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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

I’m not a huge FB troll (lol), but after a few people suggested setting up a page on Facebook for the blog, I decided to take it up. Many of you receive blog updates via email, but if you prefer following the blog on FB, then this is the Page you need:

Name and link: 

|~| Fajr Blog |~|

New posts will go up immediately on there, as well as any interesting tid-bits on the Islamic Sciences (discussions also open). Please feel free to chip in with your ‘ilm!

It’s still very new, but you’re welcome to help it grow :)

May Allah bring much benefit through it. Ameen

2 thoughts on “Follow the Blog on Facebook

  1. AA

    Respected sister, I really like your blog alot, butunfortunately i have to object to you going onto Facebook, and to anyone, esp, muslims going onto facebook.

    This is in protest and in response to the latest outcry of the facebook competition of drawing the image of Rasullullah(saw). Istigfirullah

    Facebook refused to take any action against this offensive and disrespectful activity, and as a response we as Muslims in protest should stop using facebook, as the only way facebook makes money is through traffic, so the more the traffic to facebook, the more money they make, and the only way we can make known to them the anger the muslims felt at the offense caused by this despicable act, is to stop using facebook altogether. Imagine if all muslims were to unite and stopped using facebook. Nothing could harm them more than the loss in revenue they would incur.

    Please stop using facebook in protest to show our love for the Prophet(saw), and pass on the message to other muslims. Delete your facebook accounts, because every visit to your account makes them money. take action now.

    Below is message from Mufti Ebrahim Desai of South Africa:

    The issue of Facebook and their latest antics against our Beloved Muhammad sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam has angered and frustrated the Muslim Ummah. The reaction of the Muslim Ummah in the face of such blasphemy is appreciated. This malevolence is not foreign to Islam and the Muslims. During the time of our beloved Muhammad sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam , individuals like Ka’ab Bin Ashraf , Abu Lahab, his wife and others were also guilty of defaming our Prophet sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam. Their fate is known to all.

    Our responsibility as Muslims and lovers of our beloved Muhammad sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam is as follows:

    1. To delete Facebook accounts and any other media that deems it acceptable to disrespect our beloved Rasoolullah sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam and never to reactivate them again.

    2. To inform others of the above as well.

    3. Deleting facebook is one form of expressing our love for Rasoolullah sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam . However, objective love of Rasoolullah sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam is to inculcate his teachings in our life.

    4. Make dua for guidance of the involved individuals.

    wassalamu alaikum

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