Quotes & Wise Words

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

‘There is nothing more beneficial for a slave than his truthfulness to his Lord in all circumstances. Whoever proves true to Allah in all his affairs, Allah will give him what He does not give others… and the most truthful ones to Allah are those who prove sincere and have reliance (tawakkul)…’

- Ibn al-Qayyim

‘The intelligent one is he who understands the ways of Allah, not him who has understood the ways of this world.’

- Wakee’ ibn al-Jarrah

‘If you are truthful in your quest to seek them and follow them (the salaf), then prepare yourself and do not let their path become difficult upon you; for the Helper has power over all things. Present yourself to the One Who has given them, and ask, because their Mawla (Protector) is your Mawla. How often has a deprived one stumbled across treasure, and how often has a debased one triumphed with virtue? Al-Khidr knew what Musa did not and Sulayman was shown that which was hidden to Dawud.’

- Sayyid al-’Affani

‘Whoever thinks about the ocean of this Dunya will come to know how its waves move about, and he’ll come to know how to be patient in dealing with the days – he is not lowered by the descent of afflictions and he is not delighted with the coming of luxury.’

- Ibn al-Jawzi

‘If a person reaches the sky with his nobleness,
Then his enemies will be the numbers of the stars in the sky.
They shoot at him using a bow in every sort of harassment,
Yet their abuse can never bring them to the level of his nobility.’

- A poet

‘Whoever is bashful of Allah at all times, in all his circumstances and deeds, Allah raises him to the rank of the Awliya’ from His slaves.’

- Abu Sulayman al-Darani

‘Fear evil when you find yourself to be in a good situation. Hope for good when you are in an evil situation. Many have lived who sought after death and many have died who sought after life. And safety comes most often for a person after he has followed the path of fear.’

- A Bedouin

‘The provisions of a person seek him out
just like his death does.’

- Abu al-Darda

‘How many calamities have there been which were so severe and impossible to remove… yet within less than a single moment, they were lifted.

- Ibn Hibban

‘Read History as it is filled with morals
A nation will sink if it doesn’t know its chronicles.’

- A Poet

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