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“And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colours. Verily, in that are indeed signs for men of sound knowledge.”  [al-Roum: 22]

Welcome to Fajr-Literary (previously known as the Fajr blog).

I’ve decided to go for a new look and get a proper domain name (I hear you say ‘finally!’ huh?). I should’ve done it a long time ago to be honest, but I didn’t think the blog would last this long or get this far! Alhamdulillah, I guess it’s here to stay like a stubborn cat :)

I initially decided to create this blog because I needed somewhere to store the Islamic articles that I write. I felt I needed a secure place after having lost some original writings and also seeing what a mess loose papers can make!

So I thought a blog would be good…

Over the course of 7 years, many articles (both written and translated) have been placed up here as well as some books but gradually, the focus of the blog has turned towards the field of Literature, Personal Writings & Authoring and Tarbiyyah: education, training, and personal development, in the hope that we can take what we read on here and place it into our lives allowing us to live in a beautiful and correct manner, which is pleasing to Allah `azza wa jall.

Ibn al-Qayyim said in one of his works:

فبين العمل وبين القلب مسافة وفي تلك المسافة قطاع تمنع وصول العمل إلى القلب, فيكون الرجل كثير العمل وما وصل منه إلى قلبه محبة ولا خوف ولا رجاء ولا زهد في الدنيا ولا رغبة في الآخرة ولا نور يفرق بين أولياء الله وأعدائه وبين الحق والباطل, ولا قوة في أمره فلو وصل أثر الأعمال إلى قلبه لاستنار وأشرق ورأى الحق والباطل وميز بين أولياء الله وأعدائه

‘There is a distance between a deed and the heart. Along that distance are certain obstacles which prevent a deed from reaching the heart so it is the case that a man may perform many good deeds but nothing reaches his heart of love, fear and hope (of Allah), detachment from this world or hope and yearning for the Hereafter. He does not possess a light whereby he can distinguish between the people of Allah and the enemies of Allah, between truth and falsehood and there is no strength to him. If the affects of good deeds had reached his heart, then his heart would have shone and sprung forth, he would have seen truth and falsehood for what they really are and he would have had the ability to distinguish between the people/friends of Allah and between His enemies.’

Shaykh Ahmad Farid comments:

والتربية الإيمانية جزء من التربية التي يتأهل بها المسلم لأن يكون لبنة صالحة في صرح الإسلام الشامخ هي جزء من التربية الطلوبة لبناء جيل على نمط الجيل الأول الذين فتح الله عز وجل بهم البلاد وقلوب العباد وأعطوا الإسلام قوة الدفع لقرون متتالية

‘Al-Tarbiyyah al-Imaniyyah (training and developing oneself Islamically and internally) is a part of the tarbiyyah which a Muslim needs to take on in order to become a firm brick in the lofty castle of Islam. It is also a part of the tarbiyyah which is required to raise a generation upon the mode and manner of the first generation through whom Allah `azza wa jall permitted the conquest of lands, opened the hearts of slaves and they gave Islam strength and victory for many centuries to come…’

Imam Malik once said, ‘Nothing will rectify the latter part of this Ummah except by what rectified its first part.’ I hope that the articles and resources found on this blog help us in building and shaping our lives upon the solid foundations of this Deen and give us the tarbiyyah we need to become an embodiment of the Qur’an and Sunnah just as the first generation were.

Some of the contents and topics that this site contains include:

  • Original translations and books
  • Original writings/authored books
  • Qur’anic Sciences/Tadabbur (contemplation)
  • Interesting aspects on the Arabic Language
  • Rhetoric and eloquence
  • Thought-provoking incidents in history
  • Biographies of Islamic personalities
  • Poetry (a lot of that!)
  • Personal writings
  • Heart-softening articles and writings based on the Islamic Sciences to name a few.

All posts on this site are original (whether translations or articles) and so due to this, I am very open to any criticisms, corrections and I wholeheartedly welcome sincere advice.

Inshaa’Allah I hope you will all find benefit here.

Copyright: All copyright belongs to Fajr-Literary and myself as the author. Should you wish to use the material here, you are welcome to do so – but I only ask that you reference it back to author & blog without any alterations to the original piece.

Jazakumullahu khayran!
Sister Fajr

For questions, inquiries and general info, please contact: info@fajr-literary.com 

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  1. Asalaam’Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh’,

    I was jus browsing your blog, do keep it up, mashaa’Allah very good work, jazakallahu khayran, i was jus enquiring about SIALYemen, you link the academy from your site and i would like to know any feedback on the programs/courses they offer, if you know about them.

    Barakallahu feekhi


  2. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    Wa iyyaakum

    Unfortunately, I don’t personally know of anyone who’s studied there, but I have heard general feedback being good. Regarding their courses, generally the timetable looks similar to many other institutes (although courses a bit pricier), if you find out what books they use, it’ll help to understand more. Quality of teaching is something I don’t have any info on.

    They have a forum on their website, which you might want to browse through to get an insight into the institute before comitting yourself inshaa’Allaah.

  3. ‘alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh’..

    ok ‘ill try that inshaa’Allah, quick question; how much can one study without a teacher using books such as Al-Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk and the Hans Wehr dictionary?

  4. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    I believe you can learn a lot on your own, in fact I know of people who have become fluent in Arabic and they never had a teacher. I guess it depends on your way of learning and commitment.

    Allaahu a’lam, but for first steps in basic reading, writing and understanding etc, it’ll be wise to get a teacher to avoid early mistakes which might have a ripple effect on your knowledge later on.
    However if you have basics in Arabic, I don’t see why you cannot progress and even advance greatly on your own. If you have the principles and the ‘tools’ that you need you can teach yourself anything (and I personally believe this applies in all fields of study).

    Having said that though, it becomes highly important that you have some access to a teacher or someone who can help clear any confusions or answer any questions you may have.

    Also, you have to be clear on the books that you’re studying from – some books are designed for a teacher to be there and explain (hence they will not go into deep explanations on a certain qaa’idah in Nahw for example – which is what the Bayna Yadayk Student books are like). Try to get the ‘Teacher’s edition’ or at least a Self-Study type version of the books you want to study from.

    Hope that helps inshaa’Allaah

  5. Very good naseeha, really does help, Inshaa’Allah – jazakallahu khayran.

    May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’Aala increase you in ilm and blessings, help you in your efforts, and make the path to al- jannah al firdaws al aa’ala, fi jannatin na’eem wa fi jannatin khuld, easy for you and us all . Aameen

    Fi aman Allah ya ukhti al karima.

  6. bin Amr,
    Please try
    1)Introdcution to Arabic by Michael Mumisa, available here

    2)Fundamentals of Classical Arabic, by Abdul Husain Sattar, available here

    3)You are welcome to visit my blog where I am posting my lessons from Toronto Shariah Program

    I hope this helps…

  7. Asalaam’Alaykum wa rahmatullah

    (wow),,,lots to take down, very good mashaa’Allah.

    Jazakallahu khayran brother/sister……..

  8. As’SalamuAleikum.

    I have just found your blog via Ijteme–where I’m one of the contributors.

    Masha Allah! very nice blog you have. You have impressed me.

  9. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Baarak’Allaahu feeki , glad you like it :-) I ask Allaah to accept all your contributions to Ijetma and make it successful

  10. assalamalikum akhi. mashallah, you are doing a good effort. keep it up.
    Just want to advise you that the Lota enterprises brother along with other brothers/sisters have moved to muslimmatters.org . Would you pls update your blogroll?


  11. salamalaykum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh,

    masha Allaah very nice blog .. i’ve read almost all your entries, even though i’ve hardly made any comments .. keep up the good work and may Allaah reward you for it …

  12. Asslamu Alaikum

    MashaAllah, an excellent blog.

    I am taking some portions from your blog and am sending them as reminders every day to my Muslim collegues at work.

    InshaAllah, the hasana for this is coming back into your account.

    Keep it up!!!



  13. As’salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu!!
    Marshalllah sis, May Alllah reward you wid jannah!!
    loads of benefical articles on your blog!! but Sis your blog is missing the base of our deen which is the Tawheed,Aqidah,Manhaj!! i think you should post some articles which our major ulemah have wrote wid regards to tawheed etc!!
    please refer back the scholars wid regards to the articles on Tawheed!!! websites like spubs,troid,understanding islam, have loads of articles written by the major scholars.
    May Allah reward you.

  14. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Jazakallahu khayran for your suggestion. However, as previously mentioned, I’ve restricted myself to only putting up what I write in terms of articles, translations and sometimes, audios/videos etc that I feel will benefit people and aren’t readily available to them.

    I could get into a plethora of discussions on Aqidah and various Sciences of the Shari’ah (as far as my knowledge can go) but I guess that will defeat the purpose of the blog (and besides there’s loads of material online anyway!). I have the recommended sites listed on the right-hand side of blog for those that are interested insha’Allaah. Again, baarak’Allahu feek for the input.

  15. as’salaamu alaykum !!
    okay… if that was not your initail idea in the first place then thats more than fine!!
    As i am aware that there are loads of materials online but your blog attracts a different type of audience.Let me jus quote you sister ” only putting up what I write in terms of articles, translation”.
    Dont you think that the
    “Blog Stats
    37,975 hits”
    people who visit your website are very much in need of tawheed,aqidah and manhaj!!
    Plus who’s articles are more worthy of being added,your work or the works the scholars!!
    But sister, if thats the way you feel and you think that the purpose of your blog is to write your “own” articles then that fine.Dont defeat the purpose of your blog..
    wa alaykumu salaam wr wb!!

  16. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullah

    I understand what you’re saying, but to be honest I’m sure people will visit websites that are focused on the Islamic sciences if that’s what they are after, and not a random blog on whatever Fajr decides to write about this time! (I’d actually be worried if they came here looking for fine definitions of mustalahat, nawaqidh al-Iman and masaa’il in fiqh or the like!)

    Anyhow, despite saying all that, the next article will probably be one on Aqidah! Although I’ll be writing it, it doesn’t mean that I think it’s more worthy of being put up more than the works of scholars (I didn’t think visitors to the blog actually thought that), it just means that I had an intention for the blog and I feel I should see that intention through bi’idhnillah.

    Baarak’Allahu feek for the concern though, it’s appreciated.

  17. Assalamu alaikum sister,

    I wondered if you had ever heard the proverb in Arabic that “He returned with Hunain’s slippers”, meaning “he accomplished nothing” or “he failed on his mission” ?

    Also do you know of any books that are in print and available on the subject of Arabic proverbs and also classical Islamic poetry, for the less advanced students?

    Jazakillah khair

  18. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullah

    Yeah the proverb رجع بخفي حنين is taken from the story of Hunain who was a shoemaker/seller. A bedouin came to him one day to buy some slippers but he bargained with Hunain so much that Hunain got angry and wanted to get him back somehow. So when the bedouin left, Hunain took the slippers and threw one in his path, and one further down the way. When the bedouin travelled along the road he saw one slipper and recognised it saying, ‘This looks so much like the slippers of Hunain, if only the other one were with it, I’d have taken it!’

    So he travelled further until he saw the other slipper. He regretted leaving the first and so decided to go back for it. He got off his camel (which had all this belongings) and walked back to the 1st slipper. Hunain all this time was watching and so when he saw the bedouin leave his camel, he went directly and took the camel with all the goods on it. The bedouin came back to find nothing! So he travelled back to his city carrying only the slippers of Hunain & hence people began to say, رجع بخفي حنين – “He returned only with the slippers of Hunain”

    I think there are various books compiling Arabic proverbs, perhaps you can do a quick search for الأمثال العربية

    Here is one book (Majma’ al-Amthaal) which compiles over 5000 proverbs – it also gives an explanation of each saying: http://www.almeshkat.net/books/archive/books/majma%20alamthal.zip

    There is also another collection called Mu’jam al-Amthaal al-’Arabiyyah.

    This is another one comparing classic proverbs and modern day ones (incl. the ‘aamiyyah): http://saaid.net/book/open.php?cat=90&book=2415

  19. Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaah

    See the following websites, they document some Arabic proverbs in English and Arabic many times:


    This piece of work is also very useful although about a different subject in focal reckoning, it contains a lot of classical and post classical Arabic linguistical works documented and detailed within: http://www.cokesbury.com/forms/ProductDetail.aspx?pid=620896



  20. As-salaamu ‘alaikum sis =)

    Was browsing your blog, the articles are excellent mashaAllah. May Allah reward you with the best of rewards aameen.

    P.s, I know you ;)
    p.p.s, Edit or delete this as appropriate because I know it’s quite random.

    Take care sis
    Was-salaamu ‘alaikum

  21. ”Also, you have to be clear on the books that you’re studying from – some books are designed for a teacher to be there and explain (hence they will not go into deep explanations on a certain qaa’idah in Nahw for example – which is what the Bayna Yadayk Student books are like). Try to get the ‘Teacher’s edition’ or at least a Self-Study type version of the books you want to study from.”

    Sis can you recommend some books which one can get ..if one knows the basics and has the ‘tools’ for self study inshAllah jzk !
    pleashhhhh recommend good booksh..

    as i wish to use my summer wisely hehe

    tc dear

  22. Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    Umm Maryam! Masha’allah nice to see you here on the blog :) Jazakillahu khayran for your kind du’a, may Allaah reward you too. Ameen

    A Sister, there are many books out there that unfortunately I don’t know too much about but if you’re at the stage where you can keep up on your own, maybe you can purchase the more specialised series, e.g. books specifically on nahw and sarf. Most of these books will be purely in Arabic though, otherwise you can try some of the translated ones. I’m not sure if Arabiya li-Nashi’een is available in english but it’s pretty good from what I hear.

    You could also contact some of the Arabic institutes/universities and enquire about the books they use for their courses, insha’Allah once you get a good list you can browse through the books and see which is to your liking.

  23. As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    How are you??? Do you recognise me…( I hope I have the right blog).

    I had a bit of a favour, I was wandering whether you could transalate something for me, It is:


    Thanks a Million…


  24. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Natashah, of course I recognise you sis! :) Masha’Allah, hope you are doing well!

    It’s good to see you carrying on with the studies, the statement you quoted roughly means “Whatever Allah has willed will always be and whatever He hasn’t willed, will never be.”

  25. As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi,

    An excellent blog sister Tabarakallaah! Sister can you contact me, I wanted to ask you something about Hifdh if you don’t mind?

  26. wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

    sister Fajr, I just noticed you have somali as one of those languages welcoming your readers. ‘soo dhawaada’ literally means: come close :) It’s said like when a teacher speaking to the students, or a mother to her children. It’s very endearing mashaAllah.

    • Assalamu Aleikum warahmatullah,

      In Hungarian: Udvozollek!- meaning: welcome you!

      JazaakAllah Kheir sister for this blog. Keep up the good work and may Allah azzawajal reward you! Ameen.

      Umm Islam

  27. assalamua’laykum,

    yah ukthi haibti…………….insha allah everything is good………………..

    just wanted to say ” may this ramadan bring good and take away that which displease allah in our life”


  28. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Ahlan ya Shazna!
    Jazakillahu khayran ukhti, ameen to the du’aa. I pray all is going well with you, shukran for your beautiful email =)

  29. As-salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Squeeeeee, you’re in Cairo?! Masha’Allah… how long are you gonna be there? I may be coming sometime in the next year, insha’Allah, and it’d be great if we could meet up at some point :)

  30. Asa wrwb,

    It’s quite amazing how Allah (Swt) never fails to provide His servants with the piece of solace they so deperately need, at the precise moment that they so desperately require it, alhamdulillah:
    I awoke to a text message from a companion of mine, stating that she had just emailed me an article, which was “so beautiful MA”. After reading the article ‘The People of Taqwa’ – I don’t think I could have agreed with her more, alhamdulillah.

    “… hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah.
    It is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest.” [Ar-Ra'd (13): 28]

    Jazakillah khair ukhti.

    Fi-amanillah. Salaam wrwb,

    Umm Thameenah

  31. Salaam,

    U ave such an amazing website mashallaah! I ave some Qs and was hoping u could help me, u said somewhere in ur site dat u started reading ur own books (tafseer sa’di i tink u said) in level 4/5 and that was about 5/6 months of studying arabic, is this right? also wen did u start translating arabic to english and how did u know wot u were translatin was right?



  32. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Umm Thameenah, jazaana wa iyyaki. I too really enjoyed reading that email masha’Allah – hence I had to forward it on :) I’m glad it was timely for you ya ukhti.

    Samiha, jazakillahu khayran sister. Unfortunately, I have no idea when I started translating, sorry. I know I avoided it a lot during my study though, because in my opinion, getting involved in translations can have ill-effects on your understanding of a language whilst still learning. Allahu a’lam if my translations are always 100% correct (perhaps not!), but I do look out for what my peers and teachers advice me with alhamdulillah. In the beginning, it’s always best to have recourse to someone more knowledgeable who can give sound advice until you gain strength in the field.

  33. As Salaamu ‘Alaykum, jazaak Allah for making this amazing blog. Is it possible if you can mention places where a student (male) can go to memorize Qur’an by earning an Ijaaza. I am also interested in learning the Arabic language, but my main goal is to finish memorizing insha’allah.

    Baraak Allaahu feek. Please email me if you can, or I will check back in this section.

  34. assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh yaa ukhtee fajr. i wasn’t sure how to contact you privately so i am sending you a message here. i am currently the webmaster for Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies in Alexandria, Egypt and I am writing to different websites who have links to the institute asking them to make sure they have the correct web-link. I see that you have Qortoba’s old web-link and I was hoping that you could update the link to http://www.qortoba.net. Baarak Allaahu feeki was-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    Sister Aneesa (Umm Adillah)

  35. As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    How are you? Hope all is well InshAllah. Had you in my thoughts so i thought I would drop a message. Have our Level2 pt2 exam this sund, please make du’ah for us all.

    take care

  36. Natasha, wa `alaykisalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Thank you for dropping by sis, I hope you and all the students are doing well! May Allah grant you tawfiq and success in your studies. Pass my greetings to the sisters please :)

  37. sister fajr, in your opinion what level in fajr do most people ( the average student ) develop a grasp on the language? ya3nee start to undertsand books and arabic lectures etc…

  38. Fajr center have changed their system now, so things may be slightly different now. I assume a good grasp can be attained by around level 7. This is a common question asked and to be honest, the answer depends a lot on each individual. I’ve seen people develop languages very quickly and others not so quickly (depending on both effort and intellectual ability)

    At the end of the day, it’s not about the no. of levels a person completes but more about the understanding and progress a person makes during his/her time. Wallahu a’lam.

  39. Sister fajr I remembering reading some were on your blogg. An explantion regarding the rising of mankind like locuts. I found this maybe you can add it under the comments section of that thread, as I’m to lazy to find it.


    7- They will come out of the graves with downcast eyes like an expanding swarm of locusts.
    54-The Moon, 7

    In the verse above, unbelievers are reminded that they will be resurrected and that it will be a difficult day for them. Imagine, billions of men rising from the dead, coming out of their graves! Confusion, perplexity, fear, remorse… Everybody on his own… The only help is from God. The day when high offices, families, riches and possessions have no value- the day of no return…

    The resurrected are likened to locusts; why particularly locusts? Recent research benefiting from micro cameras conducted by a systematic observation of insects have given us an idea about the reason for the selection of locusts as an example. To begin with, swarms of locusts, billions of them together, give the impression of a vast rain cloud without end, a black mass stretching far and wide many kilometers! Locusts bury their eggs in the earth and their larvae spend some time under the ground before they eventually emerge to the surface.

    Take for instance the locusts, part of the fauna of New England, USA; in the month of May of the year in which they attain their 17th year, these insects emerge from under the ground where they have been living for years and years. Suppose, you tell a man: “We’ll shut you up in a dark cell without a wristwatch and you’ll have no contact whatsoever with the outside world and you’ll be released at the end of the 17th day.” it is very doubtful that he will be able to know exactly the time when he will be let out. There is a similarity between the rebirth of locusts and man’s resurrection.

    -After a long time
    -Under the ground
    -Densely crowded
    -They rise to the surface of the earth

  40. Assalamo alaikum

    I have seen a pdf timetable/schedule on the web somewhere – perhaps here or on another site – for a person to keep track of hifdh of the Quran.

    Would you happen to know where i can access such a thing?

    Wa jazakumAllahu khairna


  41. Assalamualaikum sis, Insha-Allah you are in your best of health and Iman. Alhamdulillah it’s great to get hold of such a blog. May Allah enhance all of us in His Mercy and Bounty Ameen

  42. As Salaamu Alayki,

    ‘Ukhtee, you are awesome, may Allah reward you with better than what you have given to others by means of this blog and your work here….

  43. As’salaam aleikum, Sister Fajr. I know your blog takes a lot of time to run, as it’s well organized and full of information! Would you consider spending some time to help get a forum up and running? It’s for sister’s only [no brother's allowed, though we're sure they'll try to join]. We want to have a lot of information on it. Would you be interested in helping with this new venture of ours? Jummah Mubarak. Ma’salaam, Tamara [you have my email, too]!

  44. asalamu alaikum

    hey sister, is it you the one from london, (HCIS) If you are then u know what the above means, if so i am supprissed found you, anyways hope u are well all good with inshallah.

    take care

    Asalamu alaikum

  45. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Tamara, jazakillahu khayran for the thought but I’m not able to get involved with much at the moment.

    Amal :) Allah yahfadhak sis. I’m doing good alhamdulillah & I hope you’re doing well too. I’m not coming back to the UK until the recession is over lol (either that, or you guys drag me back).

    Albanian, (I assume you are brother ‘Asim?) it’s a very small world isn’t it? I hope you and everyone from HCIS are doing ok.

  46. Sister Fajr, salaam. That’s okay and it’s a sweet thing to do to reply to me. Maybe you’ll think of someone to help. I have just my myspace blog and don’t allow friends there but I want a forum and need help w/ it. At least, insh’allah, you’re able to keep up w/ your blog, which is a lot of work and takes so much time! Bless you for keeping up w/ it all the time (too many fall by the wayside because they’s so time consuming). :) Ma’salaam, Tamara

  47. Amal, you’re more than welcome to come here… I’m sure you’ll end up staying for good (then, we’ll need to get someone else to drag you out!).

    As long as I live here, you have to stay here

    Great… held hostage by dear ones ;) but that’s ok so long as you keep me entertained with your smashing ‘Iraqi lahja!

    Tamara, jazakillahu khayran. I pray you get to run the forum well insha’Allah. May Allah grant you success, amin.

  48. Insh’allah, I’ll keep trying to find some moderators to help for awhile. The forum’s structure is there w/ a good layout, threads and some articles and such.

    What’s lacking? The ilm of a sister who appreciates being w/ sister’s-only forum, where there are many reverts that need proper guidance. This is too much responsibility for me.

    But maybe you’d want to see it and give me suggestions or someone else reading here will offer to look it over.

    I’ve even had brothers offer to help – that is so sad and so not what our goal is!

    And yes, once we get going, I’m sure Allah will give us success. We only want His guidance and to do this for His sake and for the sake of sister’s who need a sister-only place.

    Please remember us in your duas (send us a forum-angel)! :) Ma’salaam, Tamara

  49. Just out of interest..which country in particular are you from originally, as in Arab or Pakistan, Morocan etc.?

    May Allah increase you ‘re learning and benefit.

  50. Tamara, may Allah reward you for your good efforts, it certainly sounds like an excellent endeavor. Maybe you can leave a point of contact here so that any sisters who are interested in helping out can get in touch with you? If I get free time, I’d like to check it out Insha’Allah (it sounds nice!)

    Shah, where’s the option for ‘None of the above?’ !
    زادنا الله علما جميعا

  51. As salamualaikum wr wb sister

    mashaAllah your blog is nice :)

    I thought Anonymouse (from MM) is ‘male’, no idea though, but why is he meeting you, unless you are mahram to him :S
    just a weird doubt.


  52. As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    MashaAllah, your compilations and articles are so inspiring! May Allah accept and bless your effort.

    Umm Hurairah

  53. Salaam alaykum, Zahid. Masha’Allah, you have an amazing site / online store! Would you like me to advertise your Islamic Books Depot on my MySpace?

    My blog has a lot of readers (for some reason, especially from the UK), so I usually post information like this that others will appreciate and help someone’s business @ the same time. Let me know!



  54. Wa’alaykum salaam Tamara, jazakallahu khair for your kind words. We would be more than happy for you to advertise Islamic Impressions on your blog. Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help inshallah. You can contact me at zahid @ islamicimpressions .co.uk (remove spaces).

  55. Anon, the Masri lahja took a while to sink in, maybe because I was strict at first and didn’t want it affecting my Fusha. But after a while I gave in… you do need it for general mu’amalaat with the people (but I still prefer the Shami dialect). Now I’m in trouble because my every other word is Masri ‘amiyyah!

    Zahid, link added. Excellent site by the way, well done.

  56. Salamu alaikum wa rahmatuLahi wa barakatu.

    Subhanaallah sister, this is such a wonderful coincidence! I pray you are in the best of Iman and health. I was on the phone on tuesday to a sister you know well, a student of yours and Subhanaallah she told me about you and that you might be able to help me find a place where i can study higher tajweed in Alexandria. I will be in Cairo by the 10th of May InshaAllah. The sister will contact you to tell you more about me Inshaallah. May allah reward you for your great efforts in creating such a lovely sight. BarakaLahu feeki, Umm Summayah Ibrahim (London)

  57. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    May Allah reward you too sis.
    I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask regarding Alex, but insha’Allah I’ll help as much as I can. I’ll drop you an email bi’ithnillah.

  58. `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Q. I want to go the center fajr to learn arabic( all levels insha,llah) but my english is so bad, its that a problem? And in the lesson will they speak only arabic or ara+eng, and in witch language will they teach grammer?
    I want to go in november or december insha,llah,

    Jazakallahu khair

  59. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    No, it’s not a problem because the teacher’s don’t speak English either! Everything is taught in Arabic.

  60. i have heard that the teachers at fajr get corrected for their mistakes by their teachers, allaah knows best, but could you shed some light on this, jazakilla khayr ukht

  61. You know what they say… curiousity killed the cat!
    Sorry, had to say that :)
    I’m sure everyone makes mistakes… I left Markaz Fajr a long time ago so I’m probably not the best person to ask. Plus, only a few teachers remain from when I was there.

    Calling all WordPress experts again… how do I add Google Gadgets to the blog? I have the code but it’s not allowing it to be displayed on the ‘Text’ widgets. Can anyone help?

  62. as salaamu alaikum

    is there anyone coming or knows someone coming from egypt anytime soon that will be able to bring just 4 kilos of clothes that i left in cairo back to the US for me. i’m willing to compensate financially whoever can assist me in this.

  63. I d like to say how much i liked the design or yr blog…It’s really very elegant & the contect is very rich …keep it up my dear sister :)

  64. As salamau alaykum wa rahmatullah

    Ma sha` Allah- what a beautiful blog and touching words-By your permission I would like to publish you article (Sukon Al Layl) on Islamonline – Living Shari`ah ( I am the editor of Special pages ). And will mention the source of course .

    Currently I am working on Ramadan Page
    ( http://www.islamonline.net/English/Ramadan/1430/index.shtml) and would like to publish your article there -Just need the name of the author ( or what you chose to go online) and just few lines Bio

    May Allah Accept all your deeds only for his sake

    Fi aman Allah

  65. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Yeah, you can publish it. However, the author of the original Arabic is Dr. Sayyid al-’Affani – most of the quotes are from his book titled ‘Ruhban al-Layl.’

  66. Asalamu wa alaykum ukhti, mashallah a very informative blog..

    inshallah sis by the will of Allah iv made an intention start hifz, iv got a few tajweed levels to complete. im memorising juz amma with an ustadh correcting reviewing me when he has time (short term). but what i wanted to ask what route shall i take in terms of hifz.. is egypt good place? which institutes or one on one tutors will you recommend and does egypt offer fulltime hifz courses? iv read of the institute in france (3years full hifz of quran course with ijaza)? im facilating my hifz with learning arabic aswell…just wondering with your experience what would you recommend, i want to commit myself for 2-3years fulltime for hifz….

    jazakallahu khair

  67. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    You’ll find that most people will recommend you to complete Juz ‘Amma, Juz Tabarak and al-Mujadilah, then you can move on to al-Baqarah and go downwards from there (by that time, you’ll have built up your tajwid and your hifdh will be stronger/more stable etc). But if you are studying with a teacher, then go with whatever he recommends and sees fit.

    Egypt is good for hifdh yeah, there are centers and institutes dedicated to Tahfidh, some are in a group setting and others in private. When you travel there, you can choose between them insha’Allah.

  68. Assalamu ‘alayki warahmatullah sister Fajr

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you from an Arab background (i.e. did you grow up speaking/hearing the language)? If not, then it’d be super inspiring for me that a person can learn Arabic so well, mashallah. (Sorry if this has already been asked, there were too many comments to read).

    May Allah reward you with al-Firdaws, ameen.

  69. Read-QuranOnline.com is an Online Quran Tutoring institute, with an interactive live online Quran teaching and distance learning classes, providing one to one Online Quran Reading classes with Basic Islamic Teachings to all individuals of all ages. Read-QuranOnline’s management has collective experience of over 8 years in running all operations of a Quran teaching institute .We established this institute to spread the message of ALLAH to the mankind through the best possible way. Our motto is to spread out universe’s greatest religion Islam to as many people as possible.
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    Memorize Quran Online, Quran reading online, Online Quran reading, Quran reading for kids, online Quran tutor, Quran online tutor


  70. Asalamu alaykum wrahmatulahi wbarakatu. my dear sister in Islam. I hope you are in excellent health and imaan. A thousand times jazka’Allahu kheir for the amazing blog..it is amazing. i’m greatly inspired and I borrowed few of your articles for dawa purposes and bi idnilah its ajir goes to you. I”m currently uni student in the U.S and I’m trying to further my 3ilm of the deen starting with memorizing the Quran and then learning the fus’ha arabic. I want to go to places like Dammj, san’a etc to learn my deen but I dont know any info of those places. nor do i know any body there. Any suggestions, tips, recommendations, links etc?
    Jazaka’Allahu kheirun wa baraka’Allahu fik
    I hope to hear from you soon ukhtii
    wa salam wrahmtulahi wbarakatu

  71. Assalaamu alay kum!

    I LOVE this site, it’s so helpful!

    I plan to go to Eygpt or syria this year after ramadhan inshaa Alaah with my wife.
    I’m an Imam and have studied nawh, sarf etc, but lack the vocab.
    I hear Syria has more options when it comes to islamic uloom and shuyookh giving duroos, something which Eygpt lacks in?

    Please advise, jz

  72. Mash’Allah Walashay Fajr.

    Indeed an Excellent Blog you have going on in here. May Allah reward you & make it beneficial for everyone.

    But I had this crazy curiosity, Where are you from sis ?

  73. Asalaamu alaikum warahmatulaah, I pray you are well and in the best of imaan, may Allah bestow His mercy upon you and grant you everlasting peace in the companionship of your beloved (s.a.w).

    Sister, may I ask if you teach at the Tayyibun Institute in London? JazakAllah khairan

  74. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    Yes Ayaah, I do :) Ameen to your du’a, wa iyyaki!

    Btw, sorry to anyone whose questions go unanswered around the blog, I try to get back to most of them but sometimes I forget!

    Those of you with questions on Arabic, studying abroad etc, please visit the respective posts/pages (e.g. Arabic in Cairo on the top tab) and drop comments there, as other readers can also answer some of your enquiries insha’Allah. Jazakumullahu khayran.

    • JazakAllah khairan! A friend of mine might study there bi ithnillah ^_^ so please make dua for her.

      The final moments of Ramadan… These precious moments are already leaving us, and we do not know if we have been written amongst those who shall witness another Ramadan, so do something AMAZING and EXTRAORDINARY in this last day or so to make this the most OUTSTANDING Ramadan of your life so far, something that will have a huge impact on the following year and something you shall never forget bi itihnillah in both this world and the Hereafter, so you can look back and say Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, that I made the most of this beloved month, and reap the rewards in the life to come Insha’Allah.

  75. Ok picture this;
    A Non-Muslim approaches you and says ‘I am interested / want to know more about Islam, can you recommend me to a website?” What would be your reply?…

    Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    My name is Abu Rayyan, I am the Amir of a new dawah movement called ‘Route To Islam’

    I would like to welcome you to visit our site http://routetoislam.org/

    and our youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/RouteToIslam

    This website aims to provide information about Islam to Non-Muslim audiences in a way that is clear, informative and concise.

    A website we hope that Non-Muslims around the world in future will refer to when they want to find out about Islam.

    A website for Muslims who are already engaged in dawah or want to start their Dawah but want to learn more convincing arguments and proofs etc. to give their Dawah the edge, can come and learn all that they need to know.

    We hope you be a part of the global effort to spread ‘RouteToIslam’ through your organisation, in any capacity that you can (e.g. recommending us on your website, blog, lectures literature etc.)

    Also by inviting; whether family, friends, neighbours, work colleges, associates to visit this site, so they can get a better understanding of Islam.

    Thank you for your time
    Barakallahu feek

    P.s We would greatly appreciate your suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at routetoislam@hotmail.co.uk

  76. I am interested in studying arabic at the fajr centre, i intend going with my wife and 4 children. We have never been to Egypt and will be going from the U.k. Can anyone help with the following:

    Finding accommodation
    Cost of living
    schools for the kids
    private arabic tuition for my wife and daughters
    hifz classess for my sons
    Name and address of a good doctor

    Also I have tried to contact Fajr centre and they do not respond, can I just turn up and enrol or do you have to apply beforehand.


  77. asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister,
    I really, really wanted to say… that I love you very much, for the sake of Allah.
    And I believe the best du’a I can make for you is for Allah swt to make you sincere in all of your efforts and to accept them from you. Allahuma Ameen <3

  78. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Aww sis, may the One for Whose Sake you love me, love you too! Ameen ya Rabb, may Allah return your goodness with more goodness, ameen :)

  79. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    May Allah accept your deeds and may Allah grant readers to understand the message you wanted to convey through your blog.

    I like your blog very much.

    May Allah ease all your difficulties and grant you Jannatul Firdaws . Amen

  80. asalamu alaikum

    weird! from searching something on YouTube i ended up here in your blog!!! so i decided to say salam as a passed by.

    how you doing? and hows everything going in egypt ? GLAD to see you are a seeker of knowledge (May Allah strengthen your sincere intention), i hope all our brothers and sisters doing well inshaAllah, give my salams to the one who you are still in contact with from the old days, a decade ago !!!.

    By they way how you keeping with ameeyah? (my self it hasn’t been long since i left egypt, )

    May Allah protect you,

  81. Salaam Alaikum Sis Fajr,

    Masha Allah your blog is AMAZING! I pray that Allah (swt) continues to increase you in knowledge and rewards you for all the knowledge that you share with others.

    I have a few questions regarding studying Arabic in London and would be very grateful if you could please email me at kafy002@hotmail.com

    Jazakallah khair and I look forward to hearing from you :)

  82. As-salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatALLAHi wa barakatuh Sister Fajr. Jazaakillah khairan kathiraa for this beautiful blog wa u7ibbuki fillah <3. I want to make just a tiny correction. "Per khayr reghle" is really supposed to be "Pe khayr reghle" ("Per" is not a word in Pashto). Keep up the good work Sis.

  83. Pingback: Blog Love | The Word Trance

  84. Asalaamulikum I am pleased to say my notes for the combined tafsir of Surah Al-Faatiha by Ustadh Alomgir Ali and Ustadh Nouman Ali khan is finally complete WALHAMDULILAH. It is a detailed tafsir.

    Some of the topics discussed in this surah… What is HAMD? The meaning of AR-RABB! The difference between AR-RAHMAAN & AR-RAHEEM? Why does ILTIFAAT occurs in verse 4? What is worship/slavery? Why has ISTIAANAH been singled out from all other acts of worships? How important is Guidance? What does the Name Allah mean? Verbs Vs Nouns! 4 types of Guidance! Difference between AL-MALIK & AL-MAALIK! Why is NABUDU mentioned before NASTAEEN… And so much more.

    THINK! What is so amazing about this surah? What does it contain that is so important that Allah made the recitiation of it an obligation in every RAKAH in every SALAH (a minimum of 17 times a day).

    I hope you (and your family) benefit from that which I have benefited from. http://contemplatequran.wordpress.com/

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