You are Believers…

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Something I wrote a long while ago…

You Are Believers…

Like the oceans that lie calm
Covering another world beneath
Like the trees standing tall
With a kingdom underneath
Like the clouds moving softly
Only to release the heavy rain
Like the leaf blowing in the sky
Ready to withstand the pain
… You are who you are.

Like the mountains in the sky
Unreachable to many
Like the streams gushing forth
Unstoppable by any
Like the winds howling past
A wake of a new realm
Like the boulders rolling down
With nothing to stop them
… You are who you are.

You are the youth of today
Being prepared for tomorrow
You are the moon showing the way
For generations to follow
You are the sun rising at dawn
Clearing the darkness for a new morrow
You come from a line of great heroes
You know no sorrow

You are the key of goodness
Opening the doors to every good
You are valiant believers
Closing the doors to falsehood.

Never forget who you are.

Life is designed. But we choose the pattern.

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5 thoughts on “You are Believers…

  1. Asalamualaykum wa Rahmatullaah sister –

    The facebook box thing is on the top-right, not the top-left :) I want to make sure your readers know exactly where to look inshaa Allah

    ~ommal muqarraboon

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