Do not belittle Du’a

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

أتهزأ بالدعاء وتزدريه *** وما تدري بما صنع الدعاء
سهام الليل لا تخطئ ولكن *** لها أمد وللأمد انقضاء
فيمسكها إذا ما شاء ربي *** ويرسلها إذا ما نفذ القضاء

‘Do you mock the supplication and belittle it?
While you do not know what it has the power to do!
The arrows of the night (du’a) do not miss target
But they have a set limit, which shall come to end
So if my Lord wishes, He holds it back
And if the decree is to be fulfilled, He sets it forth.’

- Imam al-Shafi’i

(I think this was a response of his to someone who belittled and looked down upon the du’a of a worshipper).

8 thoughts on “Do not belittle Du’a

  1. Is that a typo in your first verse or simply a different narration using Form VIII i.e. wazn ifta’ala? You wrote أتهتزأ بالدعاء but I have it as أتهزأ بالدعاء…


    Keep up the lovely work.

    May I ask what country you live in?


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