

    A few people have said they will charge 15 junay per hour.

    I know that to search for knowledge has costs but this seems a total scam and rip off.

    I would really appreciate it if brothers and sisters could advise and recoommend some good private tutors/teachers or even recent graduates from a;l-Azhar or Dar -auloom Cairo.

    Jazakallah Khair,


    • i have been told by 2 different places 25 egp per hour. so 15 doesnt seem so bad, where abouts did you find it for so low a price if you dont mind me asking?

    • Slaam Brother 10000 LE for 450 Hours for private 1 to 1 tuition is very cheap, this is almost £2.30 -22LE per hour Sterling, try to get 450 hours 1to1 in England :-) for £1000 :-) no way how zay :-)

      The price for private tuition in Cairo is 20-30-LE The best thing is to work in the UK & save some money & come as a lot of students end up coming to Egypt to save money & forget the real reason why they are here. Also you can get an apartment for 250LE – 5000 LE
      ( You only get what u pay for)

      The best advice is to Finish the 1st book of Lugatal arabiya bayn yadaik or Kitab al assasi or first 2 medina books then come to Egypt.

      • Walaikum Salaam,

        bK-32, you have a made a serious error. You are comparing apples and pears if you compare prices in England and prices in Egypt.

        Bread costs on average £1.50 for a loaf while in Egypt it costs 50 irsh. No way Hozay.

        There are far too many people and institutes in Egypt masquerading as Islamic or Muslim ventures who see students from Europe and the USA as easy opportunities of making quick money by scamming students who seek knowledge.

        I know teachers who teach in these Centres and they get a paltry sum for their teaching while the Centres who employ them siphon off the erst of the money.

        Many of these poor teachers have told me they would make more money if they taught privately and their rates would still be well below that of these commercial language Centres.

        Its a matter of great shame that this is occuring in Egypt by unscrupulous people.

        To correct you bK-32 the price of tuition one to one is not 20-30 Junay. That is what these business orientated commercial Centres charge.

        A recent graduate of al-Azhar or Dar al-Ulum will charge 10-15 Junay per hour maximum. And in most cases these graduates have better character and attitude to students. They don’t fill a classroom full of students and charge them staggering amounts of money.

        I advise students not to listen to the marketing of these commercial centres who actively promote and advertise their products and services by saying their teachers are better and more experienced.

        They just do that for money.

        On top of this, these centres will charge a student at least 25% of the first months rent as commission! Dont they have any shame? They make so much profit from students…why bleed students dry out of even more money?

        Have they no shame?

        Another scam is the disgraceful amount of money they charge to pick students up from the airport. Its cheaper to get a taxi from the airport.

        I have seen so many of these Centres play on students fears and worse they create a sense of insecurity in students by telling them not to trust local Egyptians. Why? So they can fleece students of their money.

        Another scam? Yes, there is more. Some Centres charge students huge fees for books when you buy them or photocopy them for much cheaper elsewhere.

        They also organise trips for which students get ripped off.

        My point in writing this message is that there are many Ahadith regarding the protection and blessing Allah grants people who go out fee sabeelillah and grants them a great reward.

        People who should know better should not put Hawajiz (obstacles) in the path of these seekers of Knowledge. They should fear Allah. If they want to make a quick buck or Junay….please go and hastle the tourists at the pyramids and nightclubs…do not tout students of Knowledge. Have some shame and fear Allah.

        I pray that Allah makes it easy for brothers and sisters and their families who are seeking knowledge and may Allah protect them from the wolves and beasts who attempt to waylay them on the path to success. Allahumma Ameen.

      • Asslamu3lykum
        I want to comment on what alakh Asif said :
        Actually he was successful to make me laugh !
        jazak Allahu khyran Akhi =take it in a good way plz

        He said:
        A recent graduate of al-Azhar or Dar al-Ulum will charge 10-15 Junay per hour maximum. And in most cases these graduates have better character and attitude to students. They don’t fill a classroom full of students and charge them staggering amounts of money.

        I say:

        Do not think that every student from Azhar or dar3loom is very good at Arabic !
        I know what I say ! you can count the good using your fingers !
        Even if a teacher is good at Arabic ,the student must know that its not enough
        Teaching Arabic to non native depends on a lot of things not in these teachers ! on top of it Applied linguistics
        for example every teacher must study additional syllbus they actually most of them do not ….long story brothers !
        He can teach for 10-15 ,but no use !

        He said:
        Another scam is the disgraceful amount of money they charge to pick students up from the airport. Its cheaper to get a taxi from the airport.
        I have seen so many of these Centres play on students fears and worse they create a sense of insecurity in students by telling them not to trust local Egyptians. Why? So they can fleece students of their money.

        I say:

        99,9% of taxi drivers are tricky and want to take all the money of a student
        Especially in these days of revolution ;so for your safety take all your care from the institutes and taxi drivers both of them !
        He said :
        Another scam? Yes, there is more. Some Centres charge students huge fees for books when you buy them or photocopy them for much cheaper elsewhere.

        I say :
        I have a contact with Arabic for all org
        And the brother عوض الجمعة HE is Scientific Assistant Supervisor told me that they do not allow to any person to recopy the book of ALArabyah byna yadyka ( la yjooz!)

        so any teacher or center copy it its haram ,also for alasay book

        So for the student he\ she must buy the original copy .
        no need to more scams .

        He said :
        They also organise trips for which students get ripped off.

        I say:
        Talebul3lm came to study not to go a trip !

        especially to pyrmds = Haram this for non muslim only (I mean Pharaon places not trips generally)
        These days of fetna !how come a student go out and expose himself to murder or any bad thing !

        I wish that is useful to brothers and sisters

        You have a specific mission here in Egypt
        Do not waste your time and money
        Have good intentions
        Allah will protect You

      • Slaam 3laykum Akhi :-) Ma sha’ allah it seems you have a lot of experience :-) Have you studied or lived in Egypt? Bro i do not intend to offend you in anyway please forgive me if i do :-)

        Also when comparing prices in England & Egypt this is a very good comparison so it will make you realize the difference in Fees & the amount of £’s you are saving or will save in Egypt in sha’allah. Also a bread loaf in England is not £1.50 :-) 60p at ASDA , MORRISONS & even Tescos :-), also where can you buy a bread loaf in Cairo for 50 QIRSH ( half Junay) ??? Bread is cheaper in the UK believe me :-) i have been in cairo 3 years on & off….

        Bro all you need is common sense these centers are businesses & not Islamic institutions :-)

        You want a flat do your research , you are not obliged to go to any trip or obtain an appartment through the school..

        Most teachers with over 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in TEACHING FOREIGNERS charge from 20-30LE this is a norm in CAIRO.

        These centers are not “scamming.” Students just need need to be a bit more wary :-) & not fall into the obvious traps

        Also regarding Taxis, dont take them take a micr0bus will cost u half junay to 1.5 junaY……


  148. SALAM ,

    I am thinking of going to egypt to study and wanted to find out if any 1 else is going ( brothers).. would be very help full if some 1 got in touch with me.. im bengali and from east london

    • SALAM ,

      Im planning in going end if this year maybe janurary time to the fajr centre to study arabic for a year or so inshallah. wanted to no about the rental prices around the area and how much private and non private tutuion costs. also wanted to know if any 1 else is going so we can share room or partments whihc will benefit us inshallah. Please some one get back to me as it will help a lot jzk..


      • assalamu alaikum,
        brother habib,
        i am benglai, and have been in egypt since october, i am saying for another 2 years if you need any help just email me, i will give my phone number aferwards, before you come here make sure you know someone, if you dont then i can help you, dont go throught markaz fajer to find you a flat or even pick you up from airport, if you need brothers to stay wiht then i can help you as well, insha allah get in touch,

  149. As-Salaamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

    I am from Canada and will be travelling to Egypt for Islamic Studies soon Insh’Allah. Can you
    please tell me where would be better for me to go to; Alexandria or Cairo.

    As of now I want to focus just on Arabic and Quran. What institute do you guys think would be the best for me to go for the above two in both Alexandria and Cairo.

    For Arabic I want to improve my listening, reading and speaking for now and move into deeper grammar gradually.

    By the way I’ve heard that Al-Fajr also has a Quran school. Is the Quran school integrated with the Arabic school or are they separate. It would also be very helpful for me if I can get Al-Fajr’s contact number. Both their Quran and Arabic schools.

    Can anyone provide me with the list of Arabic schools in Alexandria along with their contact numbers?

    Jazak Allahu Khair to all of you guys.
    May Allah forgive and Guide us all.

  150. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Cairo and Alexandria both have their pros and cons.


    Pros: 20 milion + people so more choice of scholars and opportunities, Islamic heritage, etc.

    Cons: Costs can be higher depending on where you live, pollution, the heat in summer, traffic, overcrowded.


    Pros: Less people so costs can be much lower except in summer when prices go up,
    cooler as its by the sea, more tranquil and calm, less pollution and overcrowding than Cairo, has good ulema residing there as well

    Cons: Less opportunties than Cairo in terms of bookshops, monuments,
    Can be cold and wet in the winter (shouldnt be a problem for Europeans)

    I would advise learn in both if your there for a year or more. If your there for the summer Cairo is swelltering while Alexandria is a bit pricy in the summer.

    I would look around for tuition. Do not necessarily go for the comercial centres for arabic you see advertised.

    Try the newer ones as they are cheaper and have just as experienced teachers as the more commercial Arabic centres.

  151. Slaam

    Go to a Mosque talk to an Imam.

    1. Do you work? If you do not or don’t have a job to go back 2 ur chances are 0.0001 %
    2. You will need about 100,000LE to marry in Cairo ( buy flat(, gold, furniture)
    3. Egyptians prefer not to marry foreigners & they prefer to stay in their country
    4. You will have to take your wife back to the UK or where ever your from therefore
    you will have to file paper work for your marriage hence pay slips bank statements etc
    5. If you cant afford to buy a flat best thing is saveup
    6. If you think any sister will marry you without you providing , buying a flat sorry bro no
    chance here in Egypt


  152. Masha’Allah, this section has been busy! Apologies for my lack of response/help. Jazak’Allahu khayran brother Asif for assisting everyone on here, it’s great what you’re doing!

    As for tuition fees, I’ve personally seen prices across the board. Many private tutors charge about 20LE nowadays, but you can find those who will charge less that that. You just need to have good contacts and avoid centers/businesses. Azhari’s are usually good, and those affliated with mosques and are doing their own thing.

    • Salam alaykum Fajr,

      Thank you for the information. I was wondering what are the pros and cons of having a private teacher vs. a group class? What are some advantages and disadvantages on both sides?

      And how do i find out which teachers are good and recommended? Thanks.

      • Learning one 2 one is by far a better choice, you will advance and progress much quicker than Students in a group. The only disadvantages are

        1. cost
        2. you might get bored staring at your teacher for 5 hours per day :-)

  153. Assalamu3lykum,

    I was wondering if there will be any sisters in cairo over ramadhan. I have been here for over 3 weeks now and haven’t really met anyone…=S

    Would appreciate company….

  154. Yes i have read a few articles about this, i hope its not the case as it makes no sense at all. I am aware they are only extending Tourist visas for 3 Months. I will update you guys on this in the coming days in sha ‘allah t’alla

  155. I hope its not the case as well, but just read another article that states because of a recent survey showing that almsot 30% of the workforce in Egypt was made up of foreigners, that the ministry in charge has decided the solution is to ban all foreigners. I wonder if they are taking into consideration all the foreigners that contribute for free and don’t take Egyptian jobs, as well as spend their personal income in the country. As always, it will be those who aren’t hurting anything that will leave, and those that are here feeding off the system will continue to do so.

    • السلام عليكم
      Egyptian Gov worships money more than Allah !
      So I am sure that the students of USA Canada Europe …etc would represent any danger on Egypt economy .
      I think another type of foreigner may represent a prob !
      Any way I ll go to the visa place to ask and make sure about that ,inshAllah
      then tell all of you .

  156. Egypt’s long-term tourists may be forced to leave
    By Charlie Cabot / Daily News Egypt July 13, 2011, 5:29 pm

    CAIRO: Tourist visas have long been the easiest way for foreigners to live in Egypt, but with increasing unemployment and fears of unregulated immigrant labor, the age of the long-term tourist is drawing to a close.

    The immigration department has rejected all recent requests to renew tourist visas, leaving many long time Egypt residents without a legal reason to stay.

    “There is some logic to this, if you look at it from their perspective,” said Hayk Hakobyan, who has lived in Cairo for four years under work and tourist visas. “But the way they are doing it I don’t think is very wise.”

    The changes have come about in face of a March study revealing that 30 percent of workers in Egypt are foreign, even though the allowed amount in any given institution is 10 percent.

    Later in March, Minister of Labor and Immigration Ahmed Hassan El-Boraey announced that work permits would no longer be issued for unskilled foreign workers. However, it seems that many have evaded the process by continuing to work under tourist visas.

    But many foreigners who are not stealing labor from Egyptians are getting caught in the crossfire.

    “People like me are not supposed to be targeted by this,” said Hakobyan, who has worked in business development. “It’s like they’re shooting birds with a cannon — they’ll kill a number of birds but not necessarily who they wanted.”

    Hakobyan has mutiple Egyptian tourist visas in his passport, but when he went to the Mugamma to get another extension in early June, he encountered difficulty.

    “There is a new rule,” a police officer told him. “You have to have a reason to stay. You’re either working here or studying here or married here.”

    Hakobyan was considering leaving Egypt anyway for a few months due to the struggling economy and personal reasons, but the unwelcoming attitude of the ministry cemented his decision.

    “When they started not renewing my visa, I said ok, well, that’s it,” Hakobyan said.

    Others have tried to find ways around the policy, either by securing student visas or work visas. Both have become increasingly difficult to obtain.

    “If you’re going to be here to study Arabic, you have to go to a national university and enroll,” the ministry told one American woman, denying her student visa request.

    The same woman, who is going to the United States for a few weeks in August, told Daily News Egypt that she is considering getting a new passport just to hide her previous Egyptian tourist visas.

    The student visa policy is particularly devastating to the numerous private language schools in the city, which no longer can provide their students with legal reasons to stay.

    “Those kinds of schools and programs are going to die,” said James Yakscoe, an American working in Cairo. “The smaller schools don’t stand a chance.”

    Yakscoe, as well as most of the expat community, is aware that he is on rocky ground. His company, which specializes in outsourcing and labor, saw two employees get their work visa renewals turned down this past month.

    “We’re reapplying and seeing if anything changes,” Yakscoe said. “I’m not exactly hopeful.”

    The policies have left many foreigners with the impending choice of staying illegally, and risking trouble when they depart, or leaving.

    “It’s possible that I’ll just call it quits and head back home,” Yakscoe said.

    The situation is worrisome for the expatriate community as a whole, which exists primarily on tourist visas and which many see as an integral part of the Cairo economy.

    “We pay higher rent, we eat at more restaurants — we definitely contribute to the economy,” said one expat, whose tourist visa renewal was denied in May. “And I feel I’m being pushed out.”

    In addition to being bigger spenders, skilled foreign workers argue that they provide services to Egyptian companies that cannot be replaced by Egyptians.

    “I reach out to a lot of international donors,” one foreign employee said. “To try to transition those relationships [to an Egyptian] would be difficult.”

    “I want to see more Egyptians qualified and having these jobs,” she added. “But they don’t need to take this extreme approach.”

    Others have echoed the frustration with the harsh policy.

    “It’s frustrating because there needs to be some transition between the system then and now,” Yakscoe said. “To simply cut [the expat community] off is kind of worrisome.”

    “Don’t just cut off tourist visas,” another added, suggesting a system more akin to the Gulf countries. “It’s probably going to hurt Egypt more in the long run.”

    Although most agree that the new system is imperfect, the ministry shows no signs of backing down. In the meantime, foreigners wait with expiring visas and no clear plans for the future.

    “We’re just hoping when we do leave that we don’t get detained at the airport,” one American said. “I think all of us are just waiting to see what happens.”

  157. A person from my class went to Tahir a couple of days ago to renew her visa and was told she could only obtain a 3 month visa..

    she has returned again today, will insha allah speak to her and see if the situation is still the same

    Allah hu alim.

  158. As-Salaamu Alaikum,

    Does this then mean that students studying at Al-Fajr institute will not get student visa?
    If that’s the case then Al-Fajr and other similar schools would eventually have to close.

    Jazak Allah


  159. I was planning to go to Egypt for Arabic studies, but if this problem continues with the student visa then I guess Egypt is not an option for foreigners to study Arabic there any more I’m afraid.


  160. Allah hu alim what the future holds but i am currently studying at Al-Fajr and i managed to extend my visa (3 months only though)

  161. This is quite worrying. Are they not issuing any tourism visas, or refusing to extend them? Umm Laith, what type of visa did you extend; student or tourism?

    Please keep us informed of developments, it’s quite ridiculous the sudden change they’ve brought in; will certainly be affecting thousands and thousands of people currently there…

  162. As-Salaamu Alaikum.

    In fact I already have the entry visa to Egypt and had paid for my plane tickets. Then I heard this news that they are not issuing student visas anymore. If they are only extending tourist visas for only 3 months,I guess that would pointless for students. I would really appreciate if someone could elaborate on the governments policies more.

    Jazakum Allah


    They are only doing 3 months at a time according to this blog post, to allow more control over how long ppl stay.

    Previous to the revolution ppl used to overstay and just pay a 150LE fine when they left – which was fine as long as nobody checked ur passport when you were living in Egypt – not so wise nowadays,

    I am unsure if they will fail to renew 3 month extensions – i.e. 3 months at a go, as that may be possible – as to get into al-Azhar (and an al-Azhar visa) can easily take 6-9 months.

    • it is three months (with exceptions- sometimes longer) at a time which you can renew for upto a year. however after a year you may or may not have problems. inshaAllah im going to renew mine so il let you know what they say when i get there.

  164. Two of my friends managed to get 6 months. It feels like they are doing what they feel like, no law/logic involved…

    They call for democracy….but are they ready for democracy???

    • Yes i received 6 months also, however some people just somehow get 6 months and others i know got 3. they told me i could only get 3 however i told them it was unfair and that i wanted 6. i eventually found a senior guy who helped me and made sure i got 6 months. none of this was very complicated. and the procedure was very easy alhamdulillah.
      it would be interesting to know whether or not anyone else who got 6 months got it automatically or had to ask for it etc.
      i myself applied under tourism- perhaps others applied as students? this would maybe help clarify things for others.

      • Slaam alikum Parzana i dont know how long you have been in Egypt, but the visa renewal problem normally is normally occuring when you have been here for a year or two plus on a Tourist Visa.

        You can only apply for a student Visa if your studying at Al AZHAR only.

        Also for Um Laith :-) all Egypt is doing is enforcing their Visa laws for Tourists its not about if they are ready for democracy or not :-)

  165. Question,

    If you’ve bought an apartment (you own it), is it possible to get a longer residency-permit?

    Or is it possible, as owner of an apartment, to apply for the Egyptian nationality.

    And if so, how long does it takes to get the Egyptian nationality?

    So this question is for someone who owns a registrated apartment in Cairo (with all the papers and documents of the apartment present).

      • Or is it possible, as owner of an apartment, to apply for the Egyptian nationality.

        And if so, how long does it takes to get the Egyptian nationality?

  166. Asalama aleykum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatu, does anyone know/ have any apartments to rent preferably walking distance from fajr center i would like it as of august in shaa Allah please reply back on this forum or contact me via email jazakAllahul kheyr

  167. Asalama aleykum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatu, does anyone know/ have any apartments to rent preferably walking distance from fajr center i would like it as of august in shaa Allah please reply back on this forum or

    contact me via email jazakAllahul kheyr

  168. Assalaamu alaikum.

    Im looking for a single apartment, furnished with a.c or if not semi furnished with a.c preferably in madinatul nasr, akhir metro.or anywhere else in madinatul nasr.

    I dont mind sharing or moving into to an apartment with a brother already there.

    Contact me on this blog or email me on :

  169. Salamu Alykum,

    I will be joining al Fajr institute inshallah for a summer program to strengthen my Arabic.
    Any advice inshallah. I have been to Egypt on vacation before and I had a great time.
    Anything I should be aware of?

  170. Assalamu Aleykum
    I will be going to Qortoba(Alexandria) this September inshaAllah
    Are there any sisters studying there or will attend the one-year program this year?
    Is anybody currently studying at Qortoba and would you recommend it?

    • Ok, i’m not a sister, but i had a similar question. Does anyone know anything about Qortoba institute in Alexandria? What are some pros and cons studying over there?

    • Asalamu alaykum.

      I am in Alexandria studying in Qortoba. I started in June. MashaAllah I think it is an excellent insititue and the teachers are great and very very lovely. Dont know much about the Male side as my husband doesnt attend. I have been informed that it is a bit pricey as there is at least one other institute that I know of here and it is much more cheaper. However since I started with qortoba and I am comfortable with the teachers I dont want to leave. Also the othere institute does Arabia bayn yadyk. Not really keen on doing that text.

      Also qortoba has a great reputation for its Quran teachers, female side.


      • Thanks talibah, may Allah reward you… From the Qortoba web-site it says that the group classes cost 65 euros, is that true? Moreover, what is the cost of living? Is it possible to live with 500 dollars a month? Approximately, how much is it to rent a 2 bedroom (fully furnished) flat? Thanks.

  171. asalamalikum,
    i want to study arabic in cairo for a year next january inshalah. please any one give me information about visa. are they issuing six months visa? or just only 3 months?

    • they do issue out 6month visas however you are coming in january so it is difficult to say what the situation will be like then.

      • sister umm abdullah,
        I heard they stop issuing 6 months student visa since june. they do only 3 months.. could you clarify that?

      • no i received 6 months a few weeks ago. but bare in mind i had only my entry visa in my passport and no other previous visa. also im british- if you are of any other nationality you may have problems (american, canadian and possible eu, are all fine). also i specifically told them do not put a three month stamp in my passport- i want 6 months and 6months only. i refused the three month visa.

  172. did u get this visa from airport or mogama(tahrir sq). so this tourist visa you can stay up to six months? after that could u renew another six months. i am living in uk. i want to spend 1 year for learning arabic. could give me idea how much wil it be cost for year if I bring my family(wife)?

      • Asalaam alykum, Muhammad/Umm Abdullah, please would you also email me the link too. I’m in the same situation as Muhamamd. Im arriving from the Uk for 1 year with my wife, studying at markaz fajr inshAllah. Could do with an idea of cost etc. A bit concerned about this visa business too….. I dont wanna get a contract for 1 year for an apartment, only to be thrown out after 3/6 months cos of visa issues. Iv been coming to Cairo for last 2 summers (doing the summer program at markaz Fajr, so I already have 2 previous Egyptian visas in my passport.

        Any advice would be great. BarkAllahufeeki/kum.

        my email:

  173. inshalahah i wil coming to egypt for learning arabic course. Who is best teacher for private (one to one)? and how much per hour?

  174. @umm abdullah

    What are the possibilities for a family who lives in Cairo and owns an apartment?

    What kind of visa they can get and is it possible for them to apply for the Egyptian nationality?

    • i think someone has answered this question just recently. forgive me if im wrong but yes you can apply for residency but not citizenship itself. the same applies if you have a certain amount of egyptian pounds in the bank i think. though i havent looked into this greatly.

  175. ِASAL (Alfirdous School For Arabic language )

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    I would like to offer my services in teaching Arabic and Quran In my Institute in Egypt, Alexandria.

    With regard to Deen, We can teach :

    1- Quran with correct tajweed.
    2- Tafsir.
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    2- Book of University of Umm Alqora.
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    D-Modern Standard Arabic:
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  176. salaams all
    please if anyone is leaving their apartment in the next few weeks or months, or knows of anyone who is, and would recommend it, send me the details on im preferably looking for a two bedroom, WITH running water, no insects and clean.


    • or does anyone know of a simsar they would recommend. i know fajr centre provide this service with a simsar- has anyone any experience with them for finding an apartment?

  177. If you are interested in performing the hijra to an Islamic Country, buy there an apartement or want to learn the Arabic language visit

    Frequently updated.

    Subscribe for the newsletter, the Arabic language program or to sell your property. The property must be located in an Islamic country.

  178. @NZarpa
    Yes the Qortoba group classes do cost 65 euros per level. I have been told that should you sign up for 3 or more you can get a discount. Keep in mind that Qortoba uses the Muhammed ibn Saud text from level 4 onwards. This course contains a lot of books, and qortoba does not cover them all. If you want to cover the books that are omitted you will need to take what they call islamic studies which is about 3 extra classes per week each 1.5 hours. They charge this class at 1 euro per hour. so 22.5 euros per level. So they real cost of the group is actually about 87.5 euros. Hope this makes sense.

    Living costs: Alexandria Alhamdulilah is much cheaper than cairo. $500 (US?) per month should be plenty to cover you per month, especially if you avoid the summer months here which is June – August. Try not to include your study costs in you living expenses, that would be my advise. Homes here vary in price, depending on area and quality of furniture in the flat. InshaAllah I hope that helps

    @Umm Abdullah, will try and shoot you through and email soon inshaAllah


  179. Asalaam alykum,

    InshAllah I will be traveling to Cairo with my Wife on (approx) 7th September 2011. I intend to stay for a year, however for the first week or so of my arrival I am looking for a temporary apartment (with AC and hopefully insect free-ish!) from which I will InshAllah be better placed to arrange longer term accommodation in person whilst I’m there.

    Can anyone help me get some temporary accommodation from 7th September onwards? I will be studying at Markaz Fajar so anywhere in or around Madinatu Nasr would be brilliant. Please contact me via email: JazakAahairan in advance

    Ps does anyone half any already prepared checklist of what pitfalls I should watch out for whilst arranging accommodation with an idea of possible prices for a clean, furnished 2 bed apartment with AC in Madinatul Nasr? or any general advice summarised would be greatly appreciated. BarakAllahufeekum.

  180. ِASAL (Alfirdous School For Arabic language )
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    8- Stories of the Prophets.
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  181. Just curious, for those of you who have studied Arabic in many of these Institutes in Egypt. After which level were you able to read and understand classical textbooks; Sirah, Hadith, etc…?

  182. Im posting this on behalf of a friend- her add is copied below. she has been quoted 1750 but im trying, with an egyptian local, to try and negotiate the price down. i myself have seen the apartment, most of the rooms have been newly plastered and its preety clean. its supposed to be furnished. but they are still putting the furniture in- it should be ready today or tomorrow so il be going to see it again to make sure its all ok.
    > just as a note, its going to be a simple apartment. with the basics. but then the price reflects this. also, the bathroom is all newly fitted. there is an internet cafe downstairs so we are also going to try and get them to install the line to the apartment.

    “Apartment for rent in Nasr city for 1750. One month deposit needed. Newly plastered with new toilets and new kitchen. 2 bedroom with two bathrooms one kitchen and one living room. Everything is available in the house including an AC TV three beds and wardrobes and couches. Residents must sign a lease for one year and no more than three people. I’m planning on living there so anyone who would like to join me can. You will be paying about 600 and then for electricity and gas. The door man and water is paid by the landlord. Message me if you’re interested. The house will be available Saturday. It’s ideal for anyone planning to study at Azhar university considering it’s very close to the campus. Girls only please. The place is very clean since it’s new and buses and shops are available closeby.”


  183. Asalamualekum
    Any one know if a foriegn national can bring his car to egypt if your a student. I am planning to study in egypt for few years and would like to know if I can bring my car with me (*without paying huge taxes). I dont plan to sell my car in egypt.. Will take it back or scrap it.)

    • i have very little knowledge of this but i remember looking into it a few months ago and saw that there were huge taxes. but it also depends on the model of the car i think. sorry i cant give as much info as this.

  184. As salamou aleykoum

    Machaa’Allah this blog is very helpful.

    I would like to know how much money do I need to bring in order
    to live in Egypt for at least 1 year. I would like to come and study
    arabic and Quran inchaa’Allah.

    Baraka’Allah fikoum.

  185. Salam, I was wondering if any one who is living in madinat nasr is looking for a roomate preferrably close to Al Ibaanah institute, Inshallah available by the end of the month
    Jazakallah khair

    • ws. i know this isnt relevant to your post- but im looking for an apartment. i dont suppose you know anywhere do you that is available soon or now. shukrun

  186. as-salamualaykum,w.w, I am moving in a empty flat in nasr city ;I need to buy eveyrthing.If anyone is selling good household items at reasonable price , pliz do let me know.Jazakhallah khayram

    • i have a cupboard with five shelvs and a drawer, and a small table,they are relatively new,
      email me if you are interested. i alos hav e air conditionr whic is a few months old,
      you can call my numbr on 0116252269

    • salam Can I ask how you find accommodation in Nasr city ? I will be studying in Nasr city Fajr center in beginning of November insha Allah jzk

  187. Walaykumsalam,w.w,To find a flat in nasr city is through either friends or agent (who charge a fee) or you walk block by block of flats & ask the doorman if there is flat available.

  188. Two bedroom flat available to rent start of November 2011. Nasr City across the road from Fajr Centre. Recently decorated, very clean flat on the first floor. No air con but ceiling fans in every room which has been fine all through the summer and works out very, very cheap. A contact will need to be signed with the landlord including one months deposit. The longer you stay the cheaper the rent! But should be between £1,300 and £1,400. Nice little flat I’m gonna miss it :)

  189. Asalamualaykum,

    Firstly Mashallah this is a very informative blog. May allah improve it and reward those who contribute to it. Amin

    I plan to go to egypt and study arabic and tajweed fro approx 6 months. i have already sorted out a arabic teacher. however i was woundering if anyone can recommend a good tajweed teacher as i wish to obtain an ijaaza in at least one riwayah.


  190. Asalaamu Alaikum
    does anyone know of any apartments currently available or very soon will be, in nasr city? or can recommend a good simsar who speaks english.

  191. Asalaamu Alaikum

    does anyone know of any apartments currently available or very soon will be, in nasr city? or can recommend a good simsar who speaks english.


  192. Salam Aleikum

    12 months ago i was desperately searching for a flat in Egypt, and i lost a lot of months searching for it. But alhamdulllah i have been here for almost 9 months now, and i have benefited extremely much.. Now i will try to help, i cant promise anything. But i will to come here once every week or at least twice a month, to answer your questions.

    i live in nasr city which is THE place for students, and i study in markaz kalimah. Which is the best markaz here i guess. The teachers are ALMOST all from markaz fajr, but they left because fajr paid a miserable salary. So they opened a new markaz though still teaching the same book al arabiya bayna yadayk. what is better is that they expanded the syllabus so that they now teach more grammar

    I studied in fajr for 5 months, so trust me when i say kalimah is better. (i have no relation with them wallahi, i only study there). If you still choose fajr, then you will also benefit inshaAllah.

    So if you need help sister or brother, i will try to help you inshaAllah. But do not forget to Ask Allah to help you, pray qiyam al layl, and make the right intention.

    your brother in islam.

  193. Jazakumullahu khayran and my thanks to everyone who helps out by answering queries on here. I really appreciate it, you brothers and sisters are doing a great job of keeping this part of the blog running well, may Allah reward you all. Ameen

  194. Assalamu Alaikum wr wb,
    I hope Allah has kept all the bros and sisters participating in this blog in good health and deen. I was wondering if anyone can help us find a decent flat near Fajr Center. My brother and I will be going to cairo to learn arabic and we’re hoping to stay for a year or more inshAllah. InshAllah we’ll be starting in November 2011. Is it possible to get a 2 bedroom flat withing walking distance to fajr center for 2000 LE or less. Thats the budget lol. I really appreciate the help. Jazak Allahu Khair.

    Please feel free to email me at

  195. Aslamualaikum wr wb,

    I dont think it is a case of one centre being better than another, all centres have their postive points. fajr despite certain failings, it still has a good ciriculum for non native speakers and a good administrative system which students can interact with.

    marakz kalimah is relatively new, and like many centres that have sprung up after the revolution,there is uncertainty over licenses and stability. secondly kalimah the administration is still setting in and it will take it time for it to mature. remember the teachers came from fajr indicating fajr produces quality teachers and it is a shame the problem occured at fajr as i lived through it!

  196. referring to lubna’s comment- prices have risen in nasr city, esp in haya thamin where fajr is located, as its nicer location in nasr city! to get a decent 2 bedroom, clean, fully furnished bedroom, you looking around 2,500-3,000 LE.

    It will be difficult to find smgth for 2,000 LE close to fajr but best bet would be to speak with ayman from fajr who deals with accomodation.

    once more point location is important as security is big issue in cairo these days. i pray you are successful in your efforts.

  197. 1,400 LE flat is most likely opposite tawheed al nour, where alot of the russian/central asian brothers and sisters live.

    In my opinion of living in nasr city, its not the safest place to live, the best place to live would be on the other side of fajr more towards haya 9.

    Not having AC’s might not be an issue now as egypt is entering winter but when the summer kicks in it is smgth that is needed.

  198. to lubna …Salam alaykum
    Our flat has been taken now as it was minutes walking distance from Fajr centre and a good price. I would not pay 2500-3000 for a two bed flat that is very expensive these flats do tend to be on the same side as Fajr and are newly built however sisters who live there have complained that it feels deserted much of the time and does not feel as safe as the opposite side which has more of a presents of students and shops. I have known sisters to be in this area for two of more years and it has been very safe. A lot safer then some of the surrounding areas.

    As for the accommodation facilities at Fajr…I would use this as a last resort. Many times they get the flats from us (the students) telling them what is available and then they charge you for the service… I know this from personal experience. If you can, get someone to help you from sites like this.

    Also, Moh is right as to the location of our flat however there are also a lot of French speakers here and increasingly in the last month British. Hope this helps and you find a nice flat.

  199. asalamualaikum,
    what needs to be appreciated that security is a big issue in cairo now, esp for foreigners, i know many students that have been robbed, me myself, someone tried to rob me! and many other stories post revolution. There is no police on the streets, fearing retribution given their corruption and crimes.

    students need to be careful, i dont recommend women traveling to egypt with out a mahrem whatsoever post revolution. cairo is different, i have been here 2 years and see the changes and its going to get worse, with elections soon.

    dont want to put people off, but i believe its my duty to give an accurate picture of the reality so people thinking of coming are able to prepare better and take necessary precautions.

    • As-Salaamu ‘alaukum Moh,

      Can you explain how it is getting more worse in Cairo compared with two years ago?

      I know two brothers who went about two year ago to Cairo, near Sooq Sayyaarah, and one of them left to Morocco out of fear of the demonstrations but the other one is still there and don’t want to leave Cairo because he’s feeling fine over there and he’s very satisfied about the Islamic school for his kids and the Arabic teaching in Cairo.

      Some persons can’t handle small setbacks while others can handle every situation (hardship).

      Some can’t live in an apartment below American or European standard, everything must be clean and provided with luxury funish while others can live in an almost empty room with only the necessary stuff.

      It’s all about how much one can bear and how he is raised (with luxuries or in poor circumstances).

  200. 2500 is pricey but you find a good quality apartment for this, i have rented in and around fajr from haya thamin to tassi for this price and the apartments have been good quality, no problem with bugs, good furniture etc. i dont know if this is everyones philosphy but i like to come back to a place where i feel comfortable, more the case if you are married, as the wife is likely to spend alot more time at home, especially if kids are involved etc.

    i have been to the the the side across from tawheed al noor,and i didnt feel comfortable there but depends on what a person can afford, and people with budget constraints tend to stay there or further along before taba!

  201. As-Salaamu ‘alaukum Moh,

    Can you explain how it is getting more worse in Cairo compared with two years ago?

    I know two brothers who went about two year ago to Cairo, near Sooq Sayyaarah, and one of them left to Morocco out of fear of the demonstrations but the other one is still there and don’t want to leave Cairo because he’s feeling fine over there and he’s very satisfied about the Islamic school for his kids and the Arabic teaching in Cairo.

    Some persons can’t handle small setbacks while others can handle every situation (hardship).

    Some can’t live in an apartment below American or European standard, everything must be clean and provided with luxury funish while others can live in an almost empty room with only the necessary stuff.

    It’s all about how much one can bear and how he is raised (with luxuries or in poor circumstances).

  202. Asalamualaikum my dear brother

    Two years ago there was dictatorship ruling egypt with an iron fist, one couldnt breath without the mukhabaarat knowing. i have lived here in 2006 and returned a couple of years ago and lived through the revolution and i am speaking from my experience and others i know.

    right now post revolution there is no authority in egypt, the police are no were to be seen and at most not helpful whatsoever. as a result the crime rate has shot up and is a major taking point in the egyptian press every day.

    I was standing outside a mosque and witnessed a women being mugged and my f

    riedn from alabanias was robbed at gunpoint by

  203. sorry abt incomplete previous post my pc crashed! anyway a friend ot mine from albania was robbed at gunpoint, by people pretending to be police officers. he lived in the area around fadya rahamn mosque, across the road from tawheed a noor.

    akhee this is not an issue of setbacks, apartments types,living types etc this is about safety and anyone coming here has to be aware of this. I know brothers who are happy here and willing to stick it out, may allah make it easy for them, i am still here despite all this, but i am aware of the reality so take necessary measures, like not taking too much money with me when i go out and staying out after dark too long, travelling with friends etc etc.

    theres a need for students to be aware. especially sisters as they are easy targets, fajr moved the women section opposite to the main office…there may be a number of reasons conveninece,financial etc but after speaking to the administration, security was an issue as female students were robbed coming out of class by thieves on motor bikes!…

    may allah make it easy for us inshallah

  204. About security>

    i have been here for almost 9 months, and i have not seen much… except that someone took 2000 from my friend while he was sitting i a bus… he didn’t notice.

    But i advise people to always be with others at night. But i don think you should fear for your security.

  205. Assalamu aliekum wb, Room in a two bedroom flat Nasr City across the road from Fajr is available for flat share with another sister from 2 November 2011. Recently decorated, very clean flat on the first floor. No air con but ceiling fans in every room. The flat is between £1,300- £1,400 (Egyptian pounds) so for the room it would be half that – £650-£700 (Egyptian pounds) a month. Pls contact –

  206. Sorry i posted this in the wrong place intially – I am interested in studying arabic at the fajr centre, i intend going with my wife and 4 children. We have never been to Egypt and will be going from the U.k. Can anyone help with the following:

    Finding accommodation
    Cost of living
    schools for the kids
    private arabic tuition for my wife and daughters
    hifz classess for my sons
    Name and address of a good doctor

    Also I have tried to contact Fajr centre and they do not respond, can I just turn up and enrol or do you have to apply beforehand.


    • Bro. Tariq Khan,
      First of all brother, I am an expat myself, but have been here for about 10 years. I live a few blocks from Fajr Center in Madeenat Nasr, I went there myself some years, ago, along with many other learning centers. I have two children, one 16, and the younger 5. I can help you by giving the best, most accurate, and honest answers I know, but as Cairo has been in a process of change since last January, I can’t promise how long the information will remain valid. So, Alhamdullilah, you have decided to come to Cairo to as a student of knowledge. I will try to go down your list and give general answers, but please feel free to contact me for further details. Cairo is very diverse, and with that comes a price range that varies with almost everything. Accommodation in the area I live, near Fajr center in Madeenat Nasr, can vary greatly, but a somewhat clean, furnished apartment (assume 3 bedroom, since you have 4 children) will run aprox. 350 – 550 usd per month. The lower price can be upper levels, perhaps without lift, the higher figure, any level, but with lift if higher levels. Cost of living will vary with your personal habits, what you like to eat, etc., but for a family of 6, I would start at around 500 use per month. Again, It depends greatly on your habits, age of your children etc..Schools for children, especially younger children are abundant in the area near Fajr in Madeenat Nasr, but a good one is another subject altogether. The best thing to do is to get here and go visit them, then for the better schools, you may find them full this year, and need to register in the spring to get them into next years program. The prices vary greatly and are quite costly for the best schools which offer British or American Diplomas / Curriculum. Private tuition for your your wife and daughters will also vary, and you may find that they cannot take together after the initial stages of learning, but assuming they can, a single person can usually find a Qualified private Arabic teacher in the madeenat Nasr area for around 25 egp, and any additional students studying together will be at a reduced rate from that. Hafz classes for your sons can be found in many places in madeenat nasr, such as Fajr Quran (not associated with Fajr Center, it is a different local and group) private instruction, the mosque, etc..I could name a lot of schools in the area, but it is something you should check out for yourself when you get here, and depends greatly on the age of your sons. Doctor, I can give you the name of the doctor we use, he is located over in Heliopolis (MIsr Gadeeda) and is about a 20 minute taxi ride away, but he is American certified pediatrician, and has proven to be very good so far. If your decide to study at the Fajr Center, (and the best advice I can give is to come to Cairo and visit the different centers yourself) then you can enroll when you get here, but you will have to start your classes according to when the next session starts. This is pretty much the case though at all the language centers, and most of the programs, although they vary in starting times, they usually run 6-8 weeks per course. Hope this has helped a bit, if you want more details, then feel free to email me, you can get the address from here, and please understand, that this is just general info, and be prepared to be flexible and go with the flow, it will make your experience in Cairo much more enjoyable. Blessings, and may Allah guide you and your family.

  207. Asalamu alaykum
    I think people have to realise that women living alone in Egypt is not the safest thing. When sisters ask me if they should come to Egypt alone I always advise them not to or to come with a mahram, be that brother, husband or father and never alone. Regardless of what opinion you follow on women and travelling, this is more of a safety issue. I know sisters who are here alone and not only is it unsafe they also say it’s difficult getting certain things done out of fear of being targeted due to not having a man around (e.g issues with bawabs etc) . Sure we put our trust in Allah but we also tie our camel. I know sisters who have been attacked/attempted kidpappings. Yes it sounds scary and I really don’t want to put people off coming to learn Arabic here but at the same time as a women living here. I feel it is my duty to protect my sisters.
    Sisters we should fear our security! and Egypt was a lot safer pre revolution. Maybe you won’t get attacked but im not going to keep the truth from you. And no I am not a Mubarak lover may he rot in hell for what he did to muslims. Im just looking out for my sisters.
    In regards to apartement prices. You can get apartments for 100 sterling a month, or less if you’re sharing it. Prices vary depending on the area. It’s all about what you can afford. If by the grace of Allah you have enough money then you should opt for safer areas and more comfortable (AC clean etc) for example haya thamin. Also alot of students live opposite tawheed wa nur. It’s a cheaper area but not the safest. Where as behind fajr centre and closer to madrasa manhal is a little pricier but safer and nicer apartment quality, rent would be from around 2500/3000 egp.

    Sister. Aaisha

      • Yeah, that’s a good question because I think Rehab city will be the no.1 hotspot when chaos starts. Because it’s well known that many rich Egyptians and foreigners are living in Rehab. With other words, that’s the place to be for all thiefs and robbers. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • She would be safer inside rehab but don’t forget that she would be leaving rehab everyday to get to markaz fajr. She would have to catch a bus and then a taxi or micro bus. So she would be exposed to the same problems (visa renewals etc). On top of which if you want to give 100% to your study you want to be living as close as possible to the centre. As the journey itself is very draining especially in the summer. I know this from experience as I’ve lived in rehab previously, we were there during the revolution and it was safer, it is after all a gated community with security guards at all entry points. But this isn’t really the issue as unfortunately for woman living alone dangers exist regardless of the stability of the country so they would only be increased in places like Egypt.

        sister Aaisha

      • If you are planning on sending your sisters etc then why not stay with them? or leave them with a family that you know and trust? Hope Allah makes it easy for you all. Aameen.

  208. thank you brother jzk for all the information you gave it was most useful, this has helped me and given me an insight of what to expect, may allah reward you and your family.

  209. @ Abdullah,

    Can you please name the address and name of your doctor in Heliopolis?

    We are searching for a good trustworthy and qualified doctor in Nasr City or nearby.

    Also, do you have a good dentist? We are also looking for a good qualified dentist.

  210. Is it better to get a tourist visa from the u.k or when you arrive at Egypt at the airport?

    Can anyone please offer any advise, as I will be travelling with my wife and 4 kids so we don’t want any setbacks.


    • Buy them on the airport.

      At arrival, before passing the check in the airport, you will see several banks where you can change your money and buy visas (ta’sheer ad-dukhool) for about 90 LE each. If your kids are on the pasport of you or your wife than the visa of the pasport-keeper will be sufficient for the kids.

      This is what I’ve experienced. Wa-Allahu a’lem

    • Getting anything done in Egypt involving visas etc is a pain – so why make your life difficult?

      If you get a visa at the airport it will be for 30 days, if you get a multiple entry visa from the UK it is 18UKP but valid for 90 days – yes you will need to renew it but later on and not in
      the first month when you are running around trying to get setup.

      Go to the Egyptian Embassy in London, get it sorted and make your life easier when you
      are in Cairo as going to the Mugamma to get your visa sorted takes the best part of a day,
      I’ve never tried it at the police station in Nasr City – but that can take up to a week.


      • Fulaan ibn fulaan – Jazaku ALLAHU kheyraa for your depth and unhindered advice to us. pls advice about the children – Alazhar schools or you have different idea.

  211. JZK, I will definitely get my visa from the U.K before leaving, thanks for your advice, I agree that it will be easier to get this done before we leave the u.k.

  212. Here is the dentist:
    Dental Cosmetic Clinic(Dr/ Hesham Rashed)
    24 Makram Ebeid Ext./ Beside City Stars,
    Nasr city, Heliopolis
    He has done all of our work for years. Go to building 24, on the extension road from Makram Ebeid behind city stars. Actually located across the ring road from cinnamon, and city center, on the Main Makram Ebied. Go up the elevator to the 3rd floor, take a left, and you will see the clinic entrance.

  213. Asalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu All:

    I am looking for an apartment near Markat Fajr (Madinat Nasr) within 5 minutes walking distance, either a studio or 2-bedroom. You can reach me at 01098826327 – I would like to live either by myself or have 1 roommate. BarakAllahu Feekum.

    • P.S. You can also reach me at junaidmujahid [at] hotmail (dot) com

      My budget for an apartment is around 2000 EGP and 3000 EGP if I’m sharing it with another person (so 1500 each).

      ***P.S. I also may know of a room available, if 1 or 2 brothers are in need of a room. The place has 3-bedrooms (with 2 other brothers already living in the flat) and it is very close to Markaz Fajr. Just contact me for more info.

      My only issue is that I may have family coming here soon or I may be getting married so, which is why I need a place of my own, OR I can share a place with someone else temporarily until April 2012.

  214. concerning al rehab, during the revolution all the main routes leading into new cairo al rehab, tagammu al khamis, khatammiya etc were all blocked off by the army, in fact all the diplomats legged it to one of the hotel resorts in tagammu al khamis! this area was completely secured off.

  215. salamu alaikum
    very nice informations here. thank u very much. i have little problem i would like to learn arabic but i live in al qatamia what is very far away from medinat nasr for example. i dont have the possibility to move to somewhere else. do anyone here knows a private teacher who comes to anyones home? and how much do they take for one hour? i would be very thankful for some informations. please write me to my emailbox

  216. I have benefitted from this blog a lot before I came to Misr so I thought I should contribute in regards to the visa situation and a possible solution InshaAllah to get 6 months.

    First of all you should go the mogamma (in tahrir) with the expectation of getting 3 months…otherwise you may be left disappointed and frustrated. If you get 3 months then you got what you expected…anything more than that is a bonus, alhamdullilah!

    Also remember the following tactic worked for some and did not work for others which is why it is a possible solution. Its worth a try.

    When you get the mugamma (with a photocopy of your passport photo page, and entry visa page on passport, and have passport photo) fill in in the application form and write reason of visas as ‘Student’ and ‘6 months’ visa required (no point in writing 1 year, they don’t give it)….once filled in do not go the windows straight away…they will say only 3 months and even sometimes 1 month and are very stubborn and sometimes rude (the classic moody/grumpy misry women!).

    What you do is you go to the 3 policemen (sometimes 2) behind a desk in front of the windows.. you will see a lot of people talking to them etc. and the policemen saying repeatedly ‘Maashi, Maashi’ and one of them smoking a cigarette while saying it! They speak broken English…but they will eventually get to understand what you want. Go to one of them and say you are new to the country and if you can please have six months, your here to study and coming here again after 3 months will affect your study as it is a hassle to get here (which is true!) etc. Smile and ask nicely and say ‘min fadlik’ or ‘law samaht’. If he says no and even after your persistence he is still saying no, leave him (make sure he doesn’t write anything on your form) and then come back a littke while late but this time do the same with the other policeman.

    If one of them says ok he will write something on the front of your application and the price of the stamps… make sure though he puts his signature as well in the front otherwise they will not accept it. Then go buy your stamps and then go to the windows to hand in your application form with passport, photo etc… tell the person at the window nicely its 6 months and once she sees the policeman’s sig. at the front she should write something at the back of the form, if not ask her nicely to do so.

    I have heard also if you do get six months then next time you want to renew you will not get it again but only 3 months.

    Please remember the following tactic worked for some and did not work for others which is why it is a possible solution. Its worth a try.

    I hope this benefits InshaAllah.

  217. As-Salamu ‘alaykum,

    I’m going to Egypt and I will need the followings:

    2 or 3 single beds (broken-white color) [about 800 le each] and
    1 double bed (broken-white or brown-bordeaux color) [ about 800 le]

    2 or 3 big closets – three doors (broken-white) [about 800 to 1000 le max.]

    Washing machine (A-quality) [1500 le]
    Fridge (A-quality) [1500 le]
    Oven (A-quality) [100 le]

    These stuff must be as good as new.

    If someone’s got some of these above stated furniture contact me before 23th of november.

    Contact me on

  218. As slaamu ‘laykum, what are your opinions on this syllabus?


    Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

    Level 1:
    • Speaking & Reading: Bayna Yadayk – Book 1 (recommended time: 8-12 weeks)

    Level 2:
    • Speaking & Reading: Bayna Yadayk – Book 2 (recommended time: 6-8 weeks)
    • Grammar: Ibn Saud – Book 1 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)

    Level 3:
    • Speaking & Reading: Qisasun Nabiyyeen – Nadwi (recommended time: 2-4 weeks)
    • Grammar: Ibn Saud – Book 2 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)
    • Sarf: Ibn Saud – Book 1 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)

    Level 4:
    • Speaking and Reading: Bayna Yadayk – Book 3 (recommended time: 6-8 weeks)
    • Grammar: Ibn Saud – Book 3 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)
    • Sarf: Ibn Saud – Book 2 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)

    Level 5:
    • Speaking & Reading: Seerah Khaatim An-Nabi – Nadwi (recommended time: 2-4 weeks)
    • Classical Text on Grammar: Al-Ajaroomiyyah – Ibn Ajaroom (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)
    • Sarf: Ibn Saud – Book 3 (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)

    Level 6:
    • Speaking & Reading: Qira’ah Ar-Rashidah – Nadwi (recommended time: 2-4 weeks)
    • Balaghah: Ibn Saud (recommended time: 4-6 weeks)
    • Adab: Ibn Saud (recommended time: 8-12 weeks)

    Level 7:
    • Sharh Al-Alfiyyah Ibn Malik – Ibn ‘Aqeel (recommended time: 5-6 Months)

    Further Reading:
    1. Sharh Arba’een An-Nawawi (Hadith) – Shaykh Uthaymeen, Ibn Daqeeq Al-Eid, Imam An-Nawawi
    2. Al-Wajeez (Fiqh) – Shaykh Abdul Adheem Badawi
    3. Al-Mandhumah Al-Bayquniyyyah (Mustalah) – Shaykh Taariq Awadullah, Shaykh Uthaymeen
    4. Aysar At-Tafaaseer (Tafseer) – Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Jazaa’iri
    5. Sharh Al-Aqeedah Al-Wasatiyyah (Aqeedah) – Shaykh Uthaymeen
    6. Minnah (Aqeedah/Tazkiyyah) – Shaykh Yaasir Burhami
    7. Sharh Riyaadh As-Saaliheen (Hadith) – Shaykh Uthaymeen
    8. Tafseer Surah Yusuf (Tafseer/Tazkiyyah) – Shaykh Yaasir Burhami
    9. Qasas Al-Anbiya (Seerah) – Ibn Katheer
    10. Bidaayah Al-Mujtahid Wa Nihaayah Al-Muqtasid (Fiqh) – Ibn Rushd
    11. Mukhtasar Minhaj Al-Qaasideen (Tazkiyyah) – Ibn Qudamah
    12. Suwar Min Hayaat As-Sahaabah (Seerah) – Ra’fat Al-Bashaa
    13. Suwar Min Hayaat At-Taabi’een (Seerah) – Ra’fat Al-Bashaa
    14. Tahdheeb Madaarij As-Saalikeen (Tazkiyyah) – Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah
    15. Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (Seerah) – Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri
    16. Akhbaar Al-Hamqaa Wa Al-Mughaffaleen (Tazkiyyah) – Ibn Al-Jawzi
    17. Laa Tahzan (Tazkiyyah) – Shaykh Aa’id Al-Qarni
    18. Uluwwu Al-Himmah (Tazkiyyah) – Shaykh Muhammad Isma’il Al-Muqaddam
    19. Usool Ad-Da’wah (Da’wah) – Shaykh Abdul Kareem Zeedan
    20. Fiqh As-Seerah (Fiqh/Seerah) – Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ghazzali, Revised By Shaykh Al-Albani

    Further Studying:
    1. Deewaan Al-Imam Ali – Ali Ibn Abi Talib
    2. Deewaan Al-Imam Shafi – Imam Shafi
    3. Swayd Al-Khaatir – Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah
    4. Maqalaat Al-Manfaluti – Mustafa Al-Manfaluti
    5. Al-Bukhalaa Li Al-Jaahiz – Al-Jaahiz
    6. Al-Bayaan Wa Al-Tabyeen – Al-Jaahiz

    Pointers for benefit:
    1. Level 1-6 are mandatory, whilst level 7 is optional for those who feel they want to achieve a strong command of the Arabic Language. The books in the ‘Further Studying’ section are also optional.
    2. ‘Speaking & Reading’ books for levels 1-3 are mandatory as these are the best introductory books to the language and as of yet, there are no alternatives.
    3. Most teachers will advise either Bayna Yadayk or Kitab Asasi for level 1, but I recommend both as it will make an excellent combination for a beginner. Furthermore, there are benefits in one that cannot be found in the other.
    4. ‘Speaking & Reading’ books from level 4 until ‘Further Reading’ are recommended, but there are alternatives if one wishes.
    5. The classical texts on Grammar are a comprehensive summary of the grammar from Ibn Saud, but are not as structured and easy to understand for Western students and hence Ibn Saud Grammar should be studied first.
    6. It is mandatory to study classical texts on grammar and memorise their simple texts, but after one has competed all the grammar from Ibn Saud as that will help make it easier and hence the classical texts are not studied first despite being the custom of the Arabs. This is because this syllabus is designed for Western students and not Arab students.
    7. 5 days should be devoted every week, with at least 2 hours and no more than 3 hours a day.
    8. Level 1 and 2 will require an hour for each book and for the levels after that, each book should take 30-45 minutes, whilst the entire class should take no more than 2-3 hours.
    9. Level 1 and 2 will involve very little homework as most of the exercises will be done in class. In Level 3, less than half the exercises should be done in class as most of it should be done for homework. By level 4 (and onwards), almost all exercises should be done for homework.

    10. Levels 1-6 should take about 9 months, whilst good students can complete it in around 6 months.

    11. Levels can overlap; i.e. one can do grammar from level 4 whilst doing sarf from level 3, etc.

    12. The list of ‘Further Reading’ books are a comprehensive selection and therefore highly recommended, but they can be substituted with equivalent books. In order to get a good understanding of the language, one must read this list of books or it’s equivalent.

    13. Further reading must be done with a teacher, however it is also strongly recommended to read a book of a similar level in one’s own time.

    14. Students should not hesitate to drop levels if they feel that they are falling behind as the aim is to learn the language and not complete multiple books. Sometimes taking a few steps backwards makes the leap forward much greater.

    15. Lastly, one should not be hasty in learning Arabic as being hasty will only bring one backwards. Imam Shafi (R) took 18 years to master the Arabic Language and therefore it can be seen that learning the language will require a great deal of patience. By the Will of Allah (AW), it will be a long climb, but patience whilst climbing is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating.

  219. To anyone considering traveling to Madinat Nasr for Arabic Language studies, I will assist you if I can. I’m an expat and have been here with my family for a few years. I don’t charge anything, I just enjoy helping when I can.

    • Salamu aleykum Yaa aqii aziz – I admired your willingness to exchange your ideas with us. pls provide information about the children schools – some say Al – azhar schools or azhari linked schools are good some say No. where you stand on this

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  221. KhAN, you can extend your visa with 3 months and sometimes times with 6 months visas up until a year since you entered the country, where after you may get problems in extending the visa.

    • My experience from the Mugamat at Tahreer yesterday was that my family and all the others foreigners around me, received only 1 month. I’ve been here for years with my family and we have always received minimum of 6 months, but not this time, although this is our first renewal after having traveled out of the country for several months. I asked around through all the normal channels and each said this was the new policy for now, but might change tomorrow. They didn’t give me an answer, or didn’t know, about how long we could continue to obtain the 1 month extensions. I’m just thankful our’s
      wasn’t among the very Tall stack of those passports piled to the left of the window, which the lady said were being refused.

      • People are said to be going to Alexandria to get visa renewals where they are rumoured to still be able to get 12 months renewals.

        Unsure if it is true though.

        Students still get 12 months so if you have a child and stick them in a proper school, you should be able to get a student visa as accompanying the child.

      • Brother Musa,
        I asked at the mugamat at Tahreer but even they don’t seem to know or they aren’t for sure. The visa situation right now is really a mixed bag of outcomes, depending on who you talk to and their individual situation, but for for certain the mugamat at Tahreer has changed since the revolution began. I have talked to a few individuals from different countries that are being granted student visas, but they are few and not guaranteed a renewal either. I went to one of the primary arabic schools where I learned at for more than a year and the management there is very frustrated and concerned with the visa problems as well. The school is accredited to give up to a 6 month visa if the student pays for 4 months in advance, but they are also having trouble securing visas. I hate to say it, because I really love Egypt, but it might be time for most students wanting to study arabic to think about going somewhere else. Honestly if the situation gets much worse, then you will spend all your time and energy trying to stay in the country, which leaves little time to actually study and enjoy the country.

  222. for any sisters that are interested for arabic private tuition, for 2 people.

    Book studying: Arabiyyah bayna yadayk Level 5 Book 2 onwards
    Where: Markaz situated close to Masjid Salam, Swissri A, Madinat Nasr
    Price: 400 egyptian pound each student for 40 hours
    Starting in the next week
    Hours: 5 days a week 2 hours a day
    Female Teacher with a degree in Arabic Language.
    Price will be reduced if there are more than 2 people to become a general class.

    If any sisters are interested contact this email address (sisters only)

  223. I am planning to move to Cairo in late January/early Feb. next year to study Arabic Inshallah. I am planning to stay about a year.

    Just curious, which visa should i be asking when i arrive at the airport in Cairo? Student visa? Tourist visa? or what?

    • You can obtain an entry visa upon entry at the airport, which is valid for 30 days. At the end of 30 days (and they give an automatic 14 days grace period if you are late) you will apply for another visa most likely in the district in which you live.

  224. The only other country to study Arabic in is Syria and I advise people not to go there. It is very very dangerous…much more serious and dangerous than Egypt. Morocco is one option but is isnt cheap. Egypt is still the best option. Things should settle down by next year Allahu A3lam

    • Slaam 3laykum Br ASIF, you can study Arabic anywhere in the World all you need is a teacher :-) You do not need to go to an Arab country…

      • Well i would graciously have to disagree with you. Environment is very important and you need language reinforcement which is only possible in a country where the language is spoken.

  225. Asslamu3lykum
    People out of Egypt plz stop watching TV ! and all propaganda by Aljazeera or any idiot channel !

    Egypt the best point on earth in Arabic and Islamic sciences ! The religious ones are

    handling the situation in policy and everything will be Easy inshAllah on all of us

    Also this Gov worship money! ,and they will get you visas InshAllah (Its all pretending )

    • I wish I could share in your enthusiasm, as I too want a better, peaceful, Egypt. Not for my own sake but for the wonderful Egyptian people that deserve much more.

      The recent elections while positive in many respects, will not change Egypt overnight, and in that interim period of what could be and most suspect will be 20-30 years before the country sees real change and an increase in development and economic recovery, then those that live here and want to come here, will have to deal with uncertainty at best, and the ever looming possibility of increased instability and complete collapse.

      • Yes there is instability, Yes there is an increase in petty crime from negligible to maybe insignificant (a 20% increase roughly), but ‘complete collapse’ – you MUST be living in a parallel country.

        I stayed here during the revolution when the police vanished and armed theives were roaming, and the locals guarded their neighbourhoods at night and the political process will be stop start for a long time, and even with the killing and fighting in the country and Tahria – how does this lead to people thinking that Egypt will turn into something out of Mad Max?

        20-30 years before seing real change – quite possibly, the economy is in the doldrums and the political situation and vested powers are jockying for position, and everyone is striking for more wages – and?

        Egypt has not turned into Syria so far, and is far from being a failed state where you can not walk down the street.

        If you want to read something impartial, read the state department or consular advice from your respective countries to see their advise on the country – then go and see the advise on other countries and compare and contrast.

        As one Somali living in Egypt said to me – there are four signs you need to look out for as that is when you need to get out of the country –
        Armed gangs roaming, bodies lying unburied in the streets, looting and massive inflation in foodstuff and food shortages – I haven’t seen any of these here yet.

        People have rarely relied on the police, the standard process for theives is that everyone grabs them and gives them a good beating – seems to work well enough.

        If you want to come, Merhaben bik- if you are scared to come – Merhaben bik, nothing in life is guaranteed, make Istikarah and tawakul Allah .

  226. As-salamualaykum,w.w,
    Just from what we know(my family & I are currently in cairo) ;there are people whose visas have been refused,this is one reality.The other issue is security which is not good;if any crime happened ,don’t think you can call for police or army for HELP ;forget about it.

    With re:need to practice the language is true but most if not all arabs countries don’t spead fusha that we learn so you can only practice with other fusha speakers.

    What I believe; whoever wants to come ,should first do his/her salaat istikharah for guidance from ALLAH Taalah as HE really knows what the situation will be in Egypt.

    Forgive me for any shortcomings.May ALLAH Taalah guides us all to do the right things that will gain His pleasure.ameen.Fiamaanillah.

  227. Mashallah Fulaan ibn Fulaan, well said, I couldn’t have put it better myself. I was there during the revolution in January and Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to me.
    Where ever we go we should do istikhara and have tawakal.

  228. Salamualaikum. I am a student learning arabic here in Alexandria living with my arabic teacher who provides full service including visa service, teaching at the comfort of the house and providing home made meals. Currently, I am looking for a serious student of knowledge who can share this apartment with me. Please contact me at
    was salaam

  229. Salaam Plz tell me if anyone knows da address 4 al fajr or any other similar school in alexandria,egypt. Urgently needed salaam

  230. Salaam-alaikum,

    Mashallah an excellent blog!! Anyone planning to go to Egypt this year after ramadan??? (From UK or Holland) I’m considering to go to Egypt and learn arabic.

  231. Waliekum Salam, these are some Arabic centers in Cairo
    and Alexandria has
    Fajr address is Block 42, Part 3 9th District, 8th Zone Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark: Behind El Tawheed & El Nour Phone – 02-24700066

    About Visa at airport on paper write tourist which gives you 1 month visa after you have to go and renew it at Mugamma where you can write in the form for the purpose of student or tourist and request for 6 month or a year.

    Don’t write the full address in the form at the airport just give the city especially if you are a brother with a beard so that they don’t visit you to check on you.

  232. Asalam aleykum , i am searching for a 2 girls room mate, girls only please urgent , i have a flat which price is 1000 l.e per month , and it contains 2 rooms. is at 5 minutes away from Fajr center ,here in nasr city , the appartment furniture is not so luxurious but is clean and quiet . 1 room has 1 bed and the prices 500 l.e ( egiptian pounds ) . but the another room has 2 beds and is for be shared each bed is 250 l.e per months .:) i will take one of this beds . So i need 2 girls to share the flat one of them will take the whole room alone for her self in 500 l.e per month and the another girl will share the room with me . she will take one bed at 250 l.e. ( the owner ask for one month of deposit ) which will be returned again the money as soon as this person leave the flat. for more information my number is 01001401865 or my best friend number 01008877122 . Plz call and ask for Mayuly or my best friend number named mahmoud . Thank you so much

  233. Aslaam Walkoium rahmutllah, my name is elias. sister fajr!!!! i know your brother and father. i spend time with them in egypt. i loved them, i went to your brother flat many times before the revolution!! happen. after that i lost contacts. i really want to talk with him.
    Tell him its brother elias from canada who was at your flat watch aljezzera and the day i left.

    also guys plz dont try over question poor sister fajr its hard to get all the answear.

    and also if you want advise from you can email me at

    i advise you like sister fajr did for his brother to study in alexandrai more calm then cario but you know we were both in cario. so next time i go i will plan to go to alexandria.


    • as salaamu alaykum, do you know any other instistutes in alex apart from Qortoba?

      I would like to come over with my family so I would also need to look for a good school for the kids. Do you know where I could get information on kids schools in Alex?

    • Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah brother Elias,

      That’s great, I’m glad you all got along. Insha’Allah, I will tell my brother and maybe you can swap email addresses and re-establish contact.

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  235. With regards to visa issues…

    The mogamma3 is only giving out 1 month tourism visas (3 months if you’re lucky or if the staff are in a good mood). However, you can apply for 1 year visas in other cities e.g. 6th October or Alexandria; all you need is an address there (some people put down addresses of relatives/friends etc).

  236. Word of Caution for Brothers currently in Cairo.
    Fraudsters are targeting foreigners acting as police officers asking to check passports and cash to make sure they are real – Once they check the cash they say its all real no problem and wrap it up and give it back only once you open the parcel there is no money inside. They are very official looking and have police radios etc. Many brothers have lost large amounts of cash though this scheme so beware and just say you don’t have any cash with you, they often ask to come back to the flat and check but just refuse.

    May Allah Keep us safe.

  237. Assalamualaykum Brothers and Sisters,

    I’m currently thinking of coming to Egypt to study inshAllah i will be wanting to study at Al Fajr, and will hopefully staying in the Hayy Al Thamin Area in Madinatun Nasr, i would just like some advise on brothers already there who may be studying or staying in egypt weather it would be safe to come and wat the conditions are like at the moment i will hopefully be wanting to stay for 8 – 9 months inshAllah, all advice is much appreciated!

    Wa Alaykum Assalaam!

    • wa alaikumus salam
      Everything here is good, no trouble, no problems, except the visa which should end when the elections are over and the new government is formed. Before you come make sure you know someone here. I am living in hayy thamin, the opposite end of markaz fajr. This side is better and has a more student feeling with at least over 100 foreigners

      If you are only staying for 9 months, then i recommend you study in markaz kalimah as the duration for each level is 1 month. As for markaz fajr, there levels take approx 5 weeks then counting the 1 week holiday so six.

      Also i advice you to set a goal for what you would like to achieve. If you have little background in Arabic and stay for the duration you intended, then i would say you would leave just barely being able to read Islamic books, which are the easiest in terms of language. You would need to look in the dictionary 50 times just for one page. This is the reality. If anyone told you that you can learn Arabic in 1 year then don’t take there advice, as Arabic takes years to learn, and reach a level where you can pick up any book except for specialised subjects and read away and where you would understand what is being said.

      I just want to let you know about my studies so you can compare and it will give you a slight picture of what you will leave Egypt with. I will be starting level 11 in markaz fajr, finishing the Bayn yadayk books. I regard myself as intelligent. However studying Arabic for 1 year 2 months, i can truthfully say that if i were to read literature books, as what is in the free reading page in bayna yadayk book, then i would have to use a dictionary. My reading of them 3 pages would take an hour. As for listening. When I listen to the fahmul masmooe from the back of the book do not understand much, unless I read and searched for the words before listening to it. Arabic vocab is wide and takes a long time to reach a level where you feel the language like you do in English. This is what you should aim for; being able to read, write, speak and listen fluently. don’t aim for less otherwise your fooling yourself that you have achieved. aim for the best, don’t aim for average as most Muslims do, Insha Allah
      و من يتهيب صعدل الجبال يعش أبد الدهر بين الحفر

      • As slaamu alaykum bro :-)

        Brother i agree with you 110% you can not master Arabic in 1 year if you are studying the “bayn yadaik series”

        BUT If you were studying via a more classical approach where you study advanced grammar & Sarf a lot earlier you will probably learn more in 12 weeks than you have learned from studying the full series. Also reading without tashkeel will not be a problem.

        My best advice will be study some classical texts in Grammar and sarf & in sha allah you will gain fluency in no time. Please do not rely on a set of text books to gain fluency.

  238. إذا غامَرْتَ في شَرَفٍ مَرُومِ فَلا تَقنَعْ بما دونَ النّجومِ

    فطَعْمُ المَوْتِ في أمْرٍ حَقِيرٍ كطَعْمِ المَوْتِ في أمْرٍ عَظيمِ

    This is what Almotanabbye Said exactly Ahmed ……well done Akhi

      • Baarak allahu feeka for your input.
        What I mentioned was different levels of writing. The books which I find difficult to read are literature books as the level of language is very strong and the hardest are poetry. Books by Ibn Aluthaymeen and other contemporary scholars are very basic in language. So I don’t really have a problem and I don’t think anyone who has completed book 2 of bayna yadayk should as well. Once you start buying different Arabic books and start seeing the different levels of writing and styles, then you would know what I am talking about.

        You mentioned nahwu and sarf. Grammar is just a means of being able to read and write and speak, spending time on that really doesn’t help you understand any book unless you have vocabulary and understand expressions, which is what I was emphasising on. As for someone learning to read and write and listen in Arabic in 3 months, then I think that is highly unrealistic as everything you learn takes time to assimilate and become rooted. One can go through one book 3 of bayna yadayk in 2 months, but forget everything in 2 weeks.

        Hope you understand where I am coming from.
        baarakallahu feeka fy diraasatika

  239. Assalamualaykum,

    JazakAllah for your reply, basically i understand exactly what you are saying and i appreciate it your advice… basically the reason i want to go to Al Fajr is because my cousin has already been there and says its good as he went to learn Tajweed and did Arabic on the side…

    My Background on Arabic is good, im very familliar with Arabic Grammer i can read arabic without the Harkat (Zabar, Zer, Pesh) im actually an Aalim ive read hadith books ranging from Muatta Imam Muhammad to Bukhari Shareef, Im British but spent 4 years in Inida so Alhumdulillah all is good,

    I was actuallly going to go to Syria, as alot of my freinds are there, i also have many freinds who are currently studying in Jamiatul Azhar and have a few contacts of my uncle in Cairo so its not problem Alhumdulillah!

    basically what i lack is Arabic Speaking which is why im coming to a place where Arabic is spoken, which makes a big difference i know the Arabic Language and how complex itis, but inshAllah what ever i can learn within this 9 month period im greatful, id love to stay more than that, heck id even love to go study at Al Azhar!, but unfortunatley because of family responsibilites and comiitments i can’t and thats where i stand,

    so InshAllah coming egypt will be an experience and hopefully by the grace of Allah i can learn a lot in a short span on time,

    JazakAllah for everyones advice


  240. As Salaamu Alaikum

    I’m looking for a one bedroom apartment furnished, preferably in Haiy Al-Thaamin or Haiy Al-Asher. Please post a comment below if anyone knows one.

    • Asalam aleykum you are female or male ? , i am staying in a very clean and good furniture flat in Haiy- al Asher, and i have available 1 big and confortable room in 300 l.e per month , 1 small room in the sala (living room area ) in 180 L.e per month . 1 big shared room in 140 l.e per month . Plzzz any girls as soon as possible. My phone contact Mayuly 01001401865 or 01129809736.

  241. i am searching for room mates i am staying in a very clean and good furniture flat in Haiy- al Asher, and i have available 1 big and confortable room in 300 l.e per month , 1 small room in the sala (living room area ) in 180 L.e per month . 1 big shared room in 140 l.e per month . Plzzz any girls as soon as possible. My phone contact Mayuly 01001401865 or 01129809736.

  242. Asalamu aleikum,
    I am a muslim woman, i live in a spacious quite two bedroom apartment with two living room, one bathroom a kitchen and a balcony, in Nasr city( haye Thamin). shops are all nearby. telephone line, internet. ac.
    the room has two single beds a wardrobe
    i want a good practising muslim sister, clean person.
    the rent will be $200.
    post a comment if intrested.

  243. as salaamu alaikum all – i’ve been skimming through the posts, for some reason i feel reluctant to go to egypt and study. i can call one of the institutes and organise whatever needs to be done, but the thoughts that keep replaying in my head are 1) save up more, what if i dont have enough. 2) save up more so i can make my stay longer. 3) which institute shall i go, so many have been established now mashaAllah. 4) how much will i spend in a year if i were to study there. (although i intend to study for more than a year if i do ever go inshaAllah).
    i know theres detailed discussions about al fajr etc…but i’ve heard the studies at al fajr has become slow (not sure how true that is) and due to that check other institutes instead, but im hesitant to do that since the majority of the people i know have studied at al fajr. i spend more time thinking, wasting time and eventually get nothing done which doesnt help as im not getting any younger!

    • Asalaamualaikum sis

      I am looking to go to Egypt in August InshAllah, this is my email address, drop me an email, I was also having the same thoughts as you, but now Alhamdulilaah I’m over it lol and am really excited to travel to Egypt!!

  244. Salaam alaykum sisters,

    we have a single room at 700 Egyptian Pounds available for rent, it is very big and has a large matrass a wardrobe and a small table inside. we live 5 min. (walking) from merkes fajr and about 10 (by bus) from ibanna, if you are interested please email me at:

  245. salamu alaikum
    dear brothers and sisters,
    me and my wife are studing arabic with a private teacher, very far away from the institues so we are lacking of practising the language with other people. do you know any institute that offers just a conversation course? maybe twice a week (weekends)in the evening? or do you know any brothers who meet each other to practise the arabic language? maybe in a mosque or elsewhere?
    i would be very thankful for any information or nasi7a.

    • Wa `alaykumusalam

      Almost all of the main institutes offer Conversational Arabic courses (muhadathah). You can opt for private classes and have them tailored to your needs/timings insha’Allah.

      • Fajr – salamu aleykum – Walaal waxaan in badan is weydiinayey in aad tahay shaqsi somali ah – Walaal ma sidaabaa ? Jazaka ALLAHU kheyraa

    • Wa `alaykumusalam brother I would suggest getting a private teacher in the evenings
      maybe a couple hours or hour a day depending on your schedule to practice conversation like bayna yadayk. I do know of a teacher if you are interested insha Allah

  246. Salamu Aleykum Jamiican Yaa iqwaaney and aqwaati fil LAAH. My Family are currently living in cairo ( Al-Rehab Area ) – We are Looking for a teachers for my children who can assist with Maths and physics and we are more than happy to pay accordingly. JAzakuma LAAHU Kheyrukum

    ALLAH Knows the best

  247. Accent: Nabrun نَبْرٌ

    Greater emphasis on a syllable so that it stands out from the other syllables in a word For example , in English the noun ‘mport has the accent on the first syllable im – while the verb im’port has the accent on the second syllable -port
    This car is a foreign import
    We import all our coffee .
    See also Prominence, Stress
    Further reading ,Gimson 1989;Wells 1982

    • The accents in English are nothing like the accents in Arabic. All native speakers whether they are from America, Britain or the other side of the continent understand each other, unlike the accents in Arabic.

      After reading few books I discovered how big of an impact the Arabian tribes had on Fusha. For example, most of the different plurals for a single word stem from the usage of the different tribes in the Arabian peninsula.

      I believe that students should be taught about the history of the language and the origin of the words and accents so they don’t put so much interest in other Arabised accents, which do not have an affect in the language or any significance except loss of the language.

      When I am asked as to why I do not bother to learn the Egyptian dialect, I reply by saying I rather learn how to read and write in my own mother tongue as that has more benefit.

      • First of all you need to know the difference between Dialect and Accent in terminology of applied linguistics !

        I think you mean Dialect ,which means (لَهْجَةٌ) and not (نَبْرٌ).
        Also every language has these two levels Fusha and slang , but as for another languages there is no certain proof for how to pronounce sounds like Arabic , I mean they do not have reference in pronunciation for example as Arabic has(Quran) , also English is very easy and weak, any one can learn easily but Arabic not !
        Also Americans destroyed English (as they destroyed every beautiful thing) and made it easier for world ,I think people are influenced by this when they look at Arabic ,even Arabs! I want to say Arabic is the Queen of languages and when you talk about the queen you need to watch your tongue and choose your words :-)
        و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

      • The problem you will find is that the more you move out of the Marakiz and start studying Ilm seriously (in Egypt) is that whilst some of the lectures are in Fusha, a lot of them are not – and if you are unable to understand amiya you will miss out on the knowledge that they contain and restrict yourself to what you can understand.

        That doesn’t mean a need to be able to fluently speak amiya – but the ability to understand what is being said to you be it in in the street, the supermarket or very often the duroos in the Masjid.

        Like the lecture we were having today of Mahalli’s Sharh on Minhaj at-Talibeen, or the lectures earlier in the week given on Isnawi’s Nihayat al-Sul by the former rector of al-Azhar – both in amiya.

        Have the ability to speak in Fusha only – but the ability to understand Amiya is not blameworthy and in fact necessary if you actually want to be able to undersand a lot of the lectures around you once you leave the bubble of the Arabic language Marakiz.

  248. Salaam alaykum sisters,
    we have a comfortable single room in hay termin available starting form the 6th of April.
    The rent is 500 EGP not including bills which usually come up to 50-70 EGP.
    the apartment is shared with other sisters and is about 5 min walking distance from Merkes Fajr. If you are interested pls email me on:

  249. Assalamualaykum. I really wish to go to Egypt but I also have a family to support. I have just finished a few teaching qualifications alhumdulillah(CELTA and TEFL), I was wondering if anyone knew of any jobs I could apply to there? And is it possible to work and study there? I have heard the jobs are not very stable there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer just to study but my family situation does not allow me to do so( I’m the only male in my household who works). jzk.

    • Brother Mohammad, IMHO it is better to have adequate funding before traveling to Egypt. Yes, there are jobs available, and the CELTA and TEFL certificates are very beneficial in adding to your credentials and making you a desirable employee in Egypt, but whether or not you can sustain yourself depends on many factors, such as your income requirements and specific needs, and in that capacity every individual is different. Also it is getting much more difficult to obtain a work permit in Egypt, not impossible, but more difficult than even a year ago. Most foreigners work without a permit, and it is possible, but I would certainly NOT recommend that if you are from the USA or Britain. For example, we have a child in school here, and my wife was offered a job yesterday at the school he attends. She has been teaching for 20 years and has great credentials, but they will not offer a work permit to foreigners anymore, so she refused. Why? Because, recently there was a rift with some of the NGO’s here in Egypt in which many foreigners were caught up in the event. Two days ago, the Egyptian authorities, (scaf) requested that INTERPOL place all those individuals (10), on immediate arrest and extradition back to Egypt. Although there is much to be said about this particular incident, and it is mostly political, the official reason given to INTERPOL, is for working illegally in the country. When you receive a tourist visa, it is Prohibited for you to legally work in Egypt, with or without salary, and while “Everyone is doing it”, it is the very reason so many Egyptians are complaining about foreigners being in Egypt taking away their jobs, and that the Egyptian Foreign Affairs minister has placed restrictions on visas to foreigners within the last year. Personally, and again IMHO, I think it is wrong before Allah to go against the LAW of the country you are in as a visitor and working in a country that specifies on your visa as your condition for being there, that you are “NOT PERMITTED TO WORK”, is a blatant breaking of that countries laws.

  250. As Salam ‘Alaykum

    I have just arrived here in Cairo. I am looking for a one bedroom furnished apartment or to share a two bedroom apartment with a brother. If you have any info, please reply back here asap. JazakAllahu Khair.

  251. Salaam alaykum sisters,
    we have a place in a large shared room available. The flat is in hay termin (5min from merkes fajr) and is furnished. The rent will be about 300 guinee. if you are interested please email me at

  252. Asslamu’lykum

    There is a flat here in Alexandria 4 rooms and furnished ,it can be for a family or for sharing , it will be available in the beginning of May inshAllah , for sharing it will be for the room 500 EGP per month , if anyone interested just call me on 01112217668

    • Dear Brother, i am looking for small flat. Not to share. Only for me. How much it cost?
      I want it for 2 months. August to September, inshallah.

  253. Room available from May 1st in sisters sharing flat in Medinat Nasr, Hayyi Thamin. Close to the fajr centre.
    For more info send a message to

    A second room will be available from 1st of July.

  254. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    I’ve got an apartment for sale in hayy al-’Ashir for the one who is really interested.

    Information and photo’s are available.

    The price will be 325.000 le (3 bedrooms 1 livingroom).

  255. salam 3leikom

    I’m planning to go to Cairo in a couple of months to study Arabic. As I’m unclear on certain issues I was wondering if anyone (preferably with a child/children) would be willing to converse with me regarding life there. Thank you

  256. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah I made it to cairo and I just started class in fajr center. I’m just wondering if there are any sisters from canada, america or UK (english speaking countries) who are also studying at Markaz fajr. I’d really like to meet up inshAllah and make friends. Sisters, please email me and inshAllah we’ll meet at the markaz. JazakAllahu Khayr.

  257. May ALLAH bless you all and shower with his mercy all of us. Iqwaaney wa iqwaatii – we have a great need for sisters who are english speaking background Living in Rehab area to provide paid assistance to our daughters with chemistry or Maths. if you are the person we are looking for. pls e-mail to us Jazaka ALLAHU Kheyraa

  258. As-Salaamu Alaikum

    I am looking for a teacher in around the 6th of October area, who can teach me Arabic privately. If any one knows any details please leave a reply.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan

  259. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    Dear students,

    I would like to offer my services in teaching Arabic as a second language.

    This for the brothers, who would like to live and learn in Alexandria inshAllah.

    Here is private lessons and semi-private as well.

    Purposes of Students:

    The curriculum and it’s details and way of teaching can cover these purposes:

    Understanding Quran and Sunnah.

    Working in field of translation.

    Working in the field of teaching .

    Comparative Linguistic studies.

    Preparing for Alazhar’s studying and exams .

    Introduction for studying Islamic mother books.

    The curriculum :

    1-’Al Kitab Al Asasi’ (3 volumes) by ALECSO (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation).

    2-” Alarabyya byna Yadika”(3 volumes)by Arabic for all organization .

    3-The Quranic Programm (Lughat Al-Quran)

    4 -The lexical Programme.(Alqamoos)

    5 -Articles and language of media on Aljazeera website.

    6 -Conversation course.

    7-Free Reading

    If you are interested please contact me by:

    My skypname:key.conquest

    My Phone :01112217668

  260. Actually its the summer now = resort ! and the flat’s prices go up ! so it may cost from 1700- 2000 EGP . it wont be also super luxe flat , the most expensive time is June,July,August in Alex.

    May Allah make it easy for Akhi

  261. Assalamu alaykum.

    A brother told me that Yemenis and Syrians have the best Arabic (or pronunciations). Is this true? He discourages learning Arabic in Egypt because they don’t pronounce the letters properly. However, others say Egypt is the best place to learn Arabic and Qur’an.

    If the brother is right, wouldn’t it make sense to learn Arabic in a place where everyone speaks proper Arabic? I’ve heard many Egyptians pronounce “th” as “s”, “dh” as “z” etc.

    Subhanallah! I think what you are doing is amazing. The first time I saw your blog, I thought it was done by Al-Fajr TV or one famous male shaykh. Sisters need to emulate you.

    May Allah preserve and bless you with the best things in this life and the next.

    • If you are the person when speaking English you have an English accent ad when speaking another language you have that accent, it shouldn’t be a problem, London guys tend to have the cleanest Arabic from all the other foreigners. The Arabic teachers speak fusha, Syrian is similar to Egyptian and yes Yemeni and Saudi accents sound better. The Arabs don’t speak proper Arabic, you will ot find any Arab country the people speak “proper Arabic.”

      • Thank you so much brother. I totally agree with you. I know two brothers from London who speak the best Arabic I’ve ever heard from a non-native speaker. Do you know of any school similar to Al-Fajr in Saudi?
        Jazakallahu khayran.

  262. Asalaam Alaykum. Insahallah i’m coming to cairo to study at fajr center on the 25 june from the uk, does anyone knw a brother who wants to share a two bedroom apartment? If you have any info, plz email me –
    JazakAllah Khair.

  263. My zawaj is from wonderful Egypt and a Graduate of Al-Azhar Univerity. I heard about their program for sisters and I would love to go there someday to take their classes. Insha Allah. Wishing the best for Egypt in these times of fitna.

  264. As salam alaykom sisters,

    I am looking for an apartment to rent in hay thaymin, I’m looking for a 2bed room or even 1bed room, furnished or non furnished and clean under 1000junaid.
    If someone hear about something please contact me, I need to move from my apartment on july 15th, so Its kinda urgent …Barak’Allahu fikum


    my number :01155348201
    email :

  265. For sale

    Apartment Hayy al-’Aashir, medinati Nasr.

    3 bedroom, 1 livingroom, bathroom (bathtube, douche, marble sink, heater), kitchen (closets above and below marble sink) and hall. Bathroom and kitchen entirely tiled. Everthing white and beige (sandy) colored. Every window with protected iron wires in it and at the outside iron bars. Wooden frontdoor and iron frontdoor. Little place at the back of the apartment. The apartment is totally renovated (new) European style and never been lived in.

    295.000 le, about 30.000 GBP. Price is negotionable.

    ghareebmuslim @ yahoo . nl (without the open spaces)

    Good opportunity to invest your money or good way to stay for a long time in Egypt without paying rent. And if you’re going back to your own country than you can rent or sell it bi-idhnillah.

  266. Asalaam Alaykum to all, Is there any Arabic Markaz for sign language (for deaf and dumb) in cairo or any other place in Egypt. please if anyone knows let me know. shukran in advance

  267. Salamu Alaikum,
    Brothers there is a room available, in Hay Asher swissery A, it has 2 beds inside the room. the apartment is fully furnished tv,internet,kitchen,washing machine. about 10 min from markaz fajr and Al-ibaanah, and about 5 min from markaz kalimah.
    rent is 700 le for the room
    e-mail: for more details.

  268. Shabir UK
    17 July 2012
    Asalaam Alykum

    Brothers& Sisters I am arriving in Cairo on 24th July inshallah and I am looking for 2bed apartment or villa air conditioned near Merkaz Fajr as I have my wife 10years old daughter with me it would be nice if there is other european families living near by if any body have any thing or know of any place please let me know.
    My email is

  269. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I have been asked to inquire about two things:

    1) The availability of private tuition Arabic in Alexandria. Could you let me know the cost and who the teacher is.

    2) The cost and availibilty of a flat for 6 weeks (mid December 2012 until January 2013).

  270. Asalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters

    Can someone please help me with my study plan. I am really anxious as to know what way to go forward. My aim is to eventually study the quran in depth.

    I have only completed book1 bayna yadayk here in the uk via private tuition.but i have done some sarf and nahw before.

    If i go to cairo egypt next month will i learn well following this plan? Or is there a better plan.

    1.5 hour bayna yadayk book2 then book 3 or an alternative reading book for vocab building.
    1 hour nahw ibn saud starting from level 2 and progressing
    1 hour sarf ibn saud starting from level 2 and progressing

    This will be through private tuition .

    Is bayna yadayk book 3 worth doing or is there some other book i can switch to because
    people say it is an overkill with vocab

    Shall i do it like above or shall i jusr focus on bayna yadayk series.

    please reply borthers and sisters.

    May Allah swt reward everyone.

  271. yes , you can but at least you have studied 1000 hours before at least ,less than this your chance is very weak akhi

    Or you can finish without any benefit

    May Allah make it easy for you :-)


    About 85m2: 3 bedrooms, livingroom, bathroom, kitchen, little hall in the middle.

    Everything is new renovated.

    Bathroom with bathtube, marble sink, douche and heater – the whole place is tiled

    Kitchen with marble sink – the whole place is tiled

    All walls are painted in beige (sandy)

    Every window is made of aluminium and protected glass, outside iron bars

    Two frontdoors: one of wood and one of iron.

    Price: 35.000 euro

    ajeebmuslim@ yahoo. com (without the open spaces)

  273. Salam,

    any students currently in Nasr City looking for a roommate? I am looking for some good students to live with in a sanitary apartment. Please contact me at waleed_2055[at]hotmail[dot]com

  274. Salaamu 3alaikoum,

    I am looking for an apartment to rent in hay thaymin (district 8). I am a student who want to stay for 3 years insha Allah. price 1200 – 1500 egypt pounds.

    Please contact me at 01093228245

  275. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.

    Is learning Arabic in Cairo better than learning it in Yemen?

    I heard Yemen has the best pronunciation. Is this true?

    I would love to learn it from the best source.

    Please reply asap because I need to make a decision now.

    Barakallahu fikum.

    • w3lykum asslam wa rahmat Allah w barakatuh akhi

      No doubt that in every language on earth there are two levels of usage , 1st is the fus-ha = the ideal way ,2nd is the slang = street’s language !, and that’s in every where .(USA, France , Germany ,…etc )

      It’s the same in Arab countries too , No Arab country speaks the correct Arabic in the streets at all ! Even Saudi or Yemen .

      Since Arabic is related to Islam and the prophet (PBUH) said : that religion will be strange again as it was when it appeared in the beginnings of dawah in Makkah , so Muslims now mostly not practising Islam ,which is related to Arabic (Fus-ha) becase of this they do not practise correct Arabic ,and this is a sign which increases our believing in what the prophet said (PBUH)

      So you can not find what you imagine, that a community is practising correct Arabic .

      As for the best country -of course Egypt ! for many reasons on top of them – it’s Alazhar University which has the best linguists who wrote useful books and taught excellent teachers , also it’s known that almadinah university takes some books from alazhar to teach the students over there in Saudi

      I have a lot to say Actually ,but I hope that helpful Inshallah

      May Allah guide all of us to the right path

      wsslamu3lykum :-)

      • Wa alaykumus salam.

        Thanks for your reply.

        I’m aware that Egypt is the best place to learn Arabic & Qur’an and that Saudi schools hire Egyptian lecturers to teach Arabic courses. I’m also aware that one cant find fus-ha on the Arab streets….

        I was told that Yemenis and Syrians have the best pronunciations. Yemenis are also the original Arabs, so I’m guessing that’ll probably make their street slang pronunciation sound more like fus-ha compared to others.

        I recently got to listen to a lot of nasheed in another Arabic dialect and it somehow improved my pronunciation of proper fus-ha without sounding exactly like the dialect. I could also distinguish between the two….

        Please note that I’m talking about pronunciation and I don’t think its more important than grammar and other branches of the language.

        Some brothers from London, who studied in Saudi, really impressed me with their spoken Arabic. The ones I know from Egypt speak like they’re still learning… plus I heard an Egyptian Arabic teacher accidentally pronounce another letter as “z”.

        Learning Arabic is just the first step/milestone to my goal. If the pronunciation in Yemen is best, I’d rather start there then do advanced courses in Egypt while studying qira’ah there. That way I’d be able to get the best of both sides. Else, I’ll just do everything in Egypt.

        Please know that I don’t disagree with you in anything. I just want to make sure I make the right decision.

        Jazakallahu khayr.

  276. Salam Alai Kum … there used to be an Arabic by Radio course conducted out of Egypt. It used to be called Radio Egypt or something like that. Does anyone know whether it still exists?

    They used to send free books to those interested anywhere in the world.

  277. salaams ,
    i am a student looking to share an apartment with brothers in either hay ashir or most preferably hay sabi3. does anyone know of any spare rooms going in either of these 2 areas?

    • wa alaikom as salaam wa rahmatullah,
      English Brother, where are you staying currently?
      Please leave your email address so someone can contact you directly.

  278. Asalaamu alaikum,

    I am Sister looking to share appartment with Sisters. I am studying Arabic at Al Ibanah and im from the UK.

    If anyone knows any appartments in Haiy Ashr or Haiy Thamin please let me know.

    jazak’Allah khayrun

    • Salam sister,

      Are you currently in cairo, if you are can you please tell us more about al ibaanah? I mean some people say its great and some people say its too grammer oreinted and you end of weak in the speaking side.

      Can you or some one else please give some more info in terms of results expected from this institute.

      I ask because i will either study at al ibaana or have private tuition going through the bayna yadayk book2.

      If any one can help please do.

      I am

    • Room availble ( Only for girls ) in the last of Mostafa nahas , Azbt el hagana area Nasr city. The area is the beggining of a local area . Our street is kind of sandly but quiet. The flat is almost empty but is clean and just new built good ceramic and big . The room has its bed just without cupboard or table but big enought to dowload your lugguege :) . There is no washer machine or t.v as I took it empty . Regarding kitchen there is electric kitchen and some tools for cook :). The building is still under construction but our flat is done. Rent is 400 l.e per month :) + Deposit. No bills at all . If u r Interested inbox me first then call at 01069431830 . You will be sharing with a Venezuelan girl :)

  279. Wa alaikum salaam,

    Yes its true Ibanah does focus on grammar but this is not a downfall. This in effect provides you with a strong foundation for studying the language. Personally I have found it beneficial and intend to complete my studies with it.

    The Arabic Language is Vast and I think you just have to find what approach works best for you. Conversation does tend to be weak. But you can do 2-3 days a week private lessons for a couple of hours with a teacher for just that and maybe go through the Bayna ya Daik Book alongside Ibanah in order to build up your vocabulary.

    And Allah Most High Knows best.

  280. Salaamalikum,

    I am looking to share a room in a flat or find accomadation with 1 or 2 brothers in Haya Saba (around Makram Ebeid / Nasr Road) in Nasr City.

    I am from the UK, working in Cairo for a year and in need of good Muslim company. I am looking for a clean, modern flat – my budget is around the 1900EGP. If there are two of us we can find a good flat, if there are three, then a more comfortable apartment is an option.

    Please email me on

  281. aassalamalaikom wa rahmatullah,

    i’m looking for shared housing starting mid december if any of the brothers have anything to offer or are looking for a roommate please let me know JazakAllahKhayr
    PS: please reply to this msg with email adress and i will email back BarakAllahFekk

  282. I got this website from my pal who told me about this web
    site and now this time I am visiting this site and reading very informative articles here.


  283. is there any girl hostel in al azhar university for international students ………em from pakistan and gonna adm there…..can any one tell me how one can live alone there ? is university provide facility of hostels ?especially for girls ?

  284. Optimism in Arabic language

    One of the aspects of optimism in Arabic is that we call the person who was bitten by a snake or scorpion (Saleem ) which means literally the sound or the healthy , completely the opposite !

    Also as for the travelling caravan , we call it (qafelah) which means literally ( the coming soon), Despite it’s leaving !

    This and other examples reflects the hardships which were in their lives , and how they tried to face it Practically and theoretically.

    There is a message behind that telling you : Smile whatever happens :-)

    As for now what about your language ? Do you have some thing like that in your language ?

  285. Room availble ( Only for girls ) in the last of Mostafa nahas , Azbt el hagana area Nasr city. The area is the beggining of a local area . Our street is kind of sandly but quiet. The flat is almost empty but is clean and just new built good ceramic and big . The room has its bed just without cupboard or table but big enought to dowload your lugguege :) . There is no washer machine or t.v as I took it empty . Regarding kitchen there is electric kitchen and some tools for cook :). The building is still under construction but our flat is done. Rent is 400 l.e per month :) + Deposit. No bills at all . If u r Interested inbox me first then call at 01069431830 . You will be sharing with a Venezuelan girl :)

  286. Can anyone recommend a good private tutor. I will be coming to egypt on the 15th December for 1 year.

    I am willing to pay upto 30egyption pounds per hour. I want to study a minimum of 3 hours a day and a maximum of 5 hours private study.

    I am looking for a teacher with experience of teaching Bayna Yadayk series and Ibn Saud Series.

    I have completed bayna yadayk book 1 here in the UK.

    Please help me with names and numbers of private tutors that you can recommend.

    If anyone knows of Markaz Aldiwan and their private lessons please feel free to comment as if I cant find a private tutor myself I will most likely study with Aldiwan.

    • السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Dear students,
      I would like to offer my services in teaching Arabic as a second language.
      This for the brothers, who would like to live and learn in Alexandria inshAllah.
      Here is private lessons and semi-private as well.
      Purposes of Students:
      The curriculum and it’s details and way of teaching can cover these purposes:
      Understanding Quran and Sunnah.
      Working in field of translation.
      Working in the field of teaching .
      Comparative Linguistic studies.
      Preparing for Alazhar’s studying and exams .
      Introduction for studying Islamic mother books.
      The curriculum :
      1-’Al Kitab Al Asasi’ (3 volumes) by ALECSO (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation).
      2-” Alarabyya byna Yadika”(3 volumes)by Arabic for all organization .
      3-The Quranic Programm (Lughat Al-Quran)
      4 -The lexical Programme.(Alqamoos)
      5 -Articles and language of media on Aljazeera website.
      6 -Conversation course.
      7-Free Reading
      If you are interested please contact me by:

      My skypname:key.conquest

  287. I will be arriving on dec 15th inshallah, I need a flat in the madinat nasr district. Does any one have anything available because at the moment i will check into a hostel in down town cairo. my budget is around 2000ep per month. looking for good muslim brothers to share with. tel no is 07466153094

  288. Assalamualikum Warehmatullah
    I have been reading the blog for past few months and have been doing research – one thing is for sure that a few years have passed since updates started on this page – Allahamdullilah

    I am planning to go to Cairo and study with Al-Diwan at Nasr City branch InshAllah

    1. I plan to stay for a month to 6 weeks for an intensive one to one to cram in as much as i can ( I have completed Medina Book 1-2 and have had a fair bit of introduction to Arabic, my weak points are vocabulary and speaking i guess, I am intrested in Fusha

    2. I plan to bring my wife along

    After reading the comments and doing research online i have a few questions,.

    a) How / where to stay in the initial days untill one can fond a place to rent? – closer to Al-Diwan – are there any good reputable hotels close to the centre?

    b) What is the current Rent costs for a 1-2 Bed flat in good area close to Al-Diwan

    c) Is it safe for Women/Sisters in Nasr City as after reading the blogs i am affraid about my wife being there ( it seems it doesnt matter if one wears hijab or not)

    d) How easy is it to get a flat arranged quickly as i want to keep the costs low as possible.

    Jazakallah khairan for your help and may Allah accept the good work you all are doing

    Abdullah ibn Jarrah

  289. assalamalikum i wil coming cairo for learning arabic with my family. can any body give me idea how much rental cost for two bedroom flat in hay 10 area or 8th district akir metro in nasar area. and how much food cost and bills for 3 people for monthly

  290. Aassalamalaikom,
    i am coming dec 15th InshaaAllah and need a shared place with brothers to stay, please let me know if anyone is looking for a roomate. BarakAllahFeek

  291. Assalaam alaikom brother abu Muhammed and Ali, insha Allah i will be arriving on the 21st and so far haven’t found any place to stay, have you found anything and if so what contact did you use. You can contact me at

    I am looking at the swissery area, anywhere near Markaz Kalimah, I prefer to share a flat inshaAllah..

  292. Salam aleikum
    I am looking for an apartment to share with sisters in Nasr city close to al Fajr center or any other arabic language school. If you have any info, please reply back here.

  293. There is a room available ( For females ) in the Last of Mostafa Nahas in Ohod Street , near of akihr metro , ( Nasr City ) at 15 minutes walking to Fajr Center institute , very near of Fajr Center for Arabic studies . price 650 L.e plus tamin (Deposit ) 650 l .e.. Bills about 10 l.e per month.The transportacion is about 7 minutes walking from home to the main street ( akihr metro). The flat is almost empty i am the one who is furniture it , but the room has its bed just no cupboard . There is an electric cooker .Tools for cook etc, it has washer machine :) but no sofas or chairs . the building is still under construction but our flat is done . The floor is the number 6 with no elevator but easy to get up . The area is kind of sandy, and kind of local not fancy and not much asphalt but near anything what u need like shops for fruits, vegetable, pharmacies etc . There is no heater so what i do is heat the water with the cooker :) (heater will be brought soon for the owner ) Is perfect for students who seek for save some money if you are interest please call me at 01018880265 ( text me first plz , as i dont reply unknow numbers ) :) you will be sharing with a Venezuelan girl. My email

  294. A Room is available in the last of Mostafa nahas , and Ohod street . ( Nasr City ). 10 minutes walking to reach Fajr Center. 550 l.E for females or males :) . The flat is half furniture it. it has a heater a washer machine , a cooker and tools for cook. The fridge will be brought for the owner soon. The room has its bed just (not yet cupboard) but is big enough to download your luggage . The building is still under construction but our flat is done . Floor 6 no elevator but is very clean. New ceramic floor . You will be sharing with a Venezuelan girl . If u r interested call me at 01018880265 or inbox me . :)

  295. Aaassalamlaikom wa rahmatullah,
    just to let my brothers know and sisters with mahram that if you plan on coming then have everything prearranged through someone close that you have known from before. Come with more then the time you expect to stay for any unforseen circumstances. Stay close to where you will be studying, bring medicines water filter, sanitizer and some basic things that you use on a daily basis for startup. Exchange rates here maybe better but come with enough to get started or you can check the rates when you arrive at the airport. Bring you unlocked phone and laptop if needed. Voltage is 220 or 250 im not sure and they use the round pins here for plugs. If you knnow what books you will be going over then bring a copy, through you can find it here but chances are it maybe a photocopy and ive seen them split the book in parts and sell it. Watch you money and yourself specially around “CARS/MOTORBIKES/BUSES” and people in general.

  296. A Room is available in the last of Mostafa nahas , and Ohod street . ( Nasr City ). 8 minutes walking to the main road. 550 l.E for females or males :) .The whole flat 1200 no broker fees, bills 50 l.e per month. The flat is half furniture. Heater and washer machine , an electric cooker and tools for cook. The fridge will be brought for the owner soon. The room has its bed just (not yet cupboard) but is big enough to download your luggage . The building is still under construction but our flat is done . Floor 6 no elevator but is very clean. New ceramic floor, and new painted. If u r interested call at 01018880265 Thanks :)

    • Shukran Mayuly :) but please only advertise if the flat is ‘women-only’ or ‘men-only’. I’m not entirely sure what you meant by ‘for females or males’ as you previously said it will be shared with another female. I’m afraid we can’t have adverts for mixed flat-sharing on here. Hopefully, it’s just a misunderstanding, but please do clarify! Thank you.

  297. Assalamu Alaikum Sis Fajr

    I would really appreciate it if you could email me as I have an important question to ask regarding Arabic studies for woman. I could not find an email address to contact you on.

    My email is

  298. Accusative Case : ِحَالَةُ النَّصْب The form of a noun or noun phrase which shows that it functions as the direct object of the verb in a sentence .
    For example , in the German sentence : Ursula Kaufte einen neuen Tisch = Ursula bought a new table .
    in the noun phrase einen neuen Tisch, the article ein and the adjective neu have the inflectional ending -en to show that the noun phrase is in the accusative case because it is the direct object of the verb .

    Arabic also has the same case , for example : Darabtu Zaydan = I hit zaid , the ending (an) is regarded as the sign of being in the accusative case .

    Note : This feature (accusative case) is not in English , it’s in some languages like ; Arabic , Russian , Deutsche , and Latin .

  299. salamalaikom,
    i am looking for an apartment upto 800le unfurnished in hayy al asher, if anyone knows of any please reply here and i can conact you, i am already in egypt. I’m looking for it urgently. JazakAllahKhayr

  300. Rooms for rent are available for brothers only. Starting 500le plus bills shared in a big fully furnished place by Hayy Al Asher. Shops/market/arabic markaz etc all located walking distance. Safe area with many students living around and uniformed security guards. Leave your email adress here if interested and i’ll email back.

  301. asalamu alykum bro&sis am coming to egypt soon inchu allah, I heard about a new college called Nile Education Center has any1 heard of it if so pls le me know thanks.

  302. FOR SALE:

    Apartment NASR CITY, Cairo.

    3 bedrooms, livingroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall. Total 85 m2

    Nice, bright and clean. Everything is new.

    Outside protected by iron bars.

    Excellent for those who want to make hijrah or want to study in Egypt for a long time.

    See for yourself.

  303. To see pictures of the apartment hold Crtl and F at the same time (search-function) and copy-paste the date of my last post: September 30, 2012 2:40 pm.

    In that post you will find the link. Because I’m unable to put the link in the above post.

  304. Asalamu Alykum:

    I am planning to study the Summer Intensive course (Ibn Aqeel) at the Fajr Centre in June 2013. Please can any brothers or sisters who have attended this course before or currently studying in the above course provide some feedback?

    I will also be looking for accommodation; it could be a single room, 1 bed apartment or, a 2 bed apartment to share with a brother. Please let me know if you have tips/advice.

    Also, can you please suggest decent areas close to the Fajr Centre? As I will be studying at the Nasr City campus – how much should I be budgeting for lodging and food for 2 months?

    Many Thanks

    Regards / Wasalaam

  305. jAslaamalakum ,
    Thank you for all the information you have all benefited us with in this blog. I have a few questions about travelling to Egypt to study with my wife during the summer, we have little knowledge of Arabic but inshaAllah we will be studying hard for the next few months:
    1. Which institute do you recommend, we don’t know which one to choose from: Al Diwan, Al Fajr and Aleem? The cost of Al Diwan is more expensive but we will be studying privately, is this a good option as we are going for the summer intensive.
    2. Can you elaborate a little more on what we expect to do in levels 1-4 at Al Diwan so we can prepare ourselves before we go and start on a higher level inshaAllah?
    3. Which area/branch would you recommend for us: Nasr City, Maadi or Garden City?
    4. Is there a difference between the branches as the Maadi and Garden City tend to be more expensive?

  306. As-salamu Alaikum, how are you? I’m sorry, I know this may have nothing to do with arabic studying but I was wondering if you could recommend a certified institute that teaches Islamic studies in English? Roughly for about two months.. Just the basics in Fiqh and Shariaa.. Jazakum Allah Kheir! Thanks

  307. Sat. March 30, 2013

    BROTHERS: Two vacant rooms available ASAP in furnished 3-bedroom apartment next to FAJR (RENT is 800 EGP)

    Aasalamu Aalaykum

    *Feel free to forward to others*

    I have been living in this apartment since January 2012. It’s clean and right beside Fajr Center (Nasr City). One roommate went back to France today, and the other moved to Akhir Metro. To see the apartment/rooms, please contact me. JazakAllahu Khair. Contact: 01156878942 or


    1. Rent per room: 800 EGP
    2. Contract: 4 months
    3. Two full bathrooms
    4. Fully furnished
    5. *One room has A/C, the other does not.
    The room without A/C will be exempt from paying the electricity bill.
    6. Washing Machine, Fridge, Stove, etc…

    ***Others Costs***

    -Bawaab fee (doorman) – 33 EGP per month
    -Electricity ~ 40 EGP month
    -Deposit – 800 EGP (you will get this back inshAllah, the landlord is fairly reasonable and just)

    *** FEW PHOTOS ATTACHED (pictures were taken today)***

    Contact: 01156878942 or

  308. Asslamu3lykum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh

    ASAL teachines Quran and Arabic for non Arabic speakers

    We teach students Quran with Tajweed either with the purpose of memorizing or just reading, for all ages in different levels.
    Teaching Arabic to non Arabic students means that our mission is to make the student able to understand Arabic conversation, speak in Arabic with native Arabs, read Arabic texts, and compose articles and letters in correct Arabic.
    This is accomplished by training the learner in the four skills of language (Listening, speaking, reading, and writing).
    The four skills are presented in our basic programme ( Alarabyah Byna Yadyka ).
    Educational levels : in ASAL the learner advances through a series of educational levels (Beginner level , Intermediate level , and advanced level ) .
    Also we offer a super advanced level for the students who want to become more advanced in Arabic language .
    Forms of study: ASAL offers three forms of study as follows:
    Group class- where learners are in a competitive atmosphere.
    Private class- for learners who find difficulty in studying with a group.
    Semi private class- where the advantages of private and group class are combined.
    Methodology: ASAL has very qualified teachers who realize the different needs of learners and the best ways of teaching
    Arabic, which is why our method of teaching is flexible .
    We offer Arabic language immersion as a method of teaching alternatively , we also offer the students the choice of learning Arabic through the medium of their first language.
    In ASAL we know that students want to learn Arabic for many different reasons . For example , some students want to prepare for Alazhar exam ; some students are interested in comparative linguistics ; some students are interested in translation ; some students are interested in Arabic literature ; some students are interested in Islamic studies ; lastly some students only have only the time or desire to study the basics of the Arabic language.

  309. Looking for a room or house?? Add as us as a facebook-friend! Who are we? We are ‘Students in Cairo’ (Nasr City). We connect al the brothers en sisters in Cairo. If you need help or a house/room, don’t hestitate to leave a message on our facebook account and we will help you insha Allah! PLS Share! link:

  310. Asslamu3lykum brothers and sisters

    Just a very important advice …… please be away from Filthy Christians in Egypt as much as you can these days ……. Because they will try to provoke us especially the practicing Muslims ……. also especially if they know that you are not Arabic people ……… All of you take care …..take care of kids and women ……..try not to go to out alone ……try to be in a group as much as you can ………………May Allah protect all Muslims form all harms ……………May Allah destroy their plots and plans ……..Ameen

    و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

      • Thank you for your advice ……… and also take mine please : Do not judge what you do not know ! Christians in Egypt are not as same as any Christians …………Please go and read their history and then decide what to say ………… The person who is talking to you is Egyptian Muslim and understand exactly what I’m saying ………………….!!!!!!!.

  311. Alketabu Alasasi .

    This three – part course in Modern Standard Arabic for non -native speakers approaches the language through a series of themed topics : Daily life in the Arab world , politics and governance , literature and the arts ,science and medicine , astronomy …etc
    Concentrating principally on listening and speaking skills .
    In each section ,vocabulary is built up as various linguistic structures and strategies are introduced and practiced in a clear introduction to Arabic grammar.
    A CD accompanies Volume 1,and in addition to a full glossary of vocabulary items at the end of each volume (with meanings in both English and French ) , a supplementary Lexicon gives a complete key to the vocabulary of all three books in four languages:
    English ,French, German,and Spanish.
    Comprehensive and easily digestible ,varied and informative , these books make an ideal basis for a classroom – based course in Arabic anywhere in the world.

    For more info Please visit our website :

  312. For sale

    An apartment in Nasr City, Cairo.

    3 bedrooms
    1 livingroom
    1 bathroom with bath-tube, entirely tiled
    1 kitchenroom with kitchen-closets and marble blade
    1 hall in the center

    Entirely renovated, new paint and new tiles, new doors and new windows. Everything new. With iron protection bars at the outside of windows and entry door.

    Ground floor.

    For photo’s mail to

  313. assalamu alaykum wr wb
    ill be coming to egypt around july and would like to study at fajr centre one located in nasr city inshallah i dont really know anyone from egypt so is there any sisters that could help me please i have some questions i wanted to ask to any of those sisters who are currently staying and studying in egypt and any sisters looking for roommates plz contact me @

  314. Asslamu3lykum Wa rahmat Allah w barakatuh

    There is a flat in Alexandria available in this summer , in Miami area , at the same building of our Arabic school ASAL ( …. Three rooms with wide reception,and bathroom and kitchen , it has a super luxe furniture …For more information please see our contact details if interested


  315. This is the summer intensive course 2013:

    Course duration:

    80 hours per 20 days as follows:

    4 hours per day, 5 days per week .

    The target:

    Completing the first volume of ( Alarabyah byna ydyak) .

    The goal (Gained skills):

    At the end of this course the student will master the minimum of the language four skills : Listening
    skill , speaking skill , reading skill ,and writing skill .

    The student will be able to speak in Arabic about daily life situations with Arab people in a clear language.

    The student will be well prepared to study the other two books from the same series.

    The requirements:

    This course requires

    - Student knows the Arabic alphabet.

    - Student can read and write in Arabic. (Regardless of his quality in that )

    - It’s preferable that the student knows the last chapter from Quran.

    The fees:

    Private class: 30 EGP per hour.

    Semi private class: 20 EGP (each student) per hour.

    Group class: 700 EGP (5 students at least)

    • Salamalaikom wa rahmatullah
      I was wondering if anyone can give some details on obtaining a longer visa to stay as compared to the usual three month being issued in Cairo with a limited number of renewals. Jazakallahkhayr

  316. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    نظرا لما تمر به الأمة المسلمة عامة في كل مكان و خاصة في مصر
    أنصح إخواني في الله أن يتجنبوا الأماكن التي فيها مظاهرات أو اشتباكات وألا يخرج واحد بمفرده , فلا تخرجوا إلا في جماعات
    فهذه حرب على الإسلام و المسلمين وسوف ينهزم الجمع و يولون الدبر بإذن الله تعالى
    ولكنه ابتلاء ليميز الله الخبيث من الطيب
    الله ناصرنا هو مولانا و نعم النصير

    حفظكم الله تعالى
    و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته





    Assalamu `alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

    Indeed all praise belongs to Allah Almighty, we are pleading for help, forgiveness and protection, there is nothing that can prevent it if He wills, and whoever does not receive guidance from Allah SWT woe to him both in the world and the Hereafter no one can help him. Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi walaa ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar.
    we are grateful for all the blessings that God has given to us the treasure delights, health, longevity and especially favors the faith of Islam.
    Sholawat and greetings hopefully devoted to the Prophet Muhammad SAW who has been communicating the message, and bring salvation to the people to live spiritual and physical perfection of the world hereafter, we expect including his people who got syafa `at Her later in yaumil end, amen.
    allow us to say with this simple and short profosal presented to Mr. and Mrs., with the intention of the media or intermediator to explain the development plan MADRASAH, orphanage and kindergarten SCHOOL AL-QUR`AN AS-ASLAAMU.
    of course, we expect real support both morally and materially, as one of the waqf, infaq and sodaqoh jariyah for Mr. and Mrs., because in principle, Allah was the one who had been moving your generosity to continue to air sodaqoh because according to the promise of Allah will be doubled charity both in the world and in the hereafter, and the hadith the prophet: … the people who will be woken her a palace in paradise God, because God has built homes in this earth. ameen yaa Rabbal `Alamin.

    Our area is not a little building madrassas, and schools kindergarten but have not been able to absorb the whole school age children who can not feel the school, there are still many children who are not schooled by his family especially children orphaned due to hit the cost issue , of course this will lead to future growth and development of basic mental and spiritual if not religious education or less powerful, has many examples of children who do not have money for both school children who are still complete with their parents or children fatherless and motherless children are now aged about teens, see the interaction is very worried about how his future, we can only grieve can not do anything about it. for that we want to start to hold a change, if that is at issue is the cost of school we will work together to fight together to save the next generation, it’s never too late to solving our intention that this may be a concern anyway schools the high cost of implementing in order to be wise again to see the current economic conditions are increasingly alarming. Are we going to close our eyes, closed ears, close our hearts do not want to know or say to hell with our children, if we do not feel afraid of the future of our children are exposed to negative things that in fact we all know that it will be happened to the children of our future if we all did not care and indifference. Sometimes our good intentions was booed even suspicion no other intention, but for us let us be always ask help from Allah SWT that embody our ideals and our business is waging all, amen. Various problems were felt by our citizens and especially our outside environment is generally good school fees, education and infrastructure, including student residence / students be time no longer make problems for them, but the problem we have to find the solution.

    s has been described above in the establishment madrsah his background, orphanages and schools kindergarten al qur`an is the intent and purpose is to assist and complement the shortcomings of the schools, the madrassas or schools kindergarten current our environment especially in terms of shelter its students, educational materials are mainly in terms of financing. In this case we intend to madrasa education and shelter we will InsyaAlloh for all its students-students are not charged including clothes, daily food, books etc..
    Our aim ages 4 and 5 years old kindergartens began to be forged in the Qur` an, so that graduates enter primary school ahead of time is expected to be able to read and write Latin and read and memorize the verses of the Qur `an and foreign languages such as English. Also the students at the school either following extra curricular after school or students learning the focus was expected to be madrasah students-students who qualified in addition to formal and informal education, as it may be curriculum religious instruction in schools and the focus is not so much the depth graduates of elementary school students can not read the Qur’an’s verses.


    Madrasah Orphanage And Schools Preschool Al Qur an AS ASLAAMU InsyaAlloh U.S. will be built on private land certified locations are located:

    Village: Gandasari
    Hometown: Mulyasari
    Subdistrict: Katapang
    District: Soreang Bandung-West Java
    Rights: Owned
    Certificate No: 2298
    Land area: 334 m2


    Hopefully for this development we only have a piece of land that size is not too large, we only have the intention and dream for the construction of the madrasa, intentions and hopefully our dream will be realized by God, amen. Of course we always hope to God there is an extended arm of Allah through donors or anyone who wants to jointly realize the good intentions, the size is not a measure of participation for this development, the most important of the many people who have it we expect a sense of harmony and a sense of brotherhood, we believe the small money will we collect and the more people who will support the better in the eyes of Allah Almighty, may it be the means of gathering and making savings for future Hereafter. Hopefully this development will be realized, amen.
    The costs required to build madrassas, orphanages and schools kindergarten al qur `an with a budget plan for Rp.1.408.500.000, – (one billion four hundred million five hundred thousand dollars) development will be implemented gradually adjusted to the financial condition due to the soil is ready wake up. Infaq givers and donors, both individuals and institutions sodaqoh, can be submitted directly or through accounts MADRASAH DEVELOPMENT, ORPHANAGE AND KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL AL QUR`AN into account:

    - Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) no. 0769-61-002313-50-2
    Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) no. 00092-01-50-008675-1
    call 081224544694 a / n Dani Hermawan, SE

    334m2 land

    Example building mosque

    Madrasah building taken from the sample (homestead DARUSSALAM AL AZHAR)

    Rooms orphan students

    School building kindergartens


    Thus Profosal Madrsah development, Orphanage and Nursery School Al Qur`an is delivered great hope would we deign fathers and mothers can all listen, examine and explore more deeply the meaning and significance as well as the benefits and wonders that can be used as savings sodaqoh hereafter, we believe that God will bring her grace and guidance in each of the human heart and the intention of his desire awakened in the paradise of Allah SWT palace, amen. as in Al-Qur`an Allah SWT :


    “And what do you infaq right, He will replace it (QS An-Nisa: 39)”
    “The likeness of those who infaq right clicking their wealth in the way of Allah is a case of a seed that grows from seven rods and each rod that produces a hundred seeds. Allah multiply the reward for whomever He wills, and Allah is All-Knower area of giftedness. (QS Al Baqarah: 261) “… amen yaa rabbal alamin …

    Bandung, June 26, 2013
    Madrasah Development Committee, Orphanage and Nursery School AS ASLAAMU
    Gandasari village sub district Katapang Soreang

    DANI HERMAWAN, SE Mr. Ustdz. Adi Kusmana, BA.
    Chairman of the Executive Secretary

    Knowing and Approve,

    Mr. Drs. Asep Mulyana Mr. Bangbang Mr. Drs. Agusman
    Head of the Indonesian Ulema Council Chairman chairman RT chairman RW11
    Kab.Soreang region


    1. Project Title : Development Committee Madrasa, Orphanage and
    Schools Kindergarten AL QUR`AN AS ASLAAMU
    2. Office Address : Permata Indah Complex Cingcin D.71 Ds. Cingcin
    district Soreang Kab. Bandung.
    3. Composition of the Committee :

    a. Protector : – Head of the Indonesian Ulema Council District.
    Bandung : Mr. Drs. Asep Mulyana
    – Chairman of the RW. 11 : Mr. Drs. Agusman
    – Chairman of RT. 06 : Mr. Ustdz. Bangbang
    b. Chairman : – Mr. Dani Hermawan, SE
    c. Chief Executive
    development : – Mr. A. Warsa S.A.
    d. Advisory :
    – Mr. Ustdz. Dadang Wahidin, Drs.
    e. Secretary : – Mr. Ustdz. Adi Kusmana, BA.
    f. Treasurer : – Mr. Demassah Kardika, ST.
    g. Development Section : – Mr. Ustdz Rohman
    – Mr. Ustdz.Hamid
    h. Public Relations Division : – Mr. Ustdz Hadi – —
    – Mr. ajat

    • Assalamualeykum….I have an interest in attendind the fajr institute for a few months of intense studies. Fajr do you know of any blogs or facebook groups of sisters who are there and cam possibly give me some guidance. BarakAllahu feeki
      Any sisters who are there from the uk who is able to help plz drop me ur email.

  318. Asalamualekum, would like to know how the situation is in cairo post morsi for students who wants to learn arabic… Are foriegn students harassed by agencies, are they giving visas ?
    Can any one provide an update ?

  319. Assallamuy aliekum wb,

    There is a room available to rent 700 LE a month,inclusive, near Fajr Arabic school, in Haya Thamin, Nasr city,Cairo, please call Nerma on 01157759735 or email her on It’s a sisters only flat.

    Assalamu aliekum warahmatulla wabarakatu

  320. My old room in my previous flat is available for a sister to rent insha’Allah. It’s a clean cosy apartment in District 8, about 3-5mins from Fajr center, behind Baladina on Mustafa Nuhas street. A sister is currently living in the flat which is a 2-bedroom on the 4th floor, so sharing with her insha’Allah.

    Rent is 900LE (but will go upto 1000LE in Dec). Other bills are very minimal: Internet 50LE for the month, doorman bill is 55 (to be shared by two) and electricity is usually less than 100LE.

    Please comment here if you are interested or email me on: fajr.wordpress

  321. my name is Ayan Aden Ismail Iam Somalian gril who is lives in Jigjiga Somali Regional State of Ethiopia iam greeting of Islam ofter that iam teresting Markaz tallawah qur,aan
    iam requesting you to givme a visa study

    All thanks to Allah

  322. I just got it a new domain name and slowly fixing things up with a new look, materials and services insha’Allah. MuQeet, yes sorry that’s gone as well as other links.

  323. The linguistic meaning of ( I seek refuge with Allah from The cursed Devil ) = (ِأَعُوذُ بِالله مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيم)

    ( ُالْعُوَّذ) The first linguistic meaning is the meat which is stuck to the bone , and the second meaning is a plant that grows at the lower end of the bark , and is also found under stones , and the third meaning is a bird which lives in a mountain or it’s like .

    ( ُالْعَوَذ ) Is a fallen leaf which has been carried by the wind and has fallen into an opening, such as a window or door .

    ( ُالْعَائِذ ) Refers to a female who has given birth since seven days or less .

    ( ُالْعَوْذ ) It is the place of shelter and protection .

    ( ُالتَّعْوِيذَة ) Means an amulet or talisman .

    The central meaning which can be derived from all the meanings above is that there are two entities in each meaning , one being the stronger entity and the second being the weaker one . So this relationship between the two requires the attachment of the weak to the strong with the purpose of protection and care .

    As we have seen in the word ( ُالْعُوَّذ ) where the meat appears to be seeking shelter and protection from the bone , and the plant from the stones , and the bird from the mountain.

    As the fallen leaf ( ُالْعَوَذ) seeks protection from the narrow openings of solid objects .

    Also the word ( ُالْعَائِذ) refers to the protection of a newborn by its mother ,

    So we can see that all these things have attached themselves to something else which is more competent in protecting them and caring for them .

    Therefore this elegant meaning can be seen in the words of Allah ( ِأَعُوذُ بِاللهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَان ) , where the weak slave asks his Lord to protect him from the evil of the cursed Devil ( الشَّيْطَان ) , just like the meat seeks protection in the bone , and the plant in stone …etc

    In the light of this explanation, we can understand clearly the following verses :

    عُذْتُ : I have sought refuge {Ad-Dukhan : 20}

    أَعُوذُ : I seek refuge {Maryam :18}

    يَعُوذُونَ : Seeking refuge {Al-Jinn : 6}

    أُعِيذُهَا : I seek refuge for her {Al-i-Imran : 36}

    فَاسْتَعِذْ بِاللَّـهِ : then seek refuge in Allah. {Al-A’raf : 200}

    مَعَاذَ اللَّـهِ : I seek the refuge of Allah {Yusuf : 23}

  324. Asalamu alaikum

    I am currently living in the U.K and I am interested in coming to Egypt with my wife and 4 children.

    We would like to learn Arabic and hifz of the quran in sha Allah, can you please let me know where we would be able to achieve this names of institutes, schools, madrassah’s, centres, etc and how much this will cost.

    I have 2 sons aged 6 & 8 years old
    I also have two daughters aged 13 and 16 years old.

    Also any other useful advice about living in Cairo with a family, such as cost of renting a 3 bed apartment, bills etc.

    May Allah reward you

  325. To whom it may Concern :

    Asslamlamu3lykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam and Humanity ,

    I just wanted to warn all of you from dealing with :

    This institute has just taken about 40 thousands EGP from the students and kicked them out without fulfilling the word with them regarding (Studying and accommodation)

    It’s miserable stories I have known one hour ago , they promise to give you everything , and once you get here , they let you down !

    Many students have paid for 6 or 7 months in advance , but finally in vain ! What a shame !

    This is a lesson for all of you who will read my words : Do not trust any one in the middle east unless you try him or her for many times , also none of you pay in advance more than one month , in studying or accommodation !

    The hard times show the true colors of People ! True .

    And now we have seen the true colors of most of Egyptians ! If you do not see it then blame your blind eyes for that !

    And that shows why Muslim countries are having this hard times , because most of us are not honest , punctual and clear as it should . It’s anger from Allah on us !

    May Allah forgive my sins and all of you, and guide us to the rightest path


    • Are they still open? I’m asking because something similar happened to a sister I know, but the manager later retracted his words and said that they’re paying everyone back but just that they have financial problems at the moment.

      I agree, no student should pay in advance. Always travel first to Egypt, visit the centres, then pay only when you’re sure you will attend and study for at least that level. Personally I don’t think people should pay for levels/modules in advance either; take the ‘pay as you go’ route because you never know what will happen down the line.

      • No they closed one week ago in Cairo and Alexandria (All branches) !
        Only in Turkey or online , but even that I do not recommend that any one would deal with them any more .

        They did not turn any money back to anyone , and even the manger -once upon a time- met with the students in the street , said Salam , and left quickly without saying anything about money or so ….. TO this extent they belittle students , and do not care about their money , effort and time !

  326. Waleikum salam wb, Qortoba has not refunded them? If they have then kadirulla, the students can study elsewhere insha Allah. If they have not refunded then they can complain to the embassy and warn of the institution.

  327. No use !

    The embassy said : We do not have anything to do

    We are in the greatest unrest over here , and the coming days will be worse as I see !!

    No one can sue anymore in this miserable country ! :-(

    They can be refunded only in the day of resurrection

    • Assalam alaikum everyone,

      anyone interested in a self help Arabic language guide?

      Learning Arabic is hard when you don’t have a guide. I feel that a lot of people can benefit from the book Get Fluent In Arabic!

      Whilst studying Arabic in Egypt and completing the Arabic language diploma at the Fajr institute in Madinah Nasr. I noticed not just in Egypt but everywhere I go people try and learn Arabic many stop all together saying Arabic is too hard.

      The book explains and shows how and why some people attain fluency whilst others do not despite the many years they may have ”studied” Arabic.
      It really helps you understand how to memorize vocabulary, understand grammar, Balagha, it contains effective language skills development exercises that will help you build your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

      I hope this book will be of much benefit for the ummah inshallah.
      You can order your copy by clicking on the link below. Which also contains at the bottom a review from one of the readers.


      Wasalam alaikum
      Moniur (Shajahan) Rohman

  328. i am ateacher of arabic langyage and shariah . i studied at al azhar university . i have experience in teaching non arab student . i can teach you by skype . my skype is ( muhammed sharawy ) .

  329. Do you need a loan to pay bills or start your own business, you may qualify for a loan now and contact us by e-mail:

    Loan Application

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  330. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah does any of the brothers and sisters on here know about Shaykh Al-Faadil Muhammad Ibraheem Al-Misri Hafidhahullah markaz? i know a brother who is studying their at the moment and 2 or 3 other brothers who have studied their. It’s located in Cairo aswell Allahu’Alum exactly where since im from the U.K. Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajooree Hafidhahullah has praised the Shaykh and the markaz for being upright upon the Sunnah and the Shaykhs Mother even teaches Sisters there Alhamdulillah if anyone is aware of the Markaz i would appreciate it if they could provide me with some in-depth information regarding it barkAllahu feekum. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah.

    • wa alaikom as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
      just a quick reply brother, the Mashaykhs known and recommended here are Sheikh Saeed Raslan, Sheikh Hasan Al Banna, Sheikh Khalid Abdur Rahman, Sheikh Khalid Abu Abdil Ala, Sheikh Tamer Fatouh and their likes. Majority of them teach then cairo with the exception of a few that are out of cairo. I suggest contacting them by going to their website and calling or emailing for advise. BarakAllahfeek

  331. Assalamu ‘alyakum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh

    My name is Ahmed Ashafay
    I am working as an Arabic teacher for foreigners and I really thank Allah for such a great blessing.

    I have gained five years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. I have specialised in comparative linguistics and translation , having graduated in Education from the department of Arabic, Alexandria University, Egypt .

    I would like to offer my free service in Providing the best consultation and advises about:

    1- How to learn Arabic ?

    2- what’s your level in this language ?

    3- How to start a progarmme ?

    4- The best curriculum (advantage and disadvantage )

    5- How to understand this language (Language Keys) ?

    6- The suitable method for you to study .

    7- The different objectives ( Islamic , bussiness , tourism , …etc )

    7- I will tell you everything about (Learning Arabic) from A-Z InshAllah.

    Please remember that :

    1- This is a free service for the reason that I want to spread this language and help students with the common problems and hardships.

    2- This service does not include teaching Arabic , I just tell you how to learn it depending on your situation :

    (Age , Purposes and intentions , personal abilities , level of education , learning experience … ) It means that I design a specific programme for you , which may not suit other people !
    If you are interested , please contact me on my skype :


    Many thanks


  332. abuumaraishah: if youre asking about the Furqaan Arabic school (by his masjid) then when i asked last time which was sometime between nov-dec it was not open,however as of a week ago one of the former student told me it’s open (needs to confirmed), however there is one branch in ashir which ive herd is ran by them if youre here you can ask details on their program and cost its close to suq siyaarat.

  333. Can someone give more details about Sheikh Raslan’s school in Cairo and/or his village?

    I am currently in Cairo (hayy al-aashir) so please give SPECIFIC directions where his markaz is.

    Also same question about the other recommended shayouk:
    Sheikh Hasan Al Banna, Sheikh Khalid Abdur Rahman, Sheikh Khalid Abu Abdil Ala, Sheikh Tamer Fatouh

    Please give SPECIFIC directions to their markaz and/or their current phone numbers.


    • Brother specific directions in egypt rarely exist. All of them are vague as the place is setup vaguely , whats your email adress? one of the brothers from Aashir can take you along InshaAllah.

  334. Shukran for the reply

    I would not like to post my email on the web forum, but if the school has a business phone number/email, please post that and I will contact them inshaAllah.

    But I think I should be able to find it if you know where it is. I don’t mean specific directions with street names and numbers, but I mean just describe in detail where it is (eg. past the KFC, left at the grocery store, etc.) What is the name of Sh.Raslan’s school?

  335. Any information about Sh. Raslan’s school in Cairo would be appreciated:

    - Ph.number/email
    - Directions
    - Name of school
    - anything else to help find it ….


  336. Asalamualekum, I am planning to move to cairo can someone help
    What is the rent for a 2 / 3 bed in Nasr city Hay 10 unfurnished for a long term lease
    I know it depends upon the condition and location but generally how much it will cost.

  337. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

    And do not conceal testimony, for whoever conceals it – his heart is indeed sinful, and Allah is Knowing of what you do. (Albaqara :283)

    According to this verse think not about coming to Egypt , you or any other foreigner (Muslim or non) , especially with a family !
    I’m Egyptian and aware of the situation as a whole , Non Muslim country is better than Egypt at this moment !

  338. brother go behind shabana in aashir its there
    Mansoor the prices vary quite a bit on a lot of things and the lease is usually 1 yr so they can hike the rent after that

  339. As-salaamu ‘aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    I am Canadian and planning to study in al-Ibaanah institute sometime this year inshaa’Allah, I am looking for rooms to rent with sisters if any are attending there. Please let me know here is my email:

    Also if anyone has any advice or some insight on the situation there right now in Nasr City, Cairo please share. I would