Qur’anic Studies: Al-Ma’sarawi Institute

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Some of you have been asking regarding the fairly new Qur’anic Institute in Egypt, namely: Ma’had al-Ma’sarawi.

Foundation: This institute was set up in about the last 3 years, with the main branch located in Madinat Nasr. It’s run by Shaykh Ahmad ‘Isa al-Ma’sarawi who is the head of the Lajnah for Muraja3at al-Mushaf [Al-Azhar's Majma' Buhuth al-Islami] and he also has his main office on the ground floor of this main branch.

Background: It’s an ideal institute for those of you who are looking to progress your Qur’anic studies or complete your hifdh (memorisation) of the Qur’an and thereafter gain certification in any of the 10 Qira’at. All the teachers are qualified to give Ijazah in at least one Qira’ah and I personally see them to be some of the best teachers in Cairo.

Classes: The days of the week are split into 6;  3 days for women (Sun, Tues and Thur) and 3 days for men (Sat, Mon and Wed), with a Friday closure. You have a choice of programs, depending on your examination with the Administration. You can enrol into one of the halaqat (circles) running twice a week, where you’ll be placed into groups studying the rules of Tajwid (recitation) and memorising certain chapters, which usually starts from Juzz ‘Amma working upwards. If you are past that stage or you do well in your entry exam, you can opt for sessions on ‘Muraja3ah’ which is review of the Qur’an. The third option is going straight for an Ijazah and for this you need to get a certain grade in the entry exam (outlined below) and also state so in your application.

Generally, the institute doesn’t offer private classes for anyone unless you are doing Muraja’ah or are in the Ijazah system, where you’ll naturally require one-to-one sessions.

Although students at the Institute are predominantly Egyptian, it also attracts students from the world over who are seeking to give a concrete foundation to their Qur’anic studies; a lot come from Indonesia/Malaysia, parts of Africa and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc).

Language: For foreigners, the only downside or problem you may face is the language barrier. In the halaqat, since the majority are Egyptian, the ‘aamiyyah (colliquial Arabic) may at times take over – but you are welcome to kindly request your teacher to explain things in Fusha. In one of the classes I attend on Al-Shatibiyyah, the teacher Shaykh Muhammad al-Munshid speaks only Fusha even though everyone there is Egyptian (he even goes out of his way to clarify & correct himself in Nahw and sarf!).

Examinations: One of the distinguising features of Ma’had al-Ma’sarawi is its rigourous examinations (be scared, be very scared!). The general breakdown goes as follows:

60% – Hifdh

25% – Tajwid al-Nadhari (theoretical tajwid)

15% – Tajwid al-’Amali (application of tajwid)

Pass Mark: 70%

Usually examinations take place after every 10 Juzz, meaning that you’ll only ever have to do 3 exams, provided you don’t fail any. If you wish to attain an Ijazah from Shaykh al-Ma’sarawi (i.e. a higher isnad), you have to maintain a pass mark of over 80% on all 3 exams.

Some pictures:


[Outside view from Mustafa al-Nahas street]


[I like these bill-board type notices that most Islamic centres place up. It has many Sunnan and ahadith written on it as well as beneficial deeds one can do on a daily basis]



[Surprisingly the institute has a refreshing burst of green scenery all around it!]


[View from the inside]




[Shaykh Muhammad al-Munshid's book on Ijazah documenting the names of all the students that have taken their isnad from him]


[The clutter outside :) actually the guy who owns this kushk (kiosk) recently revamped it after 16yrs he says. Just make sure to buy your bottle of water before going into class - you'll need it!]

I was going to share the funny story of how I ended up at this institute but I’ll save that for another time :D

For informational purposes:


Nasr City [Main Branch]: Located next to Masjid al-Mu’min al-Muhaymin, Akhir Mitro, Mustafa al-Nahas street, Al-Hayy al-Thamin (8th District), Nasr City. Tel: +20111268849

Al-Sayyidah Zaynab: +20122114523 / +2023960452

Midan al-Jaysh: +20112851439

Al-Moqattam: +20120615915

Alexandria: +20188899910

Faqus: +2055398370

Tajammu’ al-Khamis: +20193005669 / +20227575715

There are other branches too (e.g. in Al-Hayy al-’Ashir), but I do not currently have their details as they may be fairly new or yet to open up.

69 thoughts on “Qur’anic Studies: Al-Ma’sarawi Institute

  1. SubhanAllah i was just thinking about this school! Jazaaki Allahu khayran!

    I have a question or two :) please take your time in answering…
    - is there a certain amount you have to have memorized to do the muraja’ah program?
    -if you opt for the group memorization, how long does it take to collectively finish a juz?

    Barak Allahu feeki :)

  2. Wa iyyaki sis.

    They say you have to have finished the Qur’an in order to move onto muraja3ah but like all things in Cairo, there’s ways around the system :) I’d say that if you’re close to your khatma, they’ll let you in (e.g. 20-25 juzz roughly).

    I forgot exactly how long the halaqat take to complete a juzz, maybe about 2 months? But let me get back to you on that insha’Allah.

    Yep theoretical exam means you explaining the rules, exceptions in rules, the names and concepts of rules etc.

    Btw, you may not know it, but I owe it to you big time Amatullah. May Allah reward you.

  3. Swrwrb

    Sounds excellent, sort of thing I would be rather interested in.

    What sort of grades are needed for Mura’jiah and Ijazah studies respectively?

    Is the hifth test like giving you an ayat and asking you to read from there or is it more complex like asking you to go backwards from there or 2 pages down etc…?

    Can you study Tayyibatun Nashr there too?



  4. Prices are the cheapest I’ve seen:

    Halaqat: 30LE a month
    Muraja3ah: 40LE a month
    Additional classes e.g. al-Shatibiyyah: 10LE a month

    You don’t need a grade to get onto muraja3ah. To be admitted for an Ijazah, you must score at least 70% in all 3 exams (exams are after every 10 ajza’)

    Yeah, hifdh examination means examinar selects any verse from the Suwar you’re being tested on (but they do go in tartib so it’s not too confusing!)

    The teachers are qualified to teach ‘an tareeq al-Tayyibah but I think usually they put students on the Shatibiyyah first. One of the students there (a 13 year old genius) completed his 10 qira’at and gained an ijazah in them but from what I remember he was last reviewing the Tayyibah as his ‘most-recent’ text (so even he had to previously complete the Shatibiyyah before moving onto Tayyibat al-Nashr – which I guess is standard to gain the remaining 3 Qira’at).

    However, maybe if you’re already studying the Qira’at according to the Tayyibah, then you can request to continue with that as opposed to switching routes and text.

  5. salamualeikum

    ukhti did you finish this & how many juz have you memorized?? the course you take you have to have memorized the quran? and are the classes mixed?

  6. Assalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Masha Allah, what a great institute for memorising the Holy Qur’an, and learning the intricate science of al-Qiraa’aat.

    “… before moving onto Tayyibat al-Nashr – which I guess is standard to gain the remaining 3 Qira’at.”

    The one that I know for doing the remaining 3 and thereby completing the 10 according the method of the al-Shatibiyyah is الدرة المضية في القراءات الثلاث المتممة للعشر المرضية . This matn was composed by Ibn al-Jazari according to the same meter/baHr and ending in the same rhyme letter (i.e. the laam) as that of the al-Shatibiyyah, and together these two texts form what is known as the al-Qiraa’aat al-’Ashr al-Sughraa. The Tayyibah al-Nashr, apparently, is in a league of its own, and alone covers all 10 qiraa’aats and based on many more works than the al-Shatibiyyah, and is thus known as the al-Qiraa’aat al-’Ashr al-Sughraa because of the many more turuq covered by it. Moreover, it is on the baHr/meter of rajaz which is the same as that of Ibn al-Jazari’s famous al-Muqaddimah on Tajwid, as well as many other popular mutun.

    Then again different institutions might do it differently, and they might have their own reasons and unique circumstances for doing so. Anyhow, I think it is a beautiful institute and one worthwhile checking out in the future. Shukran for this valuable information.

  7. Abu Khalid, no the classes aren’t mixed. They have separate days for men and women.

    Ibn ‘Uthman, barakallahu feek for your input. You’re probably right, the teacher did say students study the Qira’at ‘an tareeq al-Shatibiyyah and thereafter complete the ‘Ashr al-Sughra so I’m guessing they probably do the extra matn you mentioned. Otherwise I assume they go straight on to the Tayyibah, wallahu a’lam, I’ll have to confirm!

    • Salam Alaik Fajr,

      My brother is from Singapore and already hifz 30 juzuk. I like to send my brother to further his study at maahad. Did this tahfiz have a link with Shubra at cairo? How to get a visa? I try call maahad ma’sarawi at nasr city but cannot go through. Please advice. Thank you.

  8. Sorry, Sister, I meant to say “the al-Qiraa’aat al-’Ashr al-Kubraa ” in the second instance, and not “al-Sughraa”.

    Just one question: Are their particular time periods for doing the various mutun, or are they done on a individual person-to-person basis? For example, is it done in a class that runs for a certain period of time, and everybody progresses simultaneously and together as a class, or is it done according how individual students progress pretty much like how students memorise Qur’an – which is according to the pace of individual students?

  9. As far as I know, there aren’t fixed classes for studying mutun but if there are a number of students who collectively request to study a certain text, the administration will see if they can allocate a class for that. But generally, the usual halaqat that take place don’t include memorisation of the mutun (in qira’at) because that’s something a person studies after memorising the Qur’an etc. In all, I’m assuming classical texts are studied on an individual basis somewhere along the line with either muraja’ah or as part of the ijazah system.

    Mutun such as the Tuhfa or Jazariyyah however might be done in the halaqat, wallahu a’lam. I know the teachers are very flexible though when you have 1-to-1 sessions with them; they won’t really mind listening to your hifdh of texts.

  10. You never told us how/why you joined the institute?

    Also do you think brothers like Ust. Wisam sharieff would get awarded a full 15% for tajweed with the teachers at this place? They both recited to big Qura’ I’m told?

  11. How I joined is a story that will probably be buried along with me! I basically took a huge risk (which I don’t do often), and it worked wonders alhamdulillah.

    I don’t know who brother Wisam Sharieff is, but if he’s recited to big Qurraa as you say, then yeah insha’Allah he should do well in tajwid. The tajwid aspect of the exams is not the worrying thing… its the hifdh that makes one’s hair stand on end, and being able to recite from randomly selected verses.

  12. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    She’s saying that it is possible for someone to memorise the Qur’an even if they sleep 8-10 hours. She’s highlighting the fact that it’s not necessary to cut back on your sleep so much in order to achieve your goal in hifdh, but what matters is getting through your set portions on a daily basis. – Something I would agree with.

  13. Dear Brother “Fajr”:
    Assalaamulaikum. I am new to your insightful and informational blog. JazakAllah Kahir for helping out brothers and sisters. I have question too. I am currently in Egypt, studying Arabic at Fajr Instititue. I have also memorized the Quran and I used to live very on the same street as this institute, but never dared (LOL) to go visit it. However, I need to do a bit of revision of Quran. I weak in certain parts. Do you think i should do revision at the institute or should I do the revision privately and then appy to this institute? I have a good teacher who I can do revision with. He has three ijaazaas. Please advice.
    Also, I go in the mornings to Fajr Institiue, so what are the studying hours at the institute?
    I also wanted to know whether or not this is one of the best institutes for Quranic Studies? Does graduting from this center help in admissions to the masters or Phd programs in Quranic recitation at Al Azhar. Are there other institutes? I heard there is one called “Maahad Al Qiraat”. Please advice. Also, since you are studying here in Cairo, I am very interested in meeting you brother.
    Wating for your reply Bro.
    Wssalaamulaikum WRB

  14. Do you think it is feesible to memorize a page a day while studying at fajr center or would you recommend focusing on one ( arabic or quran hifth ) at a time?

  15. Syed, I would recommend you do your revision with the Ma’had because they have good systems in place (and examinations). Maybe you can go and speak to the administration, get their advice etc. Because it’s revision, you should also stick to your private teacher and get things pat down more with him.

    Study hours at the center are from 8am to 5pm. Usually revision slots for students are about 30mins/1hr max, so things are flexible. As for the qualifications gained, I’m not entirely sure. I would assume that since the institute is owned by Shaykh al-Ma’sarawi (head of al-Azhar’s Lajnah for Review of Masahif), they are affliated with the university & may be able to give some recognition towards admissions – but that’s something you’ll need to confirm with them. Btw, I am a sister.

    Abu Hafitha, to be honest it depends on the student and their effort. A person can memorise 2 pages a day along with studies if they are serious… Also, Markaz Fajr only runs for 3 hours a day so you have a remaining 21hrs to do hifdh. I’d recommend doing Qur’an alongside Arabic studies, doesn’t really make sense to delay one until the other is perfected. Wallahu a’lam.

  16. slm what a nice institute, it brings back memories. i attended in 2007 but could not complete as i had to leave, but completed at the azhar inst. in shubra. shukran for the info

  17. Which do you think is better option to take for a person a person who wants to finish Quran and has finished book 2 of bayna yadayk?
    1. to take private quran classes at fajr center then move on to mahad ma’sawari
    2. go staight to mahad ma’sawari even though you don’t know aamiyyah and haven’t mastered fusha completely yet?

    Basically I guess I’m asking if you think ma’had ma’sawari is difficult to go staight into and a person will benefit more if they learn tajweed with fajr first then move on the the mahad. Keep in mind that the person I’m referring to already knows basic tajweed but hasn’t memorized tuhfatul atfaal or anything yet and needs some revision of some of the rules even though he can recite properly.
    barakallahu feekum

  18. I would say study privately with someone until the level of tajweed, hifdh, arabic is strong enough then hit the Ma’had. Otherwise, a student will be at risk of becoming a fine part of the wallpaper in the Ma’sarawi classes, if you get what I mean (they’ll feel a bit lost etc).

  19. Not difficult at all, if you can bear the heat that is! Expenses depend on the individual and the institution they study at. Ma’had al-Ma’sarawi is not expensive, please see above comments for pricing.

  20. As salaamu 3laykom.

    May Allaah reward you for your time. Do you have any idea where someone who knows approximately 3 juz, and memorizes approximately a page day can go to just have somebody check his qiraa’ah? 2 months seems like a a very long time to memorize a juz, and some students wish to memorize at a more accelerated pace. Does the ma’had provide a private tutor that can just listen to you and correct your tajweed as you go along? In order for you to have a private tutor would you have to be enrolled in one of the 3 programs or could you just do that separately? I apologize if any questions were repeated, and may Allaah reward you with jannatul-firdaus.

    • Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

      Sorry, I must’ve missed this comment.

      If you want something tailored to your needs, then the best thing to do is having a private teacher come to your home (or you go to his), it’s not worth going into a class because you’ll be held back from progressing on your own (especially if you’re advanced).

      The Ma’had does have private tuition – but only for those students who are reviewing the whole Qur’an, or are nearing the end of their Hifdh. When you enrol, on the application form, tick the box that says ‘Muraja’ah’ – then do the interview and you’ll be set for some private tuition insha’Allah.

  21. dear sister shukran so much for your info . i wanted to know if they have female teachers for female students? shukran may ALLAH SWT reward u well inshallah

  22. Assalaamu’alykum

    I dont know if anyones already asked this question but how do we apply for this institute?
    Do they provide housing for foreign students?
    How much are the tuition fees?
    My brother can drop me off to Egypt but wont be able to stay with me, would it be safe for me to stay by myself or is there other sisters i can stay with?


  23. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah

    As far as I’m aware, they don’t have accomodation for students. You can apply as soon as you get there, just go to their office and ask for an application form. They’ll assess your ability and then place you into the next suitable class.

    Please see above in the post for tuition fees.

    I wouldn’t recommend staying on your own sister, try your best to go with family or stay with friends insha’Allah.

    Muslimah, yep there are female teachers there alhamdulillah.

    • JazakAllah khayr for that sis! i tried to look around the page but cant seem to spot the bit about tuition, little help please!!!

      Also i was looking to go study there for maybe inshAllah 6 months, when would be the best time enrol as i just want to study tajweed and hifdz inshAllah.

      Isn’t the structure for the programme based on a curriculmn?

      Would i not be able to apply online or is the only way to apply to go to the office itself?

      how would i find sisters to share a flat with?

      JazakAllah Khayr

  24. salam I lived in alexandria and try to call the number for the alexandria branch can somebody tell me the location of the markaz ad also the time of the sisters or a telephone of a sisters that attends classes here jusaka ALLAHu khairan . eman

  25. Salaamu Alaykum…

    i was wondering if you could help me find an institute that specializes in quran @ Ma’aadi Cairo… i hope any1 could help as im there now…!!

    thank YOU!!

  26. Assalamu’alaikum.

    Thank you for the information. May I know what is the language used for teaching in Ma’had al-Ma’sarawi?


  27. asalaamu alaikum sis

    I am seriously considering on going to study here inshaALLAH, but I do not know how long I will be in Egypt, minimum of 3months for sure inshaALLAH. Would you recommend me applying if I was going for just 3 months? I want to have a good grasp in reciting before I go for the ijaaza course inshaALLAH. so was thinking 3 months to make it perfect and then return after Ramadhaan and go for the ijaaza course?

    Please let me know asap what you would recommend. I have lived in Egypt before and do know Arabic, even though it is pretty weak because of lack of use. Also is there definitely a branch in Alexandria and who are the teachers there? Just as good? Because I lived in Alexandria before and was thinking of returning but after hearing about this institute definetly thinking Nasr City might be the better option.

    Please share your thoughts, I plan to leave end of April inshaALLAH and need to sort out all I can including finding a place to live

    jzkALLAH khair

  28. I’m not sure what program you can apply for if you’re only going for 3 months. There’s the muraja’ah program but it usually lasts a number of months, or for as long as it takes you to complete reciting the Qur’an to a teacher (from memory). How fast you go depends on both your ability and also the availability of the teacher (at times it can be slow if they have other students).

    If you’re just looking to perfect your tajwid however, then maybe it’s more fruitful to get a private tajwid teacher and cover all the necessary ground (rules, recitation etc) until you feel ready to take on a year or two to do the Ijazah program at the institute.

  29. jzkALLAH khair for getting back to me so quick, I really appreciate it.

    Maybe getting a private tutor for 3 months is a better option inshaALLAH. Just so I know is there definetly a branch in Alex, any idea where about, I read through someone’s comment that the Alex number didnt work so just wanted to know if there was? and if the teachers there also all have ijaazas?

    jzkALLAH khair

  30. All teachers should have Ijazah insha’Allah. Try ringing the Alex branch again. If it doesn’t go through, ring the main Nasr City branch and ask how you can get through to the Alex branch. They’re usually quite helpful.

    Wa billahi-tawfiq.

  31. What order does the mahad do hifth? For example, I remember they had a group working on hujuraat to naas. What would be the next highest level? Also, what would route would you recommend a person go after this level? Should they go to baqarah and start working backward or continue working forward from hujuraat?

  32. Salaamualaykum Sister :)
    JazakAllahkhair for your blog! My husband and I have found it to be very beneficial and useful. We are now in Egypt alhamdulillah and we still find so many good resources here :D :D
    inshaAllah I would like to start hifdh again. I started memorizing and completed 2 ajzaa’. I would like to get an ijaazah but would I be able to if I’ve only done 2? Also, is the info you posted the same for all of the locations?
    Do you live in Egypt, btw?

  33. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    I remember purchasing (from Darus Salaam, Cairo) an audio recording of Muqaddamah al-Jazariyyah and Tuhfatul Atfaal which had been recited by Shaykh Muhammad al-Munshid, unfortunately I have lost it.

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a copy of Shaykh Muhammad al-Munshid reciting the Muqaddamah al-Jazarriyyah and Tuhfatul Atfaal.

  34. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah
    Jazakumullah sis Fajr for sharing the information, may Allah grant you and your family paradise. Ameen.
    I am from Australia and planning to go to cairo with my husband and my 8 year old son to learn arabic and quran for a maximum period of 3 years.But the ultimate reason is for my son to do his memorisation of the quran hopefully all the 30 juz.Which place could you recommend us.And is this achievable. Jazakumullah khairan

    • Assalaamu Alaykum Umm Aisar,
      Did you find a place for you and your family to study memorisation of the Quraan and Arabic language?
      InshaAllah we are also planning on going to Cairo to study. I have been recommended Maahad Al Azhar but I hear the curriculum is not catered for non Arabic speakers. Also we have a one year old baby so we will have to find a nursery for her for the few hours that we study. Does anyone have any info on Language schools with nurseries attached?
      Shukran wa JazakAllah Khayran.
      Umm Omar

  35. Assalamu alaykum.

    Could you please recommend one in Saudi (preferably suitable for non-Arabic speakers).

    Barakallahu fikum.

  36. How does the Alex branch compare with the Main Branch?

    Are there any quranic institutes comparable to masarawi in Alex?

  37. Wa `alaykumusalam wr wb

    Sorry for the lack of response everyone!

    Please see this updated post for info on the institute: http://fajr.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/al-masarawi-institute-programs-and-fees/

    Khadijah, the ijazahs are only given after completion of hifdh from what I know.

    Umm Aiser, 3 years is doable insha’Allah if you plan on just doing hifdh. Maybe look into having a private teacher come to the house and supervise all your hifdh simultaneously; might be cheaper for you and also lessen the workload for the teacher.

    Abu Muntasir, sorry I don’t know about the Alex branches but generally Alex is excellent for studies and they have good shuyukh there too.

    • Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu ya Fajr,
      Can you please help me with info regarding pre nurseries in Cairo, do they exist? This will be for our 1 year old baby to go to while we go to study for the few hours in the morning. We are still deciding oh Fajr centre for one year and then transfer to Al Azhar primary school. As opposed to joining Azhar straight away, as they have a huge workload. Since we are at the beginners level we would like to first study the language and Quran recitation.
      Any suggestions. Oh and by the way we are students therefore on a limited budget.
      Shukran wa JazakAllah Khayran.
      Ramdhan Kareem to all Muslims everywhere.
      Umm Omar

  38. Asslamaamu alaykum ukhti fillah. I will most likely be going to egypt 6 October In a few weeks inshallah. I just need some advice regarding some institutes. I am struggling to find places in 6 october and only seem to find places in cairo. Only downfall is that
    Y accommodation is in 6 October. I really Need some advice regarding institutes in 6 october. Please please please get bk to me ASAP as I am pretty stranded.

  39. Assalamualykum….im looking to move to cairo insha Allah, want my daughters aged 12 and 10 and 7 to complete their hifth there. The problem is i dont know how they will cope with an arabic speaking school since they know no arabic?….are their any similar schools that teaches in english? or do you think they will pick up the arabic quickly? pls advise min fadhlik. We are a family from Cape Town.

  40. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullah,

    Umm Omar, apologies for the late reply! There are lots of nurseries available in Egypt. If you study at the Fajr center, there is a nursery there where the Fajr students/mothers leave their children whilst they study. Just ask at the reception and someone will direct you. I don’t know about the prices, but it seems quite decent.

    Myloop2, check out al-Husari masjid in 6 October, I believe they have Qur’an and hifdh classes there. Sorry, I’m not too sure of other places as I rarely go there. Perhaps someone on here can help you out insha’Allah.

    Nawaal,unfortunately, I’m not too clued up with facilities for children. I know there are madrasahs for kids, but they are predominantly Egyptian (don’t think I’ve seen any English-speaking ones). If you are on Facebook, there is a closed group for sisters/mothers living in Egypt where sisters from the West/other countries share ideas, advice, suggestions etc. You might benefit from it nicely: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407800482578633/

    • About English school in Cairo for your children.

      I’ve lived there in madinat Nasr, and I used to always eat in an Indonesian restaurant in Swisri B,
      just between the masjid of sooq as-siyaraat and masjid ar-Rahman (or was it ar-Rahma?).
      You just walk in the street of masjid Rahma, and at the end of the street you go right,
      and it’s on the corner at the end of that street, just the opposite side of the beauty salon.

      It’s populair and many ducth students used to eat there when I was there.
      I’ts by the way a very good restaurant with an open kitchen (so you see everything when cooked).

      They told me that their children follow education in English on an English school,
      so if you have some spare time, you could go there and ask them,
      and maybe become good friends, they seemed to be a very practising family

      The owners are almost always there, especially in the midday,
      and they are from Sydney Australia.

      I hope this post might give some light.

  41. Assalamoe Alaikoem brothers and sisters

    I am from holland and i want to go to cairo in augustus.
    Can anyone please help me by finding a apartement.
    I am seeking for a apartement including housematerial in Madinat nasr (hayy Ashir, swisri a or B) for a price (1000 junaih)
    It must be a apartement with 3 rooms or 2.
    I will go with my wife en 2 young daughters (3 years and 1 year).
    Please help me, because i am seeking a apartement.
    I want to go to the Almasrawi institute to complete my hifd,

    Baraka ALlahoe fiekoem,

    Agokoem Jaber, Amsterdam

  42. Assalamo Alaikum WR,
    Sister Fajr, JazakAllah Kahirun for your blog. May Allah reward you With Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen. I read your blog last year in September. My wife and I were planning to go to Egypt at that time to check the Islamic schools for our family. After reading your blog, we marked Almasrawi Center and Fajr Center. We went there and visited Al Masarawi center, met with Sheikh AlMasrawi, MashAllah what a personality. We also visited several other schools in Cairo and Alexandria but found AlMasrawi the Best. We took our kids to Egypt ages16, 14 & 9 in March 2013. AlhamduLillah, they are all memorizing Qura’n (including my wife) and learning Arabic. Your blog was very informative and Allah SWT showed us the way through your blog.


    Amir- Canada

  43. Wa `alaykumusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Brother Amir, this is such wonderful news masha’Allah! It really made my day to hear it, alhamdulillah. May Allah place barakah into your efforts and accept from you and your family, ameen. I remember when I first went there and also met Shaykh al-Ma’sarawi; he was so welcoming and has a way of making you feel alright even though how I ended up at the institute was so bizarre and almost comical.

    Alhamdulillah, it’s always a joy to get news like this, but really it’s all from Allah, brother.

  44. Salaam, so how is Egypt now for studies? It seems it’s too dangerous to go there at the moment?

    And does this institute offer anything online? Or do you know of any other Qur’an teachers I could recite to online? With ijaazah and reasonably priced?

    jazaakillahkhayran for all the posts and reminders, very beneficial mashaa ‘Allah

    • Assalamo alikum WR,

      Br. Muhammad, InshAllah, I’ll get some information for you regarding on-line classes.



  45. Salam, I’m interested in studying Arabic in Egypt and looking to move my family there with children aged 8,5 and 1, can you please let me know if there are any security concerns with taking a family of 5 with the current situation.



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